Which IIIT is better, IIIT B or IIIT A?

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Kanika Kasturia May 17, 2021
Studied at International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (2019)

IIIT B and IIITA are two excellent institutes for engineering in CS and IT. Some of the most important factors are curriculum or quality of education, packages, infrastructure, faculty, peers, coding or learning culture, and industry connections and internships offered. 

A brief overview of each of the above aspects is given below in points.


  • The campus size of IIIT Allahabad is much larger when compared to the size of IIIT Bangalore campus. Due to the small size of IIIT Bangalore, there was a lack of lab facilities, other educational requirements, and sports areas inside the campus.
  • Presently, there is a second academic building inside the campus of IIIT B, but the overall campus area is the same as before.


  • The placements of B.Tech in IIITA are excellent and are quite comparable to the placements given in IIIT Hyderabad and IITs. On the other hand, the integrated M.Tech in IIIT B is quite a newer course but is having excellent offers in placement, similar to M.Tech students from IIIT-H and old IITs.
  • IIIT B students from M.Tech have received several offers from MNCs like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.


  • IIIT B is a clear winner with industry experts faculty with national and international fame. Almost all of them are Ph.D. holders.
  • In IIIT A, the faculties are also excellent but, compared to those of IIIT B, they are somewhat backward inexperienced.

Coding or learning culture:

  • There is an excellent coding culture in IIIT A, where students understand the need to learn competitive coding. Students from IIIT A sometimes override the students from IIIT B in terms of coding skills.
  • IIIT B students get access to numerous hackathons, being in Bangalore. These hackathons are always beneficial for students to showcase their skills in coding and software development.

Campus life:

  • In IIIT A, there is an enhanced campus life as compared to IIIT B, considering the fests and clubs in the institutes.
  • IIIT B has a sports fest and a cultural fest throughout the year only.

These are the most important points of comparison to make a decision among the two institutes which a candidate can look into and choose according to his/her own preference.