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Rishabh gaurav



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -Course organization of the btech curriculum is best in the all the ways. We have credits for each subject and accordingly classes are taken. In first year all the basic subjects are taught which are divided as 1.mechanical semesters 2.Chemistry semester Along with these all students are taught physics maths ecology computer programming. We have exams in the pattern of: each semester -20 marks midsem 60 marks end sem 20 marks are given on teacher assessment. From second semester branch sp...

  • Campus Life -The campus life is not up to par as first year boys and all year girls have time restrictions of 8:30 pm. So they are not able to indulge in many activities. But when you are in second or third or final you have the liberty to do anything in the evening as we get only time during the evening. Talking about extracurricular activities we have a proper robotics class which teaches us. A computer club,a aeromodelling club,gnosis quizzing club,a literary club, music and drama club and many more club...

  • Fees -Fees for BTech is around 69k per semester for people whose family income is above 5 lakh per annum. For people whose family income is between 1 lakh per annum to 5 lakh per annum, the fees are around 26k per semester. For those whose family income is less than 1 lakh, the fees are around 6.5k. For sc/st almost all fees is reimbursed as per government norms. the fees are feasible because mostly all the funds are provided by the government.

simran jit singh



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -I recently completed my graduation and looking for MBA college, one day I'm freely searching for colleges that offer MBA. from that day I came to know about ct university. I am searched for the university on the internet and find lots of information about it and compare it with other universities. finally, I make my mind to do MBA from here.

  • Course Curriculum -Earlier I find course curriculum very tough. but with continuous reading, I make phase in studies. the aim of the programme is to create knowledge of management among us. we are also provided with various case studies for better understanding of topics. assignments are also part of course curriculum.

  • Exam Structure -exam structure is Mba paper consist of 100 marks out of which 20 marks for internal assessment. practical test are carried out in seminar hall room and group discussions in a conference hall. overall exam structure is good. the proper time for preparation of exams are also given.

Soumya Shankar



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -The campus life is pretty much boring. It is limited to , hours of study. The workload for an engineering student is far beyond imagination. The labs in this college are above average. I didn't had any issues with the quality of equipment in the lab. College does conduct extracurricular activities but they are less in number.

  • Course Curriculum -The overall assessment of the course curriculum shows that it needs to be updated from time to time. Engineering is a professional course and closely related to Industry,the course curriculum needs to be relevant for industrial exposure. Unfortunately, it is not so. This makes the students unemployable to a certain extent.

  • Events -There will be an Arts Day named "Genex" every year , our college. This function in order to provide the students an opportunity to showcase their talents in the field of Art. A sports meet is also conducted every year. In the last year, our college hosted it's very first tech fest since it's beginning.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -After completing graduation in science there is a scope to go in the industrial sector, Vedanta company hiring students every year through campus selection. For art students there are other companies are there. Students get the jobs of different companies and get settled there. Most of the B.Sc graduates prefer to go to Vedanta industries.

  • Fees -It is feasible.Not expensive.Like other govt colleges the admission fees is not so high.It is good for all the students.Hosel fees is lso not so high.It can be managable.There is also some stipend which help the poor students to manage their fees.In the self financing courses the fees are little higher, otherwise it is very good.

  • Entrance Preview -I have completed my graduation and my PG at this college. It is a good institute in our near locality. Everyone knows this college. I opt for this college because what I want to do after my +2 that is very good at this college. I have done my graduation and my PG in Chemistry, this department is very good.

Deepak kholiya



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Fees -Fee structure for academic study is very feasible ..It is around 15-30 thousands per year only as it is a government college But the fee structure for college hostels is quite expensive it is in lakhs per year The facilities provided by the college is far greater then fee

  • Course Curriculum -The course structure is good ...Various lab activities is done so that one can understand everything very excellent way. The course is very great and focus on research work . Creative students will really find the course interesting The course is definitely intetesting

  • Campus Life -There are many societies in our,there is ample opportunities to exercise the talent Labs are fully infrastructured.Each and every item are quality items.various sports programmes are also organised by the college time to time So overall they are quite good

Diddikunta Prabhakar



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -We have celebrated a lot of events in our college.In the starting we have freshers day celebrations where we can mingle with our seniors and faculty ,they guide us and give motivation about course and different aspects. We celebrate college day yearly where everyone enjoys a lot. At the end of graduation we have farewell party where we recognise our engineering life and its a memorable for every student.

