Which is better, CSE in MAIT or IT in USICT?

1 Answer

Keshav Jindal Apr 23, 2021

Both USICT and MAIT have an attractive campus. They also provide special USS benefits to the students. 

One of my relatives used to be a student of USICT. In spite of being a student of that institute, he holds both institutes in high regard. A lot of students come from distant places and traveling gets time-consuming.

Before you choose your institute, make sure you keep the distance factor in mind because you might very well be spending several hours. This can be detrimental to you and other students who will take pains to reach the institute. Four years is not a short time, after all.

As for placements, you will be allowed to sit in for companies at IP University’s main entrance if you meet the requirements of eligibility and if your aggregate cut-off meets the requirements.

CSE in MAIT will give you a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. The department is also very supportive. The package you will get would be pretty decent if you are not really on the core technical side. Your expertise will determine the package you will be offered. The seniors and faculty will guide you in that regard.