Natwar Suthar

BATCH : 2023


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -In my college, They introduce the Many different organization eg. To give the knowledge of future scope, Blood donation camps. In my college as the needs for the pharmaceutical preparation, there is all type pharmaceutical Labs. They are good in conditions. Our college also keep the tournament of sports Days. It has many outdoors games.

  • Course Curriculum -B.Pharm is a graduation or degree professional course in which we study about medicine, health care, to perform as a well pharmacist. In this couse we should also have practical knowledge along with communication skills. This course exam structure is based on semester type. Semester is the interval of 6 months.

  • Remarks -In our college there is a good fees for the B.Pharm comparison to other college. The Seniors are also helpful. The lecturers are always keep ready to help the students in every possible way. But in our college, There is too less chances to organise tours for the enjoy.

Nirupam Basak

BATCH : 2020


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Laboratories are up to date. There are many equipments with sufficient number. There are two separate computer centers (old and new). Both have separate windows and linux laboratories. There are swimming pool, archery club, media club, fine arts club, music club, cycling club, sports club separately. There are one cricket ground, one football ground and one hockey ground separately. There is also Gymkhana for indoor games. There is a airstrip also.

  • Fees -For M.sc: 1) One time payable(only for first semester): 2,950 INR 2) Refundable caution money(only for first semester): 7,000 INR 3) Hostel charges: 12, 475 INR 4) Semester fee: 6,250 INR 5) Mess bill for food(vary according to hostel): around 12,000 INR Total: 40,675 INR (for first semester) 30,725 INR (for other semesters) For foreigners extra 300,000 INR

  • Scholarship -Merit cum Means Scholarship: Students receive full tuition waiver, and pocket allowance of Rs. 1000 pm for the duration of the program. This is merit cum means based scholarship; hence, the recipients must maintain a minimum CPI of 6.5. However, if CPI falls below 6.5 (but remains above 6.0) then pocket allowance is withdrawn.

Vivekanand Chirputkar

BATCH : 2020


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -Placements and job opportunities are terrific but they depend on your branch. For example the opportunities for CS students are very high compared to mechanical or chemical engineering students because of the trends. Placements depend on a lot of complex factors but your skills are must. We have an excellent probably the best internship scheme. We are the only ones who graduate with atleast an 8 month of professional experience. We don't have to apply directly for internships as the college does...

  • Remarks -It is one of the best places to live among all the engineering colleges of India. The campus is beautiful and exotic with a lot of greenery and fresh air. The only negative thing I find is the amount of drug abuse. Even though smoking and drinking is strictly banned in the campus, it happens on large grounds. Although punishments are harsh if one gets caught, the administration has not done enough to stop it. But this condition is found in every single college of India and is disheartening.

  • Events -We have 3 main college festivals; the cultural festival called Waves, technical festival called Quark and sports festival called Spree. Waves comes around October end, Quark around mid February and Spree around March end. These are very famous festivals and we see huge participation from across the country. Apart from these we have branch related national and international events which are not periodic.

Mujeeb Rahman k

BATCH : 2020


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -The college managed by on person . Chairman of college . He took it like business . He have no interest in college now. Now days admission for btech comparatively low. So admission in our college is very low. It leads to ban college. So management have no in our college.

  • Course Curriculum -Its good. Semester wise difficult because of lack of working days. There is no time for extra activities . Exam structure is 100% flop because of improper guide line university . Students attend 4 or more exams in week include supply . It is difficult complete course.

  • Placement -In case btech job opportunity less. In case of civil engineers they have minimum opportunities but there is no support from college management. They didn't conduct any college wise placement. They don't support students in their future plan.

Pratheek Baliga

BATCH : 2020


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -According to my findings the college is providing the internship for those students who are intrested to do their internships in different places or on their native place itself . Placement call is conducting through an interview for final year students which provide the students benefit with assured job after complete of degree course

  • Campus Life -Extracurricular activities are the providing every week of friday. Which is from the 2pm to 4.45pm. The all students are compulsory join the particular activities which provided by the college . College is well provided with lab facilities to students of Bsc and BCA. The college is provided with sports and games associations also

  • Course Curriculum -Basically my college follows autonomous system where in college itself conduct examinations. The syllabus of course is good and examination is not that much of tough than other university. The college follows sixth semester with an internship or project which is to be compulsory for every students

Kevin Aji Mathew

BATCH : 2021


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -The faculty is very enthusiastic to help students and support in their projects. Highly qualified faculties are present to share their knowledge to students. The faculty provides lectures notes and conducts weekly exam to make sure their taught portions are thorough with students.

  • Alumni/Alumna -Alumni and senior students helps us to know about their experience and job opportunities for engineering in and outside the country. They regularly visit and display their experience to students. We get opportunities to have a walk through their engineering life.

  • Scholarship -College provides 5000 rupees to students having 9 above sgpa in every semester. College appreciates students paper presentation and provides sponsorship to students innovative projects. The loan facility is provided by bank through college provision.

