Which one is better: VIT or MIT Manipal?

1 Answer

Shivani Tiwari May 17, 2021

You can compare different parameters and decide what is best for you:

  • Academic Structure: At Manipal, you have two open electives and six program electives and each program will let you take a minor specialization as well. VIT has a fully flexible credit system. It also offers minors in engineering and you can do a double major in engineering and management. 
  • Faculty: Both colleges have professors ranging from great to mediocre ones.
  • Student population: MIT Manipal takes fewer students per year as compared to VIT. It is somewhere around 1800 for the former and 3600 for the latter. With lower populations, you get a better student-to-faculty ratio.
  • Campus life: You can visit a few beaches around Manipal and campus rules are less restrictive here. However, at VIT, you might have to adhere to more rules as it is more restrictive. MIT is also close to Mangalore (1.30 hours away) whereas VIT is closer to Bangalore and Chennai as well.
  • Hostels: MIT has some of the better hostels in the country. You might have to pay more but you will have plenty of options available. As for VIT, many people have said that the hostels are overcrowded and are not that great. They have lower hostel fees though.
  • Course fees: Manipal generally has higher fees but for VIT, this is divided for Category 1 and 2 students which is lower than fees for Manipal but for Category 3,4,5 these fees are much higher.
  • Placements: Both universities do quite well here so there is not much to compare.



MIT Manipal

Course Fee

3.53 lakh

17.06 lakh

Placement Percentage



Highest CTC

15-22 LPA

15-24 LPA

Average CTC

5-6 LPA

4.5 LPA

Recruiting Companies

Deloitte, Dell, Wipro, Capgemini, etc.

Bosch, L&T, Finolex, Tata, etc.

  • Going abroad: At MIT, you can try IAESTE and AISEC for abroad opportunities. These costs may vary. VIT has a semester abroad program and you pay the fees of the university you want to attend. VIT is also eligible for DAAD scholarships at German Universities.

You can also explore other parameters like tech fests and extra-curricular activities if those interest you. Ultimately, both universities are good and your decision depends on personal choice.