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Ankur Saini



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Exam Structure -Two internal sessional exams are held in each semester which includes written as well as practical exams. The exam duration is 3 hours and each exam carries 100 marks. The practical examination is held before the final examination. At the end of each semester external examination is held which is conducted by Uttarakhand Technical University. NO, exams and labs were never hectic for us.

  • Faculty -The faculty at the college is highly qualified for B.Tech and MBA programmes, they particularly hire Phds, from IIT's, IIM's and other good institutions. For Diploma courses they hire post graduate teachers who also have studied from renowned institutions. Other than the permanent faculties, college often invites the visiting faculties who are well renowned in their field.

  • Remarks -It is the college which fulfills the mission and objectives of the student. It gives healthy, growing and innovative opportunities to its students. The faculties are very good guides and councellors and they navigate the yacht of the student towards the desired destination and the management steers safely the whole ship towards the making of the future of its students.

Garsha Sai Nitesh



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -A curriculum is designed based on UK education system. It is very different from normal Indian colleges and hard. Each semester had 6-8 subjects apart from labs. English, Behavioural science, and one foreign language are compulsory mine were French. Labs have separate periods and course with an exam at end sem. This adds huge huge stress on students. Labs have good equipment but not enough for class with a strength of 70+

  • Faculty -The Faculty in college are bit harsh. Many good high level faculty available in university who work on big government projects take students as interns but low level faculty are mostly given for teaching subjects which leads to less quality. But working with big faculty can really help us for further studies and it is very good for students having plans for abroad after under graduation

  • Placement -University has a Big placement department who work all year for bringing companies. In last year September placements starts every year nearly 70+ companies visit college. University make sure no one left unemployed. Coming to package average is 3.25lkh it can go till 12lkh pa but 70-80% students in a batch get placed below 4.5lkh pa packages

Swagatam Pati



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -Starting from the first semester, the academics are not that heavy. You will be given 5 common subjects till the second year and the subjects will later become branch specific from second year onwards and will later decrease from third year onwards. Generally, the trend is that first and third year are difficult in engineering as compared to the second and fourth year. Here in the autonomous system, we have 2 internal exams of total 50 marks each, lab exam for each lab of 50 marks each and a sem...

  • Campus Life -The college provides an excellent space for holistic development. Generally, the gender ratio is nearly the same in the college. The diversity is not much as most students of the college are from Odisha and a few are also from other states. Many events like freshers party, college fest etc are organized. Many clubs are there in the college which organize a lot of workshops and events. There are no political activities in the college. The economic status of the college was not that good but now a...

  • Entrance Preview -After my plus two I appeared the Jee main exam along with 14 lakh other candidates and scored 98 marks and the cutoff was just 81. So, I got an AIR of 77169. At the first sight of my results, I decided quickly for CET-Bhubaneswar over other government colleges because it is the best college after NIT Rourkela that one can get in Odisha. Also, it is located inside the city and is easily accessible with all types of facilities available. Above all, it has a good placement statistics, decent infras...

Shikha Pandey



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -The course structure is very good. It makes us understand every small to big thing about business. We got to study every detail which was needed to be known by us. Every subject was explained in detail by the teachers.E else I will say some topics were difficult as I was a science student and had chosen a completely different stream but yes it was explained very well by the teachers and I scored good marks

  • Exam Structure -The exam is held at a proper time when the syllabus is completed.The exams are held at intervals and at regular gaps so we can chill out and give them.As course is completed and things are explained well so it is easy.Moreover it depend on us to study well and carry our exams in a cool manner so that it does not become hectic.College environment is cool enough.

  • Entrance Preview -I wanted to do MBA from my own city and DDU was the only option available. I searched out on Google about the admission procedure and got to know that college takes admission through UPTU. I gave UPTU exam and scored good marks. I have gone through counseling and got a seat in DDU. There I paid the fees in installments and completed my study

Ravi Kumar



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Campus life is good for both boys and girls as campus consist of 2 large ground and one sperate ground for girls in there hostel. Gender ratios in jmit are 450/1000 male, female feel comfortable in jmit. The environment of JMIT is good for girls also. Jmit provides bus services for hostel girls if they want to go for the market in nearby village radar free of charge for the safety of girls. Extracurricular is quite good in jmit there are many events were organized such as sports week for a game ...

  • Internship -Yes, college provided good internship for 2 years, 3 year and final year students. General the stipend got by students in 4k to 5k but it is limited to 10 to 15 students. Not all student got any kind of stipend. But that sure all good internship in good chemical industries such as iocl, NFL, Pepsi etc. Only 5 to 5 company came to college for internship and got internship outside the college. The overall experience was good as it helps to relate theoretical knowledge with the practical knowledge,...