  • Exam Structure -Exam stucture having internal ,external examination.We also have mid examination where we can learn the subjects periodically.These mid examination helps us to prepare for the external examination.Internal examinations helps us to improve us in field of laboratories.Both internal and external examinations makes an individual to a complete student.

  • Entrance Preview -I opted this college for my growth and development, where I can learn the chemical engineering principles and enough to apply them in my life. Great personalities have been graduated there and i want one of them in my future. I had searched about the history and good hostel facilities decided to join there where i can full fill my dreams.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -Being a part of Lady Shri Ram College for Women is every girl's dream. Be it for Arts or Commerce, this college is ranked the best in all of India. And in my opinion, rightly so. LSR is not just a college, it is an experience. It is an experience which people cherish for all their lives. Being in this college would changes you, intellectually, academically and socially. For anyone considering this as an option, I'd say GO FOR IT!

  • Exam Structure -The exam structure of Lady Shri Ram College for Women is the same as that of every other college in Delhi University. External exams and internal assessments together form the results of the students. The external exams are not checked by the teaching faculty, but instead by teachers of other colleges of Delhi University.

  • Faculty -Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR) has highly qualified teachers. Some teachers are alumni of the college itself and hence they understand the students and their problems well. The college has different teachers for different subjects which keeps the students interested in the course.

Simran Nagrani



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -They explain everything in very details. They focus on your to course building and then everyday give you tips for grooming standards, body language. They also counselors knowledge of advanced learning such as French and English. Teachers are well experienced as they have all worked with hotels above 5+ years. Overall, you can learn good things from this college and the faculty.

  • Events -They arrange small function on the day of independence day. Everyone was in proper indian flag colors dresses. They also have a sports event in the month of February every year where all the students of uei global from all over India meet at a one place and celebrate the event called as lavidaas for 3 nights 4 days. It is a very fun event as we have seen the videos of the event.

  • Faculty -Teachers are well educated with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. They all have well-versed experience in practicals too as they all have worked with hotels and outlets for above 5+ years at the industrial level. You will never be unsatisfactory with the faculty. The director of our college has 25+ years of experience as an executive chef.

Manisha verma



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -The college life is very good. The college doesn't have any ragging. Rather all the seniors and juniors are considered equal. The students host some parties which are very exciting and you get to meet a lot of new people. The cultural diversity of the college is good. There are foreigners and a lot of people from different states of India. The college doesn't have a ground but you can use the ground of delhi University.

  • Campus Life -Overall the college is very good with excellent faculty and academics out here is highly commendable, apart from academics the various co-curricular activities ensures overall growth of the students , and the college has a good social life. Their is always had a competition like on debates, robotics etc and the college also have a big cricket ground and coach too, volleyball, kho kho and etc too

  • Events -There are a lot of events and celebrations in the college. A college is much a happening place. There are flash mobs, dance, poetry, drama, story, singing or some sort of events happening in the college. The events at the college are very exciting. The events are held on a very large scale. Some of the events do allow outsiders to attend, and some time outsiders are also allowed to come.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Delhi university is a name in which a set of colleges situated in all around delhi. any college of du gives you feel like a mini india because of students come from every state and different cities for their graduation. kalindi college is a college of girls to fixed the skewed sex ratio. kalindi college is great in academics, extracurricular activities is quite good and it domins the sports. Many of the courses have their lab with good facilities, like a computer lab, media lab, fully air-condit...

