Which one is better for a BBA: Amity University, Chandigarh, or LPU? How does the campus life vary in both?

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Rishabh Shubham May 12, 2021
MBA Business Analytics & Marketing at Chandigarh University (2019)

Bachelor's of business administration is one of the most well-known professional degrees. You will need an institution that can provide you with a suitable curriculum, well-experienced faculty, and a good infrastructure for these types of courses. Chandigarh University has everything.

Important factors of Chandigarh University (CU) are listed below:

  • When it comes to campus life, CU has the best. It organizes the nation's most exciting cultural festival, as well as numerous other large-scale events.
  • The hostel facilities are appropriate. Everyone from batch mates, juniors, and seniors to mess workers and hostel staff are treated like family. The facilities available also include sports games, a library, a gym, and cafeterias.
  • The University School of Business in Chandigarh offers specialized programs that are well suited for career options. The Best BBA College in Punjab provides numerous opportunities. The advantage of these programs is their adaptability; in addition to specializations, you have a broad range of options, so you can essentially custom-build your own qualification.
  • University School of Business (USB), ranked among the Best Management Colleges in Punjab, has received recognition for its innovative teaching and experiential learning methods.
  • The faculty and higher authorities are both encouraging. The management always appreciates and supports the innovative mind. Furthermore, many BBA students' research papers have been published in reputed journals.
  • Not only BBA students pursue patents, but they also take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.
  • A lot of students have been chosen by Walt Disney for internships, while others have gone on semester exchange programs in Paris and other beautiful cities around the world.

Overall Chandigarh University is really a great university one can go for, rest is your choice.