Pragnya Prusty's Review On Institute Of Health Sciences - [IHS], Bhubaneswar

9.7 /10

Remarks :

I can write so much about this college because what I'm today is because of the Institute of Health Sciences. 1. The best thing about Infrastructure - It is a "Resort" for peaceful Education and Evidence based treatment facilities for the Patients. - It's surrounding is purely natural with very less touch of modern Infrastructure as it gives the sense of Park to the Patients and their families. IHS doesn't make them feel as if it is a HOSPITAL. - Classrooms are the best. I saw modern classrooms with 4 ACs around in other institutions, But I saw Open classrooms here with big-big windows giving us the view of the greenery of farms and river which make the mind stable of every student. - Since the 1st day, when I joined, I accepted that my Patients need peace and good treatment, not a modern building to show off. And I learnt that this place is the best place for the Rehabilitation course. There can be no personal points of dissatisfaction to infrastructure because we are here to Serve Patients.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I learnt that if you want to serve Patients, it is not always important to go for Mbbs. Rehabilitation field needs professionals. Disability field needs doctors Specialized for them. And I say, It is a great honour if you can make a person speak, Hear and walk who never thought of speaking, Hearing and walking due to his conditions. Serving the special kids like children with Autism, Down's Syndrome etc can really give you self-satisfaction. I studied Subjects related to Hearing assessment and management along with Speech Language area. Additional subjects like Electronics and Indian constitution helped me to understand the basics of hearing aids and Schemes and laws for Disability respectively. Environmental studies in the final year helped me to know the effects of the environment on Hearing and, Voice and speech. Research and Statistics subject helped me to reach NASA International competition by my Research. What else I need if I got so much of respect from the field and college.

Internships Opportunities :

-Monthly 10k stipend till 12 months during internship -Best Hearing Aid companies , Hospitals and Speech Therapy Centres -I did my internship in the most reputed organizations of the country- DRDO Delhi, ISRO Bangalore, DEBEL Bangalore, CIMS Chattisgarh and Vestibular Clinic Bangalore. - I did a project on Vestibular Sciences which was selected in an International Competition by NASA. -My projects are in the process of patent. - I published 5 research papers in National and International Journals.

Placement Experience :

-There can be no objection regarding this statement that even before campus selection, we are already offered jobs from the places where we do our internships. They offer us to join there after completing our course. In campus selection also many of us gets the job or else if someone wants to continue in other Hospitals..we are free to opt. -The best companies of Hearing Aids, Hospitals like AMRI have recruited our students after internship postings. -Yes, I am a burning example. I do work with a start-up and have my own innovations with ongoing patentship processes. -This is a good thing that many of our alumni help us to get placed at the best Hospitals by references.

Campus Life :

-The best memories in my life are from Institute of Health Sciences. "Empathy" The foundation day, The name itself is so positive to bring Everyone together to celebrate the acceptance of the Differently abled to the society. -Extra-ordinary Students and Faculties are awarded on this day - The library is the place where I spent my summer vacation by cancelling my holidays. Good number of books, Not only subjective but also journals for students with research minds. - As I said earlier, Classrooms are Natural. We have categorised Presentation classrooms with projectors, Normal lecture classrooms, Open classrooms for Practicals. - Department rooms are available and well sanitized for Patient observations. - Practical sessions are taken in the clinic area classrooms after patient observation. - Facebook - Incredible IHS has the pictures of its nature healing surrounding.

Hostel Facilities :

-24 Hours security and warden in girls hostel with emergency facilities.(3 warden for 3 floors) - Food is something that we need to adjust,as it is a blunt truth that flavours change regionally. If I'm a South Indian, I can't expect proper south Indian flavour in Gujrat. We get Odiya food well cooked. -Best thing is the batch can decide menu, No restrictions on that, Menu can be changed every month. -If you are a student with a zeal to do something good and study hard..then hostel is the best option. Because you will have guidance over there. You can talk to hostel administration to enrol. Hostel is big with a good room size 3 bedded.

Interview Experience :

Yes, Before admission I went through the Interview. Professionals were the panelists and ask several questions about How can I serve people? What ways I will prefer serving them? Why am I going for this field.

9.7 out of 10
10.0/10Campus Life
10.0/10Hostel Life

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6.8 /10

Placement Experience :

From 4th semester after completing 6 months internship in the college children can opt for personal intership in their own choice or the college have its tied up hospitals agencies for said. After completing the year student are eligible for the job. Intership fees range from 80000 to 20000 month Amd starting salaries can be 50000 per month I am opting for the master degree after this in malsp The college has 99% placements

7 /10 placement
7 /10 college
8 /10 course
6 /10 hostel
6 /10 internship
7 /10 campus life

Remarks :

One of the best college in eastern india. With very experienced faculty

8 /10 faculty
6 /10 placement
6 /10 social life
5 /10 course
8 /10 hostel
8 /10 campus life

Remarks :

It's positive point is its cost for treatment. A poor person also can afford this. We care each patient. Here rich and poor person treated equally manner. Negative point is its far from town situated in a village area.

9 /10 faculty
8 /10 placement
10 /10 social life
8 /10 course
6 /10 hostel
9 /10 campus life
10.0 /10

Placement Experience :

College is of 21 years , every single student got placement with good package. Wot else is expected. It's more than expected.

10 /10 college
10 /10 course
10 /10 internship
10 /10 campus life
8.2 /10

Remarks :

Too far from main city and problems in transportation and connectivity

10 /10 faculty
8 /10 placement
7 /10 social life
8 /10 course
7 /10 hostel
9 /10 campus life