Which branch of Amity University is best for an MBA?

1 Answer

Kamakshi Sinha May 17, 2021
BBA from Amity University Mumbai (2022)

All the branches of the Amity University are equally good as all come under the same accreditation and validity.

  • Amity University is the kind of university which the fastest-changing university and keeps up with the demand of the current market trends. 
  • The MBA program at Amity University has realigned with industry 4.0 and future disruptive technologies. 
  • Amity University tries to build the students and their skills in such a way so that they can work in any kind of organization and face any kind of challenge.
  • Amity Mumbai campus is based in the financial capital of India and an MBA degree from this campus will be a very good option for you.

There are various types of specialization available at Amity University for an MBA program like marketing, human resources, finance, banking, insurance construction management, logistics, real estate, and many more. 

Companies like UTI, AMC Ltd, Blackrock, Alok industries; BYJUS visits the campus every year. It also conducts workshops and guest lectures by industry experts which will sharpen your knowledge base. It will also give you ample amount of opportunities to sharpen your leadership and communication skills through their extracurricular activities.