Is it worth doing an MBA from SIBM Pune, SCMHRD Pune or NMIMS Mumbai after 2 years of job experience in IT?

1 Answer

Soutrik Bose May 17, 2021
MBA Marketing, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune

Yes, it’s worth it. In some cases, it is even essential to do an MBA after having 2 years of work experience in IT. 

  • There are different kinds of people in IT sectors, some who like the technicalities of IT and some don't like that. People who like the technicalities of IT will settle in just a couple of years by learning to code brilliantly and achieve their goals. 
  • Other people are just the opposite; they are always left feeling that they are missing something. MBA adds value to your resume and helps you to change your career. 

I know a few people from SIBM Pane, so I can tell you about the MBA program offered by them. 

  • My friends at the institute have peers who come with work experience in the IT sector and are going to be working in big FMCG brands in the summers. 
  • SIBM Pune had an average CTC of around 20.14 LPA. The average internship stipend offered in the summer internship for 2018-20 was around 1.66 lacs for just two months and above 55% of students got offers for 1.5 lacs around. The highest stipend offered was 3 lacs. 

Also, MBA can be a much-needed break for many with corporate careers. It’s a fun experience, you will get to learn a lot through many corporate interactions.