Which has the better campus life, NIT Durgapur or NIT Jamshedpur?

1 Answer

Sakshi Gupta Apr 23, 2021
B.tech C.S.E from National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur (2020)

Well, both the colleges are in different states and both have their own set of reports, some good some bad. Though from an infrastructure point of view, NIT Jamshedpur is small and cozy whereas NIT Durgapur is quite beautiful and flourished in about 187 acres of land.

  • The campus life at NIT Durgapur is really awesome. Apart from academics and infrastructure, it’s an NIT so you can understand it's pretty good.
  • But if you really want to experience it, you should definitely join NIT Durgapur and enjoy the vast playgrounds, clean campus, and friendly environment.
  • Though you can get some negative aspects but there is nothing wrong related to campus life.

Similarly, it goes for NIT Jamshedpur.

  • Even though the infrastructure of NIT Jamshedpur is not at par but definitely the campus life is awesome here too. The students make the campus lively.
  • You will get to see a vast and clean area with basketball, cricket and football ground.
  • Though the facility of Wi-Fi is not provided but you will have sufficient speed and workstations to fulfill your needs.
  • The mess food provided is of good quality.
  • There are many places to hang out and inside the institute only. The cleanliness is very good; in fact, Jamshedpur is one of the cleanest cities of East India.
  • The seniors are awesome and do cooperate and guide you if you face any issues.

Both the campus have good campus life and environment. But better contact someone who studies there and judge the authenticity and then choose between the two and definitely consider placement, faculty, and research before opting for either of them. The campus life at NIT Jamshedpur is quite good and you are not going to regret joining this institute.