Which one should I choose, IT in Surathkal or MNNIT, Allahabad?

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Souvick Das Apr 29, 2021
Software Engineer at Microsoft

MNNIT Allahabad offers similar opportunities for IT and CSE branches. Other than a few subjects, the curriculum, faculty, and career opportunities are more or less the same for NIT Allahabad. 

Though Surathkal is promising a better university life with beaches and all. 

NIT Allahabad houses one of the country's biggest and brightest CSE departments. Here you're getting a good, competitive, and coding-oriented environment. Seniors are very supportive and the course is good. But the location is quite remote so if you belong to a metro city, you will be disappointed with the city life. 

In terms of placements, both institutes are almost on the same level. 


MNNIT Allahabad

NIT Surathkal

Average CTC

9.6 LPA

10.8 LPA

Highest CTC

39 LPA

51.5 LPA

Another important aspect you can factor in while choosing is the distance of the institute from your home and choose the nearlest.