I am a current student in first year

6.0 /10

Remarks :

This is the only government college of physical education in Kerala. There is much negligence been shown towards the institution. The athletic ground it's like a disaster. No one been doing anything to make it better. There is a lot fund being wasted in purchase of unwanted things. Even things which is wanted also been kept as scrap after buying.

Course Curriculum Overview :

It's about learning the 14 main sports and gqmes. To be physical fit and well trained to teach the young childrens. There are five subjects to study in first year , anatomy , sociology , history, English, and computer.

Placement Experience :

There is in internship in 3rd year academic curriculum , which let's students leave for a month and gain experience on teaching , as this course is for teaching. one should find a school themself to do intern. It give a very pleasant experience of teaching.

College Events :

We celebrate almost every festival. There would be dance , songs. Competition , it's wonderful here with the celebration , there wouldn't be class on that days. Major festival like bakr eid , ramzan , onam , Christmas , wishu , are celebrated equally.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

At starting there is lot of fee even after this is a government institution, there is uniform fee , PTA fund. , course fee. , Library and sort fee , it will be around 17 thousand on first year , from next year it would be around 4 thousand.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The college proposed scholarships like. e-grantz which is a web based solutions for the timely disbursement of educational assistance to all the post matric students of SC, ST, OBC as well as economically weaker sections of society in Kerala.

Campus Life :

Since the course is more about sports than academic there infrastructure for the sports like , gymnastics , volleyball, basketball , soft ball, athletic, badminton, table tennis , cricket , Judo ,kabaddi , cocco , the lab is a small place but still adjustable ,there is computer lab too providing Free internet and browsing experience.

Hostel Facilities :

Around 2500 every month. , If you get leave of more than 7 days then there will be a concession on the fee. Though the most of the students here are from far place all around the kerala. Everyone choose to stay in hostal.

Alumni/Alumna :

They all have been very helpful. At times teachers weren't around seniors do take classes and conduct us , there is 7 yrs of seniority here ,they teach us the games , helps with academic doubts , help us in every situation.

Admission :

First of all you have to register online on Calicut University website, they update notification regarding it. , Pay exam by postal or through sbi online banking system on through Akshaya e centee. You will notification in your mobile number about the date of the exam and venue , give exam and physical test. Each test contain 50 marks each. , Then ranklist will put on Calicut University website

Faculty :

They are polite ,not everyone got the NET exam some of them are here by year's. The ground for physical activity is not all good to use.We need more Coaches for specific games , and infrastructure too.

6.0 out of 10
6.0/10Social Life
6.0/10Campus Life
6.0/10Hostel Life