BGES College Review, Best College in Kolkata

8.3 /10

Remarks :

Every thing is good about it. It has been expanding recently, with addition of new courses and departments.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Very good faculty with a lot of experience. The atmosphere will give you an experience of activities apart from general studies. You can showcase your talents and pursue your passion at this college.

Placement Experience :

I dont have much of an idea, I didn't sit for campus placements. .

College Events :

The best college festival in the city is conducted by BGES College. Annual excursion, even foreign trips are arranged. Participation in all major college level competitions.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Expensive compared to other commerce colleges of the town. 5 times more fee than a Govt. owned commerce college in kolkata.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

No I didn't. College do offer sports scholarship for anyone who has played district level sports.

Campus Life :

Very chilled life, an equal number of male-female students, very encouraging for sports, fashion designing, music, dance, and related fields.

Hostel Facilities :

No I didn't opt for hostel because there is no hostel.

Admission :

It was very simple, online form download and submission of the 12th mark sheet, got in the merit list.

Faculty :

Very good faculty experienced profeesors. Most of them are members of the Calcutta University faculty. Practical knowledge will be given apart from theoretical knowledge.

8.3 out of 10
10.0/10Social Life

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10.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I am planning for an MBA which wasn't confirmed and a Bachelorette of commerce is a basic degree one must obtain plus I am also looking out to be a ca so I felt B.Com is the best option I can choose. Faculty is very nice by nature and teachings are good too students who attend are every attentive mostly having good joyful time like every class but do consider teachers present and their teachings. Teachers are highly qualified and well understanding and are great teachers. There are many types of exams in college namely. • class exams are done weekly • college exams are done once a month • internal every 6 month • presentation every semester • and external by CU

10 /10 college
10 /10 course
10 /10 campus life
9.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The college is best known and famous for its commerce department in the entire city and my sister was also BCOM pass out from the same college and she told me to take admission here as the teachers, especially of the department, are very much experienced and skilled one. Coming to the terminal examination of BCOM honors in accounting and finance is the exams which are conducted by the college are little bit tough compared to the university one but yes tough one is better for you, as you will get to know properly how much you are prepared and lastly the paper evaluation method is also good teachers gives you mark accordingly without any partiality.

9 /10 college
9 /10 course
9 /10 campus life
7.8 /10

Remarks :

Our college is one of the best commerce college in West bengal. It has many opportunities and various social clubs. The fees is very low as it is totally government college. Good marks is only the criteria for admission.

Admission :

It depends on the cut offs. Board marks matters.

9 /10 faculty
7 /10 placement
9 /10 social life
9 /10 course
6 /10 hostel
7 /10 campus life
3.0 /10

Admission :

At firts we fill wp the from of admission for this college in online.then go to post office for give the payment of challan. Then at the particular date mentioned by college authority We go to the college for check the list of selected students. Then I search my name in the list And I selected in the college.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course I leran is accountancy honours.the teacher teach us how to be professional.and the good thing is we try to understand what the professor want to do. The government college of durgapur maara aria is the most popular college in West bangal.

2 /10 faculty
1 /10 placement
5 /10 social life
1 /10 course
6 /10 hostel
3 /10 campus life
8.2 /10

Remarks :

Great awesome, creating difference with a purpose by making graduation more interesting by adding more quality to the platter. Graduation would be so interesting no one ever thaught. The Heritage college is the best upcoming college in Kolkata.

9 /10 faculty
8 /10 placement
9 /10 social life
9 /10 course
7 /10 hostel
7 /10 campus life
8.8 /10

Remarks :

The college management no doubts very helpful. Any time they are ready to help us out in every difficult circumstance.

9 /10 faculty
9 /10 placement
9 /10 social life
9 /10 course
8 /10 hostel
9 /10 campus life
5.2 /10

Remarks :

I have Choosen this college to just get a degree. This college is mostly joined for getting a Degree.You can see many students getting admission in this college and not coming to college,they just prepare for CA,CS,etc.

9 /10 faculty
1 /10 placement
8 /10 social life
8 /10 course
2 /10 hostel
3 /10 campus life
5.8 /10

Remarks :

My honest remarks would be positive about my college. The academic facilities provided are really good. The staff behaviours is good. The classrooms are neat and clean. The teachers are friendly and helpful also

6 /10 faculty
5 /10 placement
6 /10 social life
7 /10 course
4 /10 hostel
7 /10 campus life
3.7 /10

Remarks :

When my admission process compleated then i join this college my college name is siliguri college of commerce still three i studied in this college sucess fully i am belonging from sc catagory thatswhy i got scholarship from govertment of West bengal?

5 /10 faculty
5 /10 placement
1 /10 social life
5 /10 course
1 /10 hostel
5 /10 campus life
3.8 /10

Remarks :

The positive side is that the fees is low and is situated in the area easily accessible. But the faculty is nkt that good neither the infrastructure is. The building are too old and also the classroom in veey bad condition.

3 /10 faculty
1 /10 placement
5 /10 social life
6 /10 course
4 /10 hostel
4 /10 campus life

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