8.8 /10

Remarks :

No beacuse my college is a best college in thw world ans also it allows you to learn much from there also it is and also it is pretty much good in front of their and also it will be also pretty much infrastructured

Course Curriculum Overview :

Course is a bit tough one and Exam are Through Onlinr Till f4 out of 13 and after that its completly written and 50 per of the marks are compulsory to passs the examination and you will Have to Prepare well for it

Placement Experience :

Job oppurtunitys are very high Ove there and This course offers you jobs over 180 countries in the world thats a spectacular offrr an acca studnts can get acca is a flexible course and it offers variety of speculations to ones whose studying it

College Events :

My college celebrates every event as a festival and also it hives wings to studnts for celebration and Mny Other purposes And It also Gives Many Other coaching and Extra classes to everyone and it also does it

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Totaly 300000 for me to study complete course and whem we complete it we will get that money back in 2 years or less actualy acca is a pretty course which instead offers many facilities for the people

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Simson scholarship is the only scholarship which offers acca studnts the immilanity to study beacuse it allows to study freely for all students who get above 80 % for first 3 papers it also offers good scholarship for most

Campus Life :

Sports labs education labs chemistry labs all are welly safustucated and enthusiasticaly occupied with highky educated facultys and also Its just freakenly spoken to timespless to everyone this world beacuse acca is a entirely diffenrent course

Hostel Facilities :

Hostel are too expemsive for people who are opting for hostel beacuse im a ernakulam based studnt and which makes living there tough is very difficult amd also It is Too tough to live over there with low amount hostel amount is 5000 / month

Alumni/Alumna :

Yes they are vry helpfull to everyone juniord and they are also the best senios out there they can help us in ebvry stragic outstand of an expledd tomarous fact it also allows everyone to and also it allows you to expell from there as it is very helpfull

Admission :

First I went Their And Asked For form and They give me a form and i filed It Up and Then I Went their once again And i Paid fees their And I got Admission Their college has a fantastic atmospherr and Its Absuletly fablose over there

Faculty :

Faculty in the college are pretty good and everyone over there are pretty supportive wise and also Give us motivation on the basis of exam Amd gives Us Good classes and also Teaches Us Well In all Aspects

8.8 out of 10
8.0/10Social Life
9.0/10Campus Life
9.0/10Hostel Life