Is IIIT Gwalior better than NIT Patna?

1 Answer

Krishna Srivastava May 5, 2021
Studies at IIIT Gwalior (2018)

Yes, IIIT Gwalior is better than NIT Patna. The former tops the latter, be it infrastructure or placements. I say this based on the review I received from my friends at both institutes. 

  • You might consider NIT for its tag but it really does not make that much of a difference. IIIT Gwalior is funded by the central government and is slowly becoming a leading institute in its field.
  • For placements, the average packages offered at IIIT Gwalior is around INR 7-14 LPA whereas for NIT Patna it is INR 8.8 LPA. Infrastructure is also better at IIIT Gwalior than NIT Patna.
  • The main drawback at IIIT Gwalior is that the college offers only a dual degree with B. Tech + M. Tech courses in the IT branch. Hence, it is open to you only if you are interested in the field of IT.

Overall, the college is definitely a good choice for students who rank around 17000 in the general category.