Is the XLRI Global MBA worth the high fees it charges? Should one go for it in the first try, or try for a better score next year and get into its business management program?

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Rimjhim Ghosh May 15, 2021
Studied at Xavier School of Management (2019)

XLRI has moved to a global brand Xavier School of Management. It conceived Global MBA, a 2-year full-time AICTE accredited program designed considering the modern business requirements and demands from business leaders.

  • You will gain the opportunity to learn from the three foremost economies in the world. 
  • There are live internships at each of the three countries along with a full-time summer internship in India to understand how businesses are run in these countries. 
  • You can participate in all the events that these 3 universities or colleges offer while conducting your events. 
  • The batch marks a good mixture of freshers as well as work-ex people, with top professors, moved in for the course from each of the three colleges.

The table shows a brief overview of the institution:



Highest Salary

Rs. 50 LPA

Average Salary

Rs. 25.08 LPA

Entrance Criteria



Rs. 26.00 lakhs

The course has been voluntarily accepted by the industry with all the students getting immediately placed. The course is well supported by the XLRI Alumni Network who are overwhelmed by the tremendous opportunities this course offers in today's world.