Siddharth Roy's Review On St. Xavier's College, Mumbai

8.8 /10

Remarks :

It is one of the most renowned colleges not only in India but around the world. It has a beautiful architecture and the history associated with the college is immense. Also the placements from the college are one of the best in the country.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Bms at St. Xavier’s college is one of the most renowned courses in India. The faculty is one of the best one could ask for. The study material and course map is extensive which gives valuable knowledge and practical application of that knowledge which is very different than any other college throughout the country.

Placement Experience :

All the top companies are called and they too are highly eager to meet and select students from the college.

College Events :

The college places a lot of emphasis on extra curricular activities for students and has a committee that makes it compulsory for students to participate and achieve a particular number of points in extra curricular activities throughout their degree. There are a lot of fears that happen throughout the year and each department have their own fests.

Campus Life :

The campus was built in 1859 making it one of the oldest colleges in India. It has beautiful British architecture and has an aura of history attached to it. The library has books that date back to 1400’s and updated to the latest modern publications. There isn’t a lot of sport facilities. The canteen provides a vast selection of meals from different cuisines. The network signal is terrible.

8.8 out of 10
9.0/10Social Life
9.0/10Campus Life
5.0/10Hostel Life

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7.6 /10

Placement Experience :

After final exams we used to get selected for campus placement we used to get selected by our grooming, talking, behavior, and our way of interview. My first interview was at Tech India Engineers and I was selected on the first attempt. Well, they offered me 16000 per month in 6 months I got increament of 20000. It depends on how they perform in Mock Interview.

6 /10 placement
5 /10 college
10 /10 course
10 /10 internship
7 /10 campus life
7.4 /10

Placement Experience :

From 7th semester students become eligible for placement our college call many companies huge companies many of them get internship many get jobs some get small some get big there is a lot of fun while placement interviews they called very big companies like h&m, max, Zara, Prada, nick, Adidas, off white, etc. Fifty percent of the students get placements. I am planning to open my own business after my degree.

6 /10 placement
8 /10 college
6 /10 course
7 /10 internship
10 /10 campus life
2.3 /10

Remarks :

College management only cares about the money. In conclusion don't take admission in my college. Plz try other private colleges and even there take detailed review from a former student.

Admission :

I scored terrible in the entrance examination but still it had the course I wanted and college was within my merit. We have online admission process where we list 15 colleges from our preference order wise and then a college is allotted according to our merit. After my college is allotted I had do the formal form filling and fee payment by visiting the college.

5 /10 faculty
1 /10 placement
1 /10 social life
8.3 /10

Admission :

I applied for the campus going M.Sc as I wanted to enjoy the college life little more.There were no interviews or entrance exam taken for the selection,it was just on the marks of B.Sc. As I had good GPA my admission was little much confirmed from the first day

Placement Experience :

Companies such as Vivo,Max Stock,ESR India,Tata,RBS, Michelin were there during my interview time. They alloted me on the basis of my skills, performance in the internship,and even the academic marks. Salary started from 25 thousands

8 /10 faculty
9 /10 placement
8 /10 social life
8.2 /10

Remarks :

Institute not only focuses on knowledge but physical health also.

8 /10 faculty
7 /10 placement
9 /10 social life
8 /10 course
9 /10 hostel
8 /10 campus life
10.0 /10

Remarks :

College is very good Staff is well experienced The discipline is the main point of college college campus is with natural beauty and And for daily needs there is an tuck shop at a near by distance.

10 /10 faculty
10 /10 placement
10 /10 social life
10 /10 course
10 /10 hostel
10 /10 campus life
7.5 /10

Remarks :

College is not very good , but it is Top Ranked Private College in Konkan ! Academically it needs to improve very much ! The faculty staffs needs to be more experienced ! Good college if you are a sportsperson & also if you have interest in other cultural activities :-)

5 /10 faculty
7 /10 placement
9 /10 social life
8 /10 course
6 /10 hostel
10 /10 campus life

Remarks :

Faculty are good.they solve u r problem and most importantly they provide good guidance about. career 1or 2 faculty are not good.they compare you to other but others are so good they help u in industrial knowledge and give u good reference

7 /10 faculty
8 /10 placement
10 /10 social life
7 /10 course
8 /10 hostel
7 /10 campus life
4.2 /10

Remarks :

Management was so so but the teachers were extremely dedicated and devoted to the pursuit of education and students welfare. Gratitude is one word which fills my heart when I remember my alma mater.

5 /10 faculty
4 /10 placement
5 /10 social life
5 /10 course
3 /10 hostel
3 /10 campus life
5.2 /10

Entrance Preview :

Psychology because this college ranked 3rd for arts in mumbai Had heard a lot regardng this college and somaiya ranked 3rd and was going to become autonomous.

Placement Experience :

Bad with arts faculty we had no placements secondly we were not exposed to the subject fully companies did not come not did any workshops took place in college.

1 /10 faculty
1 /10 placement
7 /10 social life
5 /10 course
7 /10 hostel
10 /10 campus life

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