I have been selected by Globsyn Business School for their MBA program. Please advise is it worth taking admission there?

1 Answer

Debjoy Mitra May 17, 2021
Studied at Globsyn Business School, Kolkata (2020)

My friend used to be a student of Globsyn Business School and has spent more than a decade in the industry. 

  • The faculty is extremely helpful from what I’ve heard. They have activities that require group involvement. 
  • The institute has an interesting platform called ‘Serendipity’, which helps the student to attain practical experience in areas like marketing, finance, operations which entails organizing a two-day event without involving any faculty or officials. It is the flagship event of Globsyn.
  • Most of the students in my friend’s batch got placed by the end of February. The placements in the institute are quite good. 
  • After completing his internship with Godrej, he joined India Bulls as a Management Trainee in sales. He joined Tata Interactive after this where he put the skills he had learned from Globsyn to good use.

According to my friend, the institute can improve a lot if more attention is paid to the case studies. Other areas of improvement according to him are sports and competitions among other institutes.

You can approach the faculty after college hours. Representatives of companies like Deloitte, KPMG, Century Ply, etc visit the campus for discussion of various topics.