Which is a better option: LNCT Bhopal or Oriental Institute of Science & Technology Bhopal?

1 Answer

Samira Shah May 17, 2021
B.Tech Computer Science Engineering, Lakshmi Narain College of Technology, Bhopal (2019)

Among the above two institutes, LNCT Bhopal is a better choice than the Oriental Institute of Science & Technology, and the reasons supporting the choice are listed below.

  • LNCT has a lot of discipline to be in the institute. During the initial days, this discipline will seem to be hectic but is sure to help the student for his/her development. It gives a sense of priority, makes the student hardworking, and teaches the importance of time.
  • The institute follows the curriculum of the university strictly. The faculties in LNCT are excellent in both teaching engineering and giving life lessons to students. The institute has a world-class library.
  • The management of LNCT is quite supportive, with no problems of partiality. 
  • LNCT has a big campus, entirely Wi-Fi zoned, where students get lots of opportunities to interact with each other. There is an excellent central canteen.
  • There are several activities taking place throughout the year. The environment is said to have an entrepreneurship vision, where students can pitch their own ideas to make it better.
  • LNCT has a very good placement record, with several internships offers from big MNCs. 

Therefore, LNCT is definitely an excellent choice for engineering. Students make friends, enjoy their stay in an excellent environment, and pursue their dreams in their career from LNCT.