Extra ordinary College Experience

6.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

There are regular classes and 2 in week physical sessions there for practical work and all. And Teachers and professors are good but there is a problem in college management so that is an issue with college. And if students regular in classes they learn and they were good at placement.

Placement Experience :

According to college, there is no placement and if there is some company coming so they choose only 4-5% students of there course, so college not good in placement.

College Events :

College manages to hold most of every month there is program ya summit, and in year 2 cultural program apart from farewell and fresher party. And in the cultural program last time "Hema Malini, Bollywood dream girl comes and before that there is Jammu & Kashmir "Rajaypal" attend the program. Os there is a big program every year.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fee structure is good and fully transparent. There are no additional fees after the full fee payment, so this is good. There are exam fees, and may be examination fees are there mentioned. And the exam is only 1000-1100 something so it is not bad. And after admissions, there are no such extra fees.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Who passed 12th standard Above 85% gets 50%off in their fees, Those girls who passed 12th standard above 75% gets a full scholarship. According to me, that's it

Campus Life :

The gender ratio is something like 70-30, if 70 is boys then 30 is for girls. And there is a good lab and other activity. College is good in yearly function/farewell party/fresher party. And in the sports department, there is yearly sports week and some good players in sports are also going for inter-university sports every year. Students come from most of part of our India so student diversity and culture is good in a campus environment.

Hostel Facilities :

About the hostel, there is 2 in 1. Means 1 room and 2 students and there is a first come first basis. And hostel fees are most cases 50,000/year for a single student. All rooms have Air water Coller for Summer and an attached bathroom for every room. And there are dining facilities for other activities, tv or hostel meetings.

Alumni/Alumna :

Alumni and college senior experience with college good, nothing bad about but there is so many students and senior are around college so most of are friendly and good experience.

Admission :

One of my friends recommended me this college. There is so simple experience just go to the admissions department and tell them what you want and after that, they assist you accordingly and smoothly so there are no hick-ups. There are 3-4 staff members who are only to help students with their admissions.

Faculty :

Yes, College lecturers experience if you regular then there is good and you got good knowledge according to the subject, in Practical sessions, there is good industry experience as well. And in my course there is loot if things are practical, Yoga is all about physical touch and experience, that's the way of learning yoga.

6.0 out of 10
8.0/10Social Life
8.0/10Campus Life
7.0/10Hostel Life

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8.2 /10

Remarks :

College is good seniors are good till the elections and professers are also very supers in their field but the administration is not good bcoz all administrator staaf is over 50 so they always irritatated forom the students nd they did nt does their work properly

8 /10 faculty
9 /10 placement
8 /10 social life
9 /10 course
7 /10 hostel
8 /10 campus life