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Sudarshan Das

Arya Vidyapeeth College - [AVC]

PURSUED First Year
BATCH : 2017

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Updated on 08, Nov 2016

AVC, Guwahati

  • 8.5/10Ratings


    The wifi network is very weak. Need a strong wifi connection. Pure water facility, somehow, creates a big problem. Unlike these, all are found yo be very very good.


    First of all, I'll like to say that was a student of Bajali College, Pathsala-781325. I completed my Bechelore degree in Mathematics there. After the announcement of results, I have applied for my higher degