How are the hostel facilities at IIM Kashipur?

1 Answer

Arushi Anand Aug 19, 2020

The hostel facilities in IIM Kashipur are one of the best you can get in premier institutes. With all the operations being shifted to the new campus, each student is provided with a single room. Each floor has one common room and 6 rooms with basic amenities like water purifier, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine. The bathroom is equipped with a 24x7 hot water facility and a personal balcony. The hostel blocks are minutes away from academic buildings which save quite a lot of time on a rigorous day.

The rooms have a bed, table, chair, bookshelf, and a large size almirah. All the rooms and the common room have radiant cooling installed which keeps the temperature at an optimum level, be it summers or winter. The hostel rooms are provided with Wi-Fi on each floor and students even get the facility of ethernet ports in their own room which gives speeds up to 200Mbps.

The rooms are cleaned every day by dedicated cleaning and maintenance staff. There is an infrastructure committee handled by 14-16 students which looks up into all the issues pertaining to the hostel facilities and solve them within 24 hours. The medical staff and counselor are available in hostels. The night canteens and basic necessity shops are within the hostels only and make it easier for everyone to make the purchases without leaving the campus.

IIM Kashipur hostels contain tons of memories and experiences to carry forward throughout our life along with being responsible for nurturing the management education.