A prominent place

6.8 /10

Remarks :

The college tends to focus on the academic development more than the all round development, they should also focus on the co curricular activities as well and encourage students to participate in the activities.

Course Curriculum Overview :

They focus on the courses and provide a promising future. Exam structures are divided into 4 parts in an year. The first part is Assesment 1 which is also the mid term, then the Assessment 2 which is the end semester. Then Assesment 3 and then the Assessment 4 which is the last exam for an year.

Placement Experience :

Placement and Job opportunities are 100% till date. Yes, the college does provide for internships and guarantees that every student must do their internship and evaluation is done on the basis of the remarks fr the properties

College Events :

Rigolo is a senior year food fest conducted solely by the final year students. Spring food fest is the freshman year food fest which is conducted by the freshman year students with the help of the facilities and college members. Young chef Olympiad, conducted by the college which recognises the culinary talent of the world, Young Chef India, which recognises the young chefs from the school level all over India.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fee structure is feasible. They charge 2 lakh per annum which includes all the costs of the students which will be required in the college for the practicals as well as theory. The fee is to be paid at the starting of each year.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The college gives scholarship to the students who score more than 80% of marks in 12th boards. And if they score 65% above in their semester exams, then they are allowed to avail the scholarship. A series of procedures are to be gone through for the scholarship.

Campus Life :

There are very less extra curricular activities in the college as it is more focused on the academic development. They do not focus on the extra curricular activities much and there is hardly any time for a student to opt for the activities after the college hours.

Hostel Facilities :

No, I have not opted for hostel because the hostel infrastructure is not upto the mark, they charge 6000 pee month for just the room and food. Students have to bring their own bed and pillow. The rooms are not well organised

Alumni/Alumna :

The senior students are helpful in guiding on what the college has to offer and what are the opportunities that come to us. They also help in counseling and helping you clear your doubts. They don't distinguish between the students.

Admission :

I had to sit for an online exam and then a Group discussion followed by a personal interview was conducted. Those who are selected after the personal interview, they are eligible to join the college. For the admissions, a student has to deposit 2 lakh rupees which is the per annum fees of the college, they charge no extra admission fees.

Faculty :

Good faculty and helpful. Always forward to deal with any situation the students are facing. The college organises plenty of events which the faculty members take care of and coordinate with the team and make it a success

6.8 out of 10
3.0/10Social Life
7.0/10Campus Life
5.0/10Hostel Life