How is ECE in IIIT Allahabad? Is it better than NIT Durgapur?

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Ankita Bose May 11, 2021
B.Tech. Metallurgical Engineering, NIT Raipur (2018)

IIIT Allahabad is unquestionably superior to NIT Durgapur. But this isn't to say that NIT Durgapur isn't good. 

  • If you want a career in ECE, don’t go for NIT Durgapur. ECE branch at NIT Durgapur does not have good reviews. 
  • However, if you want to go for an MBA after your BTech, then NIT Durgapur can be a good option. 
  • In the ICT sector, IIIT Allahabad holds a special position for ECE and this institute specializes in the IT sector. I have a few friends at the institute who vouches for the course. 

Here’s a brief comparison of the ECE branch at these two institutes.


IIIT Allahabad

NIT Durgapur

Average CTC

43 LPA

32.54 LPA

Highest CTC

20.83 LPA

9.09 LPA


5.85 lakhs

5.56 lakhs

Apart from that, just like NITD, IIIT Allahabad is an institute of national importance that is entirely funded by the Ministry of Human Resources Development. 

So, for ECE, IIIT Allahabad is definitely the better option.