  • Events -There is a large number of events celebrate all over the year. First, all department conduct there individual fest such as for computer science fest, electronics fest, chemical era fest, mechanical mastermind fest, are worrier fest, it fest, sports era, etc. There is a large number of the fest like there is no fest every month and everyone will free to participate in any event and all the fest organized by student and funded by JMIT management. The participants also got the participation certif...

Gaurav singh



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Fees -The fee structure i feel is just ok but thats only when you compare it from the private colleges you cannot compare it from governments colleges anyway, there you will find large diffrence in fee..structure but as of private colleges the fees could be said as feasible

  • Faculty -The faculties of the college are pretty much descent no doubt there that they have knowledge even some experience but expecting someone with large experience is very difficult to have so you will get above average faculties and they all take great pains to teach you...

  • Course Curriculum -The course structure is all over good because the college has a well-planned schedule for students and they also look after that students have some experience or say exposure towards real life the most of user experience you can get is from training and internship.

Anam Aslam



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -The placement percentage in our college during our batch was 60-70%, and it keeps on improving every year. The average salary was 4-5 LPA. The highest salary was offered by ITC hotels of 8 LPA and that too in all the domains, that is, finance, HR, and marketing. The lowest offered by Mansukh Securities was 2.9 LPA. The roles offered ranged from the sales manager to the research analyst and derivative analyst and executive position for HR and finance and the several roles in sales and marketing. ...

  • Faculty -The faculty members in Jamia are well-qualified, especially in the finance stream. All the faculty members have the qualification of Ph.D., and the quality of their teaching is good. They use the practical knowledge along with the theoretical coursework, which is useful to understand the subject. For example, one of our teacher while teaching the technical analysis and stock markets, they used to show us the actual page of NSE, BSE, and explain all the technical terms. The teaching is done throu...

  • Campus Life -Talking about Jamia infrastructure then you can say that it has got the best of infrastructure. Along with that you can experience your best college life at Jamia and meet and make some best friends who will become an important part of your life. JMI campus and infrastructure is quite good. Wi-Fi facility is provided on the campus. Air-conditioned libraries are available. Classrooms are well furnished. JMI sports complex is outstanding. Hostels of JMI are good, and proper food is provided on l...

Saroj gupta



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Fees -Our college fees us a bit expensive for a middle class person. Specially in our law courses it is expensive .But all private universities are a bit expensive .There is a provision of scholarship in our college but that is merit based so everyone can't get that scholarship I think there would be burden on some people.

  • Campus Life -We have lot of extra activities like football ,basketball ,baseball.We have debating society and debate competition are held time to time. There is no gender biasness .Girls and boys are treated equally.The timings of outing are same All the hostlers are required to take pass before leaving campus so no gender bias

  • Exam Structure -In each semester we have three test class test, mid-semester and end semester. It becomes a bit hectic for us. But at the same point, it is beneficial as it helps us to know where we are lacking so that we can correct that in our end semester. It's better to correct our mistakes rather than failing in the exam.

Sampathi rohith



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -My course is agriculture.i am studying in 3rd year at present in lovely proffessional university .the faculty is better with academic tasks like field work and other practicals . agriculture is going to be the future for our country so we are planning further to improve yeilding qualities and much more on crop production

  • Exam Structure -The exam structure is a bit different from other colleges.we include 2ca for each subject.mid term is conducted at mid of the semester and final exams are conducted at the end of the semester.practicals include wtps and other lab experiments.continuous assignments are conducted in the mid of the semesters

  • Course Curriculum -My course is agriculture.i am studying in 3rd year at present.the faculty is better with academic tasks like field work and other practicals . agriculture is going to be the future for our country so we are planning further to improve yeilding qualities and much more on crop production

Kumari juhi



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Campus life is so much enjoyable. As compared to other colleges my college has the number of a girl as off boys. In computer branch 90% is girls and 10% is only boys. So many extracurricular activities are celebrated like me&miss mmcoe, singing competition, fashion show. Sports competition between branches and inter-college sports competition will be there. Much technical competition like robocon, abheyra for car racing is held.

  • Faculty -Each and every faculty of my college is the Ph.D. holder and fully experienced. Every time they opt new way to teach us. They believe that only teaching is not enough. We have to do every time something new to teach us. So that we can't bore and take interest in that subject and topic. The only problem is some teacher are so strict that we can't do Masti in their lecture.

  • Placement -The placement and job opportunity is very good of my college but this year due to recession only average placement is held. Only 40% students get placed from all branches. Respective companies boosted and placed the students are areas software, zensar, persistent,, quick heal ,cytel, syntel,hcl,TCL ,etc. Average package they offer is 2 lakh -5 lakh.

