9.7 /10

Remarks :

No bad marks remarks about My college. All facilities are good and nice

Course Curriculum Overview :

Yes the curriculum provides the specific and clear knowledge of French language and it’s culture. When I first joined college I don’t know anything about French but now I’m able to tell people about France culture and civilisation. I’m also able to communicate in French

Placement Experience :

They are many companies who come to our college and hire students. Recently amazon has come to our college and interviewed few students and they got hired

College Events :

We also do many skits in our auditorium and along with that we also discuss about culture and civilisation of France.i really like how ou encourages students in every aspect. We also have student parliament in my college. They have unity in diversity. We also take stand for any kind pf student issues and fight for them

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Aprx 4500per course. It’s very affordable. For junior diploma it’s 3200 for registration and tution fee and 900 for exam fee. Although it may change every year accordingly. But still it is very affordable for everyone. It is a great opportunity for students to earn so much and such a good course at Lowe fees

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

No I didn’t opt for any kind of scholarship because there aren’t no scholarships listed for junior diploma

Campus Life :

The campus life is very nice. I like my college answer I would recommend it to eveyone as well and the faculty is good and the facilities are nice. The course knowledge Is very good. If you are not clear with the syllabus you can opt for extra class with professors and they don’t hesitate at all

Hostel Facilities :

No I didn’t opt for hostel facility in my college because I’m a localite and I don’t see any need of opting for an hostel. I travel to college from my home by myself. But some of friends stay at campus hotel and they said it has very nice amendments

Alumni/Alumna :

The seniors are very respectful to us. There is no place for bullying or harassment at our college. They always take a stand for us whenever we need them and also help us fight for our rights.

Admission :

I chose ou because it has very good faculty and the professors are very experienced and the courses are affordable. Anyone can come and join for the course. There are no age restrictions and fees restrictions. The course fees are also very less and affordable

Faculty :

The faculty is really good. We have 2 hour class evryday from 7-9. They explain very well and they also offer Good course material which Ian very clear and informative. My professors is very good at explaining. He explains very clearly and with no doubts

9.7 out of 10
10.0/10Social Life
8.0/10Campus Life
10.0/10Hostel Life


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