Farzin M Fathah

BATCH : 2024


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -Course curriculum is balanced.There are 3 internals each semester and a final sem exam.The average marks of the 3 internals are taken then the marks of our assignment is added.The total internal mark is out of 40(30 theory+10 assignment and unit test) The final sem exam is converted to 60. And finally the mark is added to give it out of 100.

  • Alumni/Alumna -They sure are helpful.There is an instagram page through which we get information about any events or something.The senior students also conducts a lot of workshops ,games and other cool programs.They are the ones who conduct the college fest and make it a grand success

  • Events -A lot of events takes place like tech fest,traditional day,onam fest,exhibitions,workshops and the most exciting and best COLLEGE FESt. The events are enjoyed together by the seniors and juniors which helps them to interact with each other.

Shruti Kothari



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Alumni/Alumna -The seniors were always helpful and supportive. There is a network setup for alumni where they can communicate for placements opportunities. That network is named as Alma connect. We have seniors in same companies where we find them helpful too.

  • Placement -There are some startups supported by college so basically they provide internships. And placements are always 100% ranging from 3.36 to 12 LPA per annum. On an average package of 4 LPA is offered. Companies like TCS, Benz are invited.

  • Scholarship -The college helps students to apply scholarship of all kinds provided by government of India. Almost all the students get one scholarship. One negative thing is the scholarship spoc is very rude. But the guidance you get is too good.

Athul Geo Baby



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -The campus is really great. If you are a hosteller, believe me it's gonna be the best time of your life. In casebof negative remarks. I think the authorities are way too much religious. Can't blame them because catholic churchnis running the college. Also in some rare situations ego clash between teachers and students were not deakt in a nice way.

  • Faculty -They're all experienced and are very keen about academics. But I afraid most of them follow the conventional method of teaching. In some rare cases thebego clash between students and teachers were not dealt in a nice way. Apart from this they've got a great potential when it comes to faculties.

  • Alumni/Alumna -They've got a great alumni group. It's really active. The alumni Network and senior stufentsbare really helpful. The alumni association also contribute great firbthe well being of the college.The college ia like 90 years old so it's got a huge and effective alumny association.

Bharadwaz Bhuma



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -Yeah the placements are really good. Around 100 companies visit our college every year and recruit students. But most of the companies provide software roles, only few core companies visit. Folks from departments like chemical and metallaurgy find it difficult to get placement in core companies. Our college do provide internships, but mostly students seek internships with tech companies and foreign universities.

  • Events -There are two fests celebrated in our college. Tech fest and cultural fest. Technozion is the tech fest which is organised every year in the month of October or November. There are lot of events on technology are organised for the people from other colleges. The cultural fest is organised in the month of March which have the popular singers from India visit our college and perform live.

  • Campus Life -We have one huge stadium for cricket, two basket ball courts and two tennis courts and an indoor stadium for badminton. We also have three gymnasiums. We are active participants of inter NIT sports every year and are proud winners of several events. The labs are good, but few labs have non functional equipments.

Rajib Banik

BATCH : 2021


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -There are many celibrations like - 1.soprts day. 2. Techfiesta- techfest of the college. 3.Arcadia- college social festival. And many more. Ither than we have many events like. Many coding event. Labs are also good and they have every lab for the related subjects.

  • Fees -The fees structure is quite feasible but expensive. It costs almost 4.5lakh rupees to complete the course.Cause it is a private college. But college provides also loans for education.So if consider all those things i think it is quite expensive.

  • Placement -They give us good placements and many companies come to our college. Both the it and core companies. Like tcs,tech mahendra, wipro,and many more. College help us to get the job in campus interview. Our college also provides internship

Asmin Khanam

BATCH : 2015


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -Placements are not in good position. They really have to take care of that. But they are trying hard. Sometimes for some specific courses they provide summer internship. Stipend is not available for general courses. A little bit of amount is provided from the government for general courses. From college they give a certain amount for only mtech students and phd scholars.

  • Remarks -There is only one problem with the college. You really cannot wear whatever u like in this college. There is a certain dress code based on cultural point of views.May be they will not tell anything at your face. But you will be judged and criticized very badly. These conservative thoughts we haven't got rid of yet.

  • Faculty -Faculties are very reliable and friendly. Some of them are really like father like and motherly. They keep us under their guidance and comfort zone. We can create a great bond with them. They r extremely experienced and technical. That is all I can say.

kalyan kumar reddy K



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -Basically our college management is very strict in choosing the faculty , Because if a faculty have done MTech and they will be as lab assistent , who have PHD Holding they can be as Teaching Faculty OR lab Incharge OR they can handle both of them. Overall opinion about our faculty is Good and they are very kind to explain in polite way at anytime , like if we call them and ask a question they can explain through phone call also. I'll Give 9/10 rating

  • Placement -Our college has a good name regarding Placements ,nearly 500+(all branches and MBA & MCA) people placed in campus placements . Regarding internships we went to intrenships with our faculty reference in big companies like BHEL ,BITTC(Chennai) etc. some companies provided stipend around 6-7k per month ,some companies provided job for those people who worked with them. Overall Experience is Good .

