Should I prefer MAIT or VIT Vellore for an IT branch?

1 Answer

febin jose Apr 23, 2021

A cousin of mine used to be a student of VIT Vellore. He says that if you go with the data of the last decade, the placement records of VIT Vellore have been excellent. 

The faculty of the IT department of VIT Vellore is top-notch and the teaching is of high quality. The IT department of VIT Vellore has been highly sought after. A big number of big IT names visit the campus throughout the year to offer jobs.

VIT Vellore is a brand in itself even though it is a Deemed University. The placements in CSE are also very good in the institute. The B.Tech program is ABET-accredited which is an international accreditation.

Some of the major companies that come to VIT are Microsoft, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, CISCO, Flipkart, etc. VIT also makes it possible for the students to choose the subjects which align with their interests and even their teachers.