How is civil engineering in IIEST, Shibpur in comparision to NIT, Raipur?

1 Answer

Debarati Nag May 15, 2021
Studied at Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur (2019)

IIEST Shibpur is an excellent institute for courses in engineering, especially civil engineering. It is a well-established and well-known branch. There are several advantages of being in IIEST Shibpur and having a degree from the institute.

My brother has studied there and the points below are his experience at the institute: 

  • There are excellent faculties in the Civil engineering department, except a couple of faculties who are not that great as evident from student reviews.
  • There are innumerous projects and researches going on in the Civil engineering department at IIEST. The teachers and lecturers are excellent in their guidance for students interested in project works and show a lot of enthusiasm in the same.
  • Above all, IIEST has gained central status a few years back, which ensures the development in research and teaching methodologies even further with time.

Therefore, Civil engineering at IIEST is definitely a great choice for students, maybe even better than NIT Raipur in certain areas.