How is NMIMS for MBA?

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Riddhi Sarkar May 17, 2021
Studied MBA from SVKM's NMIMS (2019)

NMIMS has traveled a long way, in a span of 40 years, with tremendous growth in management and advancement in every field. From being a single B-School to 17 B-Schools across 8 campuses all over the country, NMIMS now offers 100+ programs in 16 disciplines. The table below gives a brief overview of the institute.

  • NMIMS is currently considered as one of the top-10 Business Schools across the country. 
  • NMIMS (SBM) is situated in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. It has developed several business leaders and entrepreneurs who are working across the world using their intellect developed from the institute.
  • The programs in MBA taught in SBM are inclined towards the mission of the Business School to the core.
  • The MBA in HR consists of 43 credit courses spread across 6 tri-semesters, along with 12 compulsory non-credit value-added workshops.
  • The dual degree MBA is based on decision science and analytics. It focuses on both techniques and technologies for business in the present as well as future conditions. It is taught only in Mumbai.
  • The MBA in Pharmaceutical Management has its courses based on the pharma sector and is also available in Mumbai only.
  • The MBA in Business Analytics covers the essentials of every aspect of how analytics is used in business. This is available only in Mumbai.
  • MBA in Digital Transformation is under MPSTME, which focuses on digital technology integration into the business.

These are some of the key highlights of MBA in NMIMS and some brief introductions to the streams offered in MBA by the institute.