Perfect college

9.0 /10

Remarks :

My college is in such way that no one can file a complaint on it. My college is best at anything.

Course Curriculum Overview :

If a student is istread in any field. Related to that field if he concerd any lecture he or she Could have a nice and perfect carrier. Based on the feild he could get benefits. Such as if he is istrestd in business. The capital required for him can be given by government.

Placement Experience :

Placements from our college will have a huge opportunity for many students. Many multinational compinies will come to us to take up the students whome they need.

College Events :

Once in a year we will celebrate annual day including all cources. And we will donate blood to a blood bank. We will celebrate various legends birthdays as a remarkable day such as sir srinivas ramanujun day as mathematics day. And many more elese.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

My college will not accept any net banking or mobile banking methods. Only fee can be payable in cash mode. And no computerised bill will be give. Only hand written bill given. And every student has to extra fee for building fund and for breakage.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

I opted the scholarship given by our Andhra Pradesh government named. Jagan anna vidya deevana.

Campus Life :

For every course in my college there will be thrice classes in a week depending on labs. My college is best in participating in social activities. U can make a survey from Gajuwaka colleges my college will be top. Better and best. We have a well defined library also. And a peaceful play ground.

Alumni/Alumna :

My seniors will be first at any event. either it is organised by self or from external. I got good supports as my seniors.

Admission :

My college has limited seats for any course. Because my college is the best in around Gajuwaka. After getting 12th class results we need to go to the college premises. And need select the group which we are suitable. If we address the college after the time.

Faculty :

There are upto 10 maths facuilty 2 for Stastics 5 for computer science 3 for different languages 2 for physics And there are upto 80 faculty members in our college which include extra circular activities. All of us have huge and great respect towards to them and our college.

9.0 out of 10
10.0/10Social Life