NILESH ASNANI's Review On Indian Institute Of Management - [IIM], Indore

9.3 /10

Entrance Preview :

I appeared in RAT (Research Aptitutde Test) exam. My score was 90 percentile. I am interested in the operations management filed so I joined this course.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum is excellent and rigorous. It totally focused on research. It includes literature review, seminal article on the previous research. It also includes case studies of the problems of the various industry which offers a good ground for learning.

Internships Opportunities :

No. It doesn't provide internship. It provides stipend to FPM students. FPM is a doctoral course of four years duration.

Placement Experience :

For FPM students there are no placement organized by IIM. However, It is a very reputed course and students can join a faculty position in any college in India or abroad after the completion of the course. Good research publications are required for getting a faculty position in a reputed business schools.

College Events :

Many events are celebrated in our college. The prominent one are IIM research conference, TeD Talk, Workshops, Seminars, Talk by distinguished businessman around the globe.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

There is no fee for FPM course. Free Lodging boarding is provided by Institute. Stipend of Rs. 27000/- per month are provided for first two years. After two years, there is a comprehensive exam and after passing that exam, stipend of Rs. 33000/- per month are provided for third and fourth years to each FPM student.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

As already discussed, stipend is provided to each FPM student. Apart from this, other scholarships are also offered which are domain specific.

Campus Life :

Campus offers numerous facilities to students- sports facilities for Table Tennis, badminton, Gym, swimming pool. There is two auditorium in the campus. A movie hall is also there in which each Saturday, a new movie is screened. Gender ratio is biased towards male.

Hostel Facilities :

Hostel facilities and mess food are excellent. I would rate it 9 out of 10. There are two types of hostel room- Single rooms for bachelors and married accommodation. Married accommodation is 2 BHK and given on the nominal fee Rs. 2000/- per month to married students.

Alumni/Alumna :

FPM students maintain alumni network and seniors are very helpful in guiding the junior student in their career progression.

Exam Structure :

Exams are usually open book and tends to check the research aptitude of the students. It also includes Term paper submission at the end of the course. All term papers are checked in turnitin software for authenticity. Novelty and originality of the ideas are preferred.

Faculty :

Faculties are well qualified and expert in their area. All faculties are PhD. from the best institutes of India and Abroad. Some faculties have done their Post-Doc also. They have published many articles in the reputed international journals. Overall, faculties are excellent.

9.3 out of 10
9.0/10Social Life
10.0/10Campus Life
9.0/10Hostel Life


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