Which is the best MBA college in Mumbai among: JBIMS, SPJIMR and NMIMS? Which college among these have highest ranking?

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Rohan Bose May 17, 2021
B.Tech from National Institute of Technology, Rourkela (2019)

Among the above three institutes, JBIMS is the best choice, considering the factors of ranking, placement, and quality of the institute. The table below gives a brief level of comparison among the institutes.





Total Fees (MBA)

Rs. 7 Lakhs

Rs. 17.5 Lakhs

Rs. 20.8 Lakhs

Median Salary Offered

Rs. 22 LPA

Rs. 22 LPA

Rs. 18 LPA

Highest Salary Offered

Rs. 34.36 LPA

Rs. 51 LPA

Rs. 38.57 LPA


CAT - 95 percentile

MH CET - 95.37 percentile

CAT - 92 percentile

XAT - 9.5 percentile

NMAT - Score-200

Key Highlights:

  • Overall, JBIMS is considered to be the best, followed by SPJIMR. NMIMS comes somewhat far from these two in terms of several factors.
  • JBIMS is comparable to institutes like IIM A, B, C, L, XLRI, FMS, etc, which are said to be in the crème de la crème category.
  • There are different types of references for these institutes when specific specializations are considered. They are as follows:
    JBIMS > SPJIMR > NMIMS (Finance)
    SPJIMR > JBIMS > NMIMS (Marketing)
    JBIMS = SPJIMR > NMIMS (Operations)
  • In marketing, SPJIMR and JBIMS are almost the same in terms of opportunities and facilities provided by the institutes.

Therefore, a clear order of preference is stated above, in general, and according to specializations too.