  • Alumni/Alumna -The college boasts of illustrator alumni, which includes Ms. Mayawati, a former chief minister of uttar pradesh, Ms.krishna tirath, Minister for women and child development, and MS. kapila gaur chairperson of municipal corporation of delhi. several students of kalindi college is working on a prestigious platform on media. as per my experience, our super senior was very humble and mature ones. Both seniors and super seniors always guide us as a true mentor.

  • Fees -kalindi college have several courses and the fees structure Depends on courses because college charges more for practical course than a normal course. As a journalism student i have to submit extra fees for my practicals in media lab and private control rooms and according to the facility of all products, it was not expensive.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -Placements are there but not in large number. The job offers they provide mostly are not related to our field, but if one's interested they can participate in the placement process. The companies that come to recruit have criteria which should be fulfilled by the students. Those who are eligible will go through series of test and interviews.

  • Fees -When I got admitted in college, the fees was about 89,000 rupees, but now a days the fees has been increased and it is approximately 95,000 rupees. It is quite expensive but generally all private colleges have fees structure like this. There are also loan possibilities for those students who are eager to study engineering.

  • Events -There are many events such as: Technical fest- which are either on branch level or intercollege level College cultural fest - all colleges can participate in different categories of competitions. There are also cash prize and certificates included. Internal college competitions (according to branches)

Wasim Ali



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Fees -It is not at all expensive and the fees are very convenient and affordable only thing is we have to make a draft and send them. which is also very convenient as the entire procedure is well written on the website so if there is a new student he/she can go to the website and learn all about the procedures.

  • Placement -If you are doing post graduation then there is a good opportunity and the college provides placement. we have not been fortunate for the same as we were doing graduation by 2010, and the students who have done post graduation, has received such benefits and has been placed on very good rank and companies.

  • Exam Structure -The exams are really cool they have MSQ and it becomes easy to answer. There is no pressure on any student so when there is this exam question paper where the questions have been structured in the most simplest way that it becomes very easy and convenient for us to answer.

Mukund narayan



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -I choose this college because this is the best engineering college in West obtained the 3rd position in all over West Bengal. The fee is also less than other private college and fee is affordable.I am very happy to choose this engineering college. Also, the teacher is very helpful. They give permission to ask for more time if you are not understanding. They help us anytime. you can phone and ask any question on phone also. And the main thing this college is ranging free.

  • Faculty -My faculty is information technology.I have seen that the teacher of this faculty is also very good.They are ready every time to inculcate you and they try their level best to eradicate your doubts.The HOD of my department is very good.If any student is bunking their class they call your parents.

  • Course Curriculum -the curriculum of the course of this engineering is very good. we know that one semester has six months time but we can not get six months because of leave and some vacation. we only get four or five months but at this time the teacher of this college cover all the syllabus very easily.

Meghana A C



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -My campus life is good without any discrimination. We boys and girls r are almost in the Same ratio. My college supports for extracurricular activity everytime and labs were clean good and well equipped with high equipped system and sports and competitions are supported by college and many students have won prices in all

  • Fees -We have to pay total of 8k to 8.5k per year in with 5.5k will be for kcet and other for college fee like labs infrastructure, management, and examination fees and placement training fee We do have a good facility as per we pay. However college fee is more compare to others it is good compared to other

  • Placement -Placement is good in my college and we get a better job opportunity by our knowledge and grades. Mnc company like amazon TV Bosch were visiting my college and many had got placed in much good companies with good package and some who get a job are preferred to go for higher studies

R Karthik Raj



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -There are various events like:- Ovations Loyola alumni day College day Founder's day. Inter department culturals Inter college culturals Denarius Intaglio Loyola hostel day Independence day Republic day Loyola council day Loyola parents meeting day World ozone day Etc....

  • Campus Life -Our campus is really a very large area as it covers about 4 areas in Chennai city.Campus life is really cool and u'll really love it.Gender ratio is dominated by males.Various extra curricular activities are also made Available to the students like club activities, outreach programmes etc.

