Great opportunity

6.7 /10

Remarks :

College management is good they are supportive also there is no issue for that you enjoy it.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Yes extra curriculum activities are provided by the college and it is a great time to me part of team. Mostly college is in favour of this type of activities and students also enjoyed learning in a particular way. You get see most of site realted to your branch.

Placement Experience :

College placement is good through out year there are more than 150 companies arrived in a year. Mostly companies are for CS and electronics and mechanical.depend of companies what they want from a fresher 65% marks is compulsory without backs log.

College Events :

Fresher party all time favourite and various national level tech fest are organised. culture events are also followed. Navdhara is one of most popular tech fest in n the College. gaming compatition, varioues sport competition,rodies as well as fashion show are also organised

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Feasible fess structure less than most of Highly hope college also there is no any extra additional fees required to make addmission in a course. Yearly fees can paid in two terms and u can deposit cash or pay through online both system are available.yes college provide transparency in fee break down.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Yes scholarship exam are conducted in the time of admission if you able to secure good mark you will have to get good discount in your fees and also you can get direct benefits from state leve scholarship.

Campus Life :

Gender ratio are between 30:70. there is no such thing happened in college tolerance regards gender,religion and sexual orientation & economic status all are equal and they treat like that. Various party is organised throughout year specially who are living in hostel they enjoy the environment.

Hostel Facilities :

Yes only in first year then I move out.because most of students don't like the food at that time but now there is a new canteen is constructed which provides great food in term of quality. The new canteen is automatic and self service is available you can eat much you want. Now food quality is improved so much.

Alumni/Alumna :

Yes senior are really helpful.and supportive of if you comparative with them. If you need any information regarding exam subject quaries you can direct asked to your senior they are really glad to help you.

Admission :

I opt for civil engineering course it is the best course is term of academics. The fee is my factor that made to choose this institution also the college is came under well known university of Uttrakhand UTU. And also the environment is neat and clean.

Faculty :

Faculty are highly qualified and we'll known for there support. They are mosty 30-40 year age and some are more older.most facilities are from well known institutes like NIT and IIT. Some facilities are really good in a particular subject it's really pleasing to learn from them.

6.7 out of 10
8.0/10Social Life
7.0/10Campus Life
6.0/10Hostel Life

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7.8 /10

Placement Experience :

The students become eligible for campus placements after the 6th semester. Xebia, IBM are some of the companies that have ties with UPES and come for placements every year. Adobe, Microsoft, Infosys, Wipro are few other names that visited for placements. The highest package ranges to around 18-24 LPA. 98% of students get placed according to the university. For now, I am planning to secure a good job after the degree.

7 /10 placement
7 /10 college
9 /10 course
8 /10 campus life
9.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

As the university has one of the greatest placements throughout the country in the petroleum field so I opted for the following course. The Teacher to student ratio is 9:1; teachers are helpful for academics as well as professional things. Most of the facility holds the degree of the doctorate in their field and also has great work experiences in their field. Exams are conducted two times in a semester and the rest are internals which is conducted throughout the semester. If students focus on what teachers teach in classes and can easily pass the semester examinations.

9 /10 college
9 /10 course
9 /10 campus life
6.2 /10

Placement Experience :

Placements in GKV are average In mechanical branch very less students get placement. From 8th-semester students become eligible for placements. Many big and small companies come here to placed students in companies like Wipro, Gail, and Infosys, etc The highest package was offered 8 LPA, the average package is 4 LPA, and the Lowest package was 2.5 LPA. In the mechanical branch around 10% of students getting placements but in CSE around 50% of students getting placements. My plans after getting the degree are to pursue my higher studies and I want to do M.Tech in automobile engineering.

5 /10 placement
6 /10 college
7 /10 course
5 /10 internship
8 /10 campus life
10.0 /10

Placement Experience :

Lots of companies visit the college on a regular basis and student get placed. Avg package is a minimum of 3 LPA and the highest is approx 15 lakhs. Placement cell also aware students of internships and training.

10 /10 placement
10 /10 college
10 /10 course
10 /10 hostel
10 /10 internship
10 /10 campus life
8.3 /10

Placement Experience :

The placements here are good and the student present in the 3rd year is eligible to take part in campus recruitment drive. The maximum package of college last year was 18lpa. I can surely say you are going to get a good package.

8 /10 placement
8 /10 college
8 /10 course
9 /10 hostel
8 /10 internship
9 /10 campus life
5.3 /10

Placement Experience :

From 4 to year student become eligible for the campus placement. There are many companies visited in the college but the placement is done on the very low package. Around 70 % of the students get package around 1-3 LPA. My plans after getting a degree will be to give the gate.

6 /10 placement
4 /10 college
7 /10 course
4 /10 hostel
4 /10 internship
7 /10 campus life
4.3 /10

Placement Experience :

Students become eligible after the 5th semester to be able to apply for college placements. 5-6 companies visit every year for college placements but most companies don't offer good jobs. Around 75% of the students get placements from college campuses. My plans are to apply to big companies like Google or Amazon via gate exam or MTech.

7 /10 placement
5 /10 college
5 /10 course
3 /10 hostel
2 /10 internship
4 /10 campus life

Remarks :

I don't have any negative views about my college. It was such a nice experience to be in the college. Our college have such a nice learning environment and it leads to overall development of the students but it have to work just on the placement facilities.

8 /10 faculty
5 /10 placement
8 /10 social life
9 /10 course
8 /10 hostel
8 /10 campus life

Remarks :

Average college comes under tier 3 Infrastructure is good

5 /10 faculty
5 /10 placement
5 /10 social life
8 /10 course
3 /10 hostel
9 /10 campus life
4.3 /10

Remarks :

The College provide very good placement for management students like for marketing and sales. But there are no serious placement for B.Tech, were they suggest technical students to join management company. In terms of teaching the faculty are qualified but there is regular changes in faculties so there is very less interaction between teacher and students. The practical labs are very less used for students as compared to used for online examination purpose for outsider. They are various cultural technical celebration in our College but they charges money from students who don't even participate also. College infrastructure is very good as compared to other Colleges at dehradun. But I recommended not to take admission in this College.

4 /10 faculty
3 /10 placement
3 /10 social life
5 /10 course
3 /10 hostel
8 /10 campus life

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