Jitesh Bhandula



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -The curriculum is Good and latest as per the requirements of the Corporate world. Case study method is used for study cases of various companies such as coca cola, Tata motors are used to study real-life problems. The electives in the first year were Finance for business, marketing management, business communication, economics, Information system, Legal environment for business. In the final year m studying project appraisal, financial statements analysis, Investment banking, strategic managem...

  • Placement -The placement scenario of our seniors was good enough almost 490 students were placed from a batch of 550 students rest go for startups and their own business. companies such as amazon, amul, Bajaj finserv, CBRE, Ey, Delliote, kpmg, Airtel, jio, blackrock, hdfc,icici, yes Bank, icici security. some companies offer 8+ lakhs and some 5.8- 7.2 so average becomes to 6 lakh

  • Internship -Yes, college provides internships, the general stipend varies from companies to companies even some companies don't give stipend so average become around 4000-4500 per month. Most of the companies come for marketing internships and take students in bulk. overall experience is good but one has to do hard work as intake of students in college is more.

Kartik Goswami



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -There are various events organized by IPER. These events are completely organized and managed by students only which helps you to work on your skills and makes you more confident. Such events help you to identify your inner qualities and allows you to sharpen your skills. Freshers party, Management fest, WWF market simulation even, Experts lectures, inter-college competition, are organized at IPER

  • Faculty -Well at IPER, you do not need to worry about the same. Highly professionals and industry experts are there to guide you. Well qualified and highly experienced faculties are available to make you industry ready and boost up your skills. Each and every faculty is coperative and helps you to shape your career ahead.

  • Course Curriculum -The whole programme is designed by industry experts. Here you find an industry oriented curriculum for Making you industry ready. Various speciallizations are also available for making a perfact combo for your MBA. Marketing Finance Human Resource Banking and Financial service institution Retail managrment

Rahul Mishra



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -Faculty are talented and have good experience and qualified.. More then faculty member are qualified ph.d degree and other are under ph.d holders.... They have very good way to teach student to give notes, lectures and also conduct practical... Our college have very good lab's... Teacher gives lecture and classroom are smart classes.. Very helpful faculty member do lot of hard work for their student.. Give motivation programs and also they conduct industry visits.... In my experiences faculty ...

  • Events -There are sevral events happen in my college.. 1)Motivational program 2)technical program 3)All national day celebrated 4)College Anual Fest 5)Special progrm in my college is Mata ki chowki 6)science exhibition In my college there are many more events were organized.. There are very good way for studies and also lots of fun....

  • Exam Structure -Exams are of semester wise College conduct thier internal xams include 2 seasonal test or one Pre exam.. External exams were conduct in other college... College provide internal num according to students performance.. In exam there are mandatory of 75% attendance compulsory... Either they should not allowed in the exam hall..

Naveen Saha



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -I am an Arts Graduate and aspired to do MBA from a reputed yet economical university. I appeared for CMAT and SNAP. Got selected in SSBF also. The entrance exam for Sardar Patel University's MBA Department admission I had to appear in CMAT exam organised by AICTE. With CMAT marks one has to apply in Gujcet for MBA/MCA in the month of June. I opted for this particular college because it is very famous in Gujarat and the university is known nationally. It has got A grade with 3.5 CGPA from NAAC. I...

  • Campus Life -The Gender Ratio of the institute is almost 60:40. 60 being for boys and 40 for girls. The total strength is near 85. There are various parties and games played in a hostel and it is quite enjoyable. The area is full of hangout joints and students making the city a lively place. The city is safe to roam freely for girls and boys. There is frequent guest lectures, workshops, scope classes. There is a cultural club, social club, marketing club and finance club for various events organized for the ...

  • Course Curriculum -The course curriculum is good with well articulated balance of theoretical and practical concepts, applications and principles. They follow IIMs and have similar teaching methodology and books. The course are well assessed with the help of various case studies. College has great library and has also subscribed to Emeralds database for case studies and Capital Line for financial datas.

Shubham Mahajan



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -The faculty of this college is highly qualified. The always motivate students to work hard and help them in researches and leaning more and more. Especially, the director of our college is very keen to undergo different workshops and encouraging students to achieve great things. He himself was an alumni of bits pinali and has an experience of working in an I. T industry so he is the best man out and always organize workshops from different I. T companies to groom his students

  • Course Curriculum -The course prescribed here very modern and technically up to date. As the college is affiliated with Jammu University so the syllabus is as prescribed by the university. This college provided us with many research opportunities. There is IBM affiliated research laboratory in this college which was one of the best perks of this college. The atmosphere is technically very sound. You can also get opportunities to publish your research papers if you are good enough.