  • Campus Life -They are god enough for a student . labs are very clean and safety precautions are good and all safety measures are done for each and every lab in the college. Regarding sports we have large grounds to play and faculty will encourage students to participate in sports . We have a GYM in our college and its free for students and faculty .

Akhil Mohammed

BATCH : 2021


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -Talking about the events and celebrations , our college is the best in town. Because we have a lot of events celebrated. All the relegious events are also celebrated here regarding the relegious harmony of the college. Many events are conducted inorder to showcase the talents of the students in our college. It is imporant for us to be good in co curricular activites , so they conduct weekly activities under different associations. There are 25 associations namely sports,language,dance,drama,musi...

  • Remarks -It is an anciently situated college with experienced faculties. My remarks are only positive because I have inhaled postive vibes from the college until now. The college is famous since 140 years . It is one of the best college since then. The college is also situated in the heart of the city of mangaluru. It is located near the tagore park at the lightHouse hill road. The main positive remark is that the atmosphere that we get in the college. It is truly amazing.

  • Campus Life -The lab facilities are so good. There are laboratories and research units for different departments. There is sports department which is an apex unit of the college. The sports department plays a vital role in bringing out the talents of the students who are good in sports. They send teams for public tournaments and regularly win the tournaments(independence trophy, christ university tournament, republic cup, mangalore university inter collegiate cup) etc.

Akhil Binu

BATCH : 2020


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -The course comprises of 4 years and 8 semesters. Each year is split into two semesters. A semester contains two internal examinations, one lab examination and the semester ends with a university exam. The semester syllabus is a bit compressed and the rate of gaining knowledge is a bit retarding.

  • Faculty -A good percentage of the faculties are having a doctoral degree. They have excellent subject knowledge and skills which helps students in increasing their level of abilities. They are willing to help you with the skills required and subjects at any time you want. They are very cooperative.

  • Alumni/Alumna -The alumni network of the college is very strong as it conducts yearly alumni meets. Alumnos suggest new ways of training students to get industry employable. A good harmony is being maintained between seniors and juniors, thus any academic and non academic helps can be seeked.

Basil Sunny

BATCH : 2020


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Alumni/Alumna -There is an alumini of the former students of our college who put forward various ideas about the further development and helps in academics by organizing coaching classes for pg entrance exam. They come and enjoys the programs in college and provides lot of help to us the juniors

  • Remarks -Negative - uniform has made strict like military school where one has to pay fine if not wearing all the special gadgets provided by the college managenent. Strictly focussed on only academics now. Positive-good teaching and library facility. Good number of patients to study

  • Fees -It depends on which year you got admission to the college since fee structure is increasing year by year. I have to pay amout of rupees four lakhs per year that is expensive for me.also you have monthly hostel fee and mess fee of around 6000


BATCH : 2020


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -Positive is that the some of the faculties are very good but some are veey bad and rude as well but the negative comment about the college is that the sport faculties arr not at all there in the college which I think is a negative aspect.

  • Placement -the placements are good for marketing students as marketing is an evergreen branch and does not require and special skill or in a company can hire for marketing students but they offer very Les base package to marketing students as well

  • Course Curriculum -Well the course is good and they offer a dual specialisation that is you can avail or choose between two specialisation in your second year of graduation but that's more of a general MBA degree so according to me it's not that good.

Shon Jose

BATCH : 2021


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -Positive : . In 2010 the college was identified by UGC as a College with Potential for Excellence. In 2012, Dept. Of Science and Technology, Govt. of India has identified this college for DST-FIST support for the development of all the science departments based on our achievements in teaching, research and consultancy and community development activities. Nagative : nothing

  • Faculty -Our college has a very good faculty. Our teachers are much talented . They try their best for our future.In 2010 the college was identified by UGC as a College with potential for excellence. Most our teachers are the ones who publishes the book based on our cyllabus in our univsrsity and other universities.

Jopaul Stephen

BATCH : 2022


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -We have two internals in every semester and two semester exams on every year.Internals are for internal marks. Semester exams are held by university.There are total of six sem for b.com.Internals are conductes by our teachers.

  • Events -So many events took place in our college.Association day union day and many other programees are conducting in our college.The college management is helping poor people.The students are donating blood for government hospitals.

  • Campus Life -Sports are there including basketball football badminton cricket etc.We are champions in badiminton of mg university .All the labs are there in our college including computer physics chemistry etc and they are also very good.

abhishek bajpai

BATCH : 2021


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -The placement is good, many named companies come each year and selects many students who are capable of doing their jobs, the job opportunities are very high, as the members of management department are from defence background mostly they welcome Indian Navy, Indian Army each year. Internships are only provided to limited topper students who are achieving highest marks in their respective branch. Around 20-25 out of 150 get the internship, others have to do internship on their own. Since I'm an ...

  • Campus Life -The college organises sports fest every year once which goes on for around 1 month. More than 12 games are held for both boys and girls. Various labs are there of different branches, that allow students to build their technical knowledge. There is different lab for the students who have innovative minds, who find more creative ideas. College allows the students to participate in different events taking place in different colleges and provides funds for the preparation.

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