Which should I pursue between mechanical at UIET Chandigarh and metallurgical engineering at PEC Chandigarh?

1 Answer

Shanaya Kapoor May 4, 2021
Studied at Amity University (2019)

Surely, Metallurgy at PEC over Mechanical in UIET. There are various important reasons behind this: Placements in PEC are better, companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. visit campus for placements.

Though metallurgy has fewer placements than other branches in PEC, once you are in PEC and if you are focused enough, you can go for an upgrade after 1st semester on the basis of CGPA. To aim for it, keep the following things in mind -

  • At most, only the top 10% of the class can be upgraded.
  • The branch you want to be upgraded to will only be available if it has vacant seats.


Mechanical Engineering at UIET Chandigarh

Metallurgy at PEC Chandigarh

Course Fee

82197 (1st year)

6.39 lakh

Highest CTC

12.5 LPA

17.75 LPA

Average CTC

3.6 LPA

7.5 LPA

Recruiting Companies

Saint Gobain, ZS Associates, Honeywell, Tata, etc.

ZS Associates, Amazon, JP Morgan, JSW Steels, etc.

PEC is far superior to UIET in terms of cultural and other extracurricular activities. If you don't have any branch priorities, I'd recommend metallurgy in PEC.