I am an DENTAL MECHANICS who is going to design smiles for a happy face

7.0 /10

Remarks :

Positive remarks like the college is very comfortable for the new one as in very few days you can get familiar in it. Sometimes there is a problem regarding facilities in college but college try to solve that as son as possible

Course Curriculum Overview :

There are 2 semester in a year in which you must need to score as you can possible. But more than that you must be more perfect in practicals because in future everything is depends on your practical work

Placement Experience :

There are minimum job opportunities but if your practical work is good enough then you don't need to do a job. You can settle down buy doing your own lab business. There are many labs available in which you can do a job for your more practice

College Events :

There are many days celebrated in college related to dentistry. Each year the 3rd year organising bacth is holding the annual program event in which every students enjoy the programme and also take part in the event. Sports are also celebrated in fun

Fee Structure And Facilities :

If someone is really interested to work in dentistry feild then it is feasible. But the college allow you to paybthe fee in 3 steps in a year or you can talk with the principal how you can adjust the fee.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

In my dental mechanical field we don't have any scholarships or loan facility but the college allow you to pay the fee as you are possible in year step by step. But till now there's no need for taking a loan in this field

Campus Life :

There are many activities celebrated in college like sports and college events. Many departmental workshops are done in college. Many camps are held in villages for awareness in dentistry. Each and every student can participate in the workshops

Alumni/Alumna :

According to my experience senior are much friendly with the juniors as you are getting a proper guidance from them. There are no interaction with them as there are treating you as a good friend. They never misbehave with you

Admission :

I came to know about this college from my relatives. The admission process is simple as you must need to be science student after 12th in which you should be having PCB group. If any one is really interested for a bright future one must try

Faculty :

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7.0 out of 10
8.0/10Social Life
8.0/10Campus Life
5.0/10Hostel Life