Aizawl Theological College-[ATC]

BATCH : 2021

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Updated on 28, Jun 2020

ATC, Aizawl

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    The college I am currently am provides sponsorship to all most all the students pursuing their studies in the college. In addition to that the college fees are very reasonable even for a middle class student with hostel facilities as well equipped library. The students need not worry much about financial problems, the college has set up 3 categories of sponsorship which have really help students like me to persue my masters which is One of the main reason why I opted for the college. Another is the faculty, most of the lectures have their completed their P.hd from abroad and are well know as well, to be taught by them is indeed a previleged.

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    The hostel facility for both men and women are provided. Most students are allocated single room, the college provides all the necessities for hostel rooms so teh students are lighten from the burden. Majority of the students are provided hostel accommodation unless one is married, if so s/he can opt to stay in quarters or in hostel.

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    The campus has a basketball court, a football field, a badminton court to motivate the students to keep up with physical activities. The college library is one of the fastest growing libraries, with related materials of all the departments for masters studies in theology of teh offered subjects. The student have the freedom to use the computers available in the library which are connected with ebooks facilities and WiFi is available for all to use in the library. The library consists of 3 floors, cubicles are put in so each student can have their own space to do their works, the 2nd floor is the stack floor where book, articles, newspaper, journals are kept and the last is the archive where thesis, old question papers and other documents are kept. All in all the library is quite functional.

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    The curriculum varies to a number of degree, the course are often updated to link with the current issues of the society helping the students to relate more. Like I have said before the faculty is one of the reasons, to mention one or two will be I justice to the work of all the outstanding lectures of the college. Everyone is doing their best in their own way to help the students.

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    The college does organise different events in accordance with the college calendar like foundation day, sports, social concerns nights. The student take majority of the role in organising and the smooth flow of teh event under the guidance of teh faculties.


    90%or more of the students are on sponsorship provided by the college. Most of the students who opt for the college seeks financial assistance from college. The college offers 3 categories of sponsorship. The first is a full sponsorship, the second pays about 15, 000 of the total 33, 000 and the third category around 17or 18,000. Most students are provided with the second category. The college at the time of entrance exam also does conduct interviews where the college authorities and faculty ask the students whether they wants sponsorship. For another wanting to avail the sponsorship can easy apply for it at the time of submission of college form where a section is left particularly for filling up the sponsorship form.