How is electrical engineering and mechanical engineering at the PEC, Chandigarh? Is it worth it?

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Kanika Singh May 4, 2021
Studied at Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh (2018)

You must choose a subject as per your interests. Besides, you must follow up with a proper plan, as everyone wants a good and well-settled future ahead.

Based on interest: 

  • You must not have a great idea about the engineering branch before taking admission in the respective subjects. It is important to go through the entire syllabus online, as per your choices. 
  • Most of you will initially choose CSE thinking it to be superior. It is not limited to programming and hacking. This branch deals with mathematics and logical thinking, which is entirely unknown to you before your admission.

Future Plan:

  • If you are not interested in core subjects and have a plan for doing an MBA or preparing for civil services after completing engineering, they must go for PEC. You will get a better environment to prepare for competitive examinations. 
  • However, if you want to pursue MTech further, then it is better to select a subject as per your interest.

Faculties of PEC

  • The professors of this institute are very old and good, as they have enormous knowledge in the respective subject. 
  • However, the new faculties are totally below the expectations. 

You will surely get the placements if you do not have any bad images in the entire college life. The following table shows the placement of both branches:




Highest Salary

42 LPA

17.5 LPA

Average Salary

10.2 LPA

14 LPA

Total Companies



Thereby, you must act wisely and take decisions by thinking about the future perspectives.