  • Placement -Many companies came to college during our tenure such as Amazon, Cisco, Infineon technologies etc. Most of my classmates got placed with very good packages with average of about 4 lakhs per annum. The college seems very interested in providing placement opportunities to everyone. Moreover, 6 of my classmates from CSE got placed with Infineon technologies with package of about 10 lakhs per annum.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Campus life is full of learning not only the study related things but the social experience also. There are girls also in good amount for engineering studies. Cultural festivals are celebrated in college by staff and student collaboration.As this is government college the economical status of students are mostly from middle class families.

  • Fees -Fees structure is very feasible as this is a government institutions. Fees is 1500/- and other fees like examination fees and remedial fees. Which are less than 2000 per year. There are 2 semester per year and 1500/- fees is per semester fees so 3000 per year so total is around 5000+ other spendings of basic stationeries and all.

  • Events -There are so many events like sports week freshers party farewell party and other festival celebrations. Techafests are also organised by cooperation of students and faculties. There is huge amount of participation in this events.sports week is organised to improve the physical strength of students.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -Our college already tied up with many MNC's and every year around 500 members were get placed in many companies with high packages.And many students will interact with the faculty to get good opprtunites and faculty will also help us.our college train students since 1st year and learn us how to approach with offacials

  • Faculty -Every faculty is so friendly and likely to help the students at any point of time. all the faculty was well qualified and done Ph.D.'s in IIT 's and NIT. The teach us in an explanatory way which will be understood by each and every student. They bring new ways to teaching and which are easily understood by students

  • Scholarship -As well I said our college tied up with government and provide fees reimbusment for the students who are eligible after the keen verification by the government offacials.many banks provide loans for the students by providing our college details it would be so faster.As I was studying on educational loan provided.

Srijan Datta



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Fees -The fees structure is moderately feasible. The yearly cost will not exceed seventeen thousand, whereas, if there are no lab subjects in your combination, you will be charged less than ten thousand. However, this institution is not government aided, so charges are not low as compared to some other government aided colleges.

  • Events -Firstly, Fresher's welcome is conducted by the department, followed by the Student's Union and College. The later is celebrated at Tapan theatre, Kolkata. Additionally, Swaraswati puja is celebrated in elegance. Besides, a College Social function is organised by the College Student's Union.

  • Campus Life -The campus life is good enough. There are fields for playing football, badminton, and cricket. Besides, the gymnasium is available. One can read books in the Central Library of the college. They can also play table tennis or carrom according to their will. Annual sports is also conducted.

Mansi Mehta



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Well h.l. college of commerce is the Best college of Gujarat university given by NAAC for its campus , academics , infrastructure , events , extra curriculum and so on. The team of h.l. college of commerce also participate in volleyball tournament , cricket tournament , hockey tournament and so on. Debate competition includes model united nation .

  • Exam Structure -The most funny question is about examination in any college student's life. Mostly students in h.l. college of commerce study at the day of internal examination or sometimes only at external examination as the attendance in h.l. college of commerce has a compulsion of attendance so generally we cover up at the lectures only.

  • Events -Many cultural , academics and professional events are performed in h.l. college of commerce like model united nation , h.l. times inauguration , annual function , fresher's party , fervel party , which are mostly organized and managed by students of h.l. college of commerce students itself.

Arjun Misra



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Internship -It is mandatory for each and every student to do their Industrial Training. It was earlier mandatory for 6 months but now from 2018 it has become 1 year. The college does provide excellent Internship programs. The college has tie up with many reputed Indian as well as foreign hotel property. To name a few Oberoi, Marriott,Taj, Sheraton, Accord etc. The average stipend offered in India is RS 1500/ month. Students who wish to do their IT from outside India also have a fantastic opportunity . Count...

  • Exam Structure -The exams are divided into 6 semesters. With each years conducting 2 semester each. In the 2nd year the entire 4th semester is the Industrial Training. Other than the Semester there are internals for each subject. In each semester there are 2 internal exams of 1 subject, whose marks is added. There are on an average 6-7 written exams and the same amount of labs. There are practical lab classes for Computer, Housekeeping, Front office, Food Production, Food & Beverage service scheduled every week...

  • Fees -There are different streams offering different Scopes and their fee structure is different. The semester fees needs to paid before the semester. The different fee structure are as follows . For BHSM 325000 divided into 6 semesters. At first semester 85000 and 45,000 each the following 5 semester. For Bsc in hospitality total fees 400000 divided into 8 semester. 1st semester 100000 and the 7 60000/ each. It is one of the best affordable college with education loan available.