Which one is better out of these: NIT Silchar, NIT Patna, or IIIT Jabalpur?

1 Answer

Anindita Mitra May 3, 2021
B.Tech Civil Engineering, National Institute of Technology Silchar (2021)

Giving a brief of what all I would be explaining below, NIT Silchar >> NIT Patna > IIIT Jabalpur in every aspect except location.

Some of the facts about NIT Silchar will make you understand why this is my first choice:

  • NIT Silchar is among the top engineering colleges of India.
  • The ABP News National Education Awards has decided to honor NIT Silchar, with the Outstanding Engineering Institute, East India
  • ·Nit Silchar has received many honors and it has one of the best infrastructures.
  • NIRF Ranking by MHRD NIT Patna is far below NIT Silchar.

Placements at NIT Silchar:

  • The highest placement grabbed by the students is 14LPA by Directi.
  • Many students got their internship converted to PPOs.
  • Students got placed in top-notch companies like Samsung, Snapdeal, Reliance, etc.

Other factors favoring NIT Silchar:

  • It has a lush green, pollution-free campus with so many places to visit like lakes, tea gardens, etc.
  • They have a great faculty. They are super supportive and help students in all ways possible.
  • Ragging free environment and there is a great junior-senior culture on the campus.
  • Great internet speed and connectivity 24/7 are just great. This leads to a very great time on campus.
  • Placements are excellent and discussed in detail above.
  • There is a great environment for startups and entrepreneurship.

With the pros there are also some drawbacks like an on-going construction leads to disturbance and makes it difficult for the students to concentrate but as this will be over soon, the environment will restore to its default. The food quality of the mess is not up to the mark and needs improvement. Also, there are restrictions on in-out time for girls.