  • Entrance Preview -Best College in Chennai and also convenient for me to travel and also the best for ba economics course. This College has an amazing environment for scope and development. The faculty is good. Quality of education is also very good here. Beautiful campus with the presence of king church.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -There are a lot of events celebrated in our college the most common event is octave night which happens every month it a dj night where kids and some faculty member drink and chill together. Another event is midnight sunrise which is the biggest event as its ticket are sold on bookmyshow.

  • Entrance Preview -The reason why i chose this college is because it gives me an international degree staying within my country plus staying here in Karjat also gives me a chance to explore nature as i am very found of trekking. Last but not the least i chose this college because of its great reviews.

  • Placement -The placements and job opportunities here are extremely great as there is a legit placements team with studens and teacher which help other students get into their dream job. Once the student gets an internship into a dream company he or she can later persue his dream career.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -There are a lot of events celebrated in our college the most common event is octave night which happens every month it a dj night where kids and some faculty member drink and chill together. Another event is midnight sunrise which is the biggest event as its ticket are sold on bookmyshow.

  • Entrance Preview -The reason why i chose this college is because it gives me an international degree staying within my country plus staying here in Karjat also gives me a chance to explore nature as i am very found of trekking. Last but not the least i chose this college because of its great reviews.

  • Placement -The placements and job opportunities here are extremely great as there is a legit placements team with studens and teacher which help other students get into their dream job. Once the student gets an internship into a dream company he or she can later persue his dream career.

Soumi Paul



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -There are no placements and job opportunities anyone discusses. Our academic structure is absolutely blunt. Our subject curriculum allows the selective number of students to dream of a subject oriented future which requires further studies, it includes MSc and a Ph.D. Now thing is there is n number of other creative professions one can opt for after being Zoology hons graduate. None talks about it or guide for it (as whole education and faculty system is a traditional method based) and students ...

  • Campus Life -I studied my BSC in morning women college which is why gender ratio was 100% female. Out of our daily college classes we attended seminars and presented once on an unknown topic for first time which was fun. Else among cultural programs singing and dancing competitions were all I saw but my extracurricular is painting so I never got opportunity to participate in any external competition. I missed to have extracurricular excitements of college life.

  • Exam Structure -Exam structure during graduation 1st and 2nd year was not much hectic but in the final year exam structure was worst of all. 6 papers of theory exams had been scheduled to conduct in a week just one after another with no gaps. That schedule of final exam did harm my health and affected my last two papers performance as because of lack of sleep I was unable to revise night before exams. It was stress and torture to the mind and body.

Ujjwal Mishra



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -The curriculum of this course is hometown you have to give exams prof by prof every year. There four proof of is compulsory to pass for all students only and after that we have to do the nearby internship of 1 year. disciplined is in 2 parts 6 months each. If because a student gets back to a particular subject it is he can give exam of that particular subject in next six months.

  • Placement -The job opportunities and placement depends upon the students Chances of government job also depends on the student. As we all know its a bachelor degree after, this we can open our clinic as well as our own nursing home. nature. you want to be a surgeon you can also choose MS from specefic subjects.

  • Fees -As we all know tha all medical coures are little bit cistly from other courses so the fee structure of my college depends upon whether you take hostel and mess with it with hostel and mess fee is 3 lakh annually and without that 2.2 lakh annually. Examination fee is also but only once in a year

Dheeraj singh



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -In college campus company visit for the interview and offer good college student is getting prepared for interview as PD class and top class are arranged to get knowledge about what will happen in interview they chance to interact will difficulty that what they will face in an interview.

  • Course Curriculum -To assess the course curriculum is simple than anything else in college every curriculum has it is in charge and u just have contacted them or u just simply contact to your cc incharge they will definitely help u out... For other curriculum activity, you have to contact hod.

  • Entrance Preview -It has good placement record in north India student of different state come in this college to take admission management is good and help the student in growing up. The college organizes the different sports activity this is my first year and enjoying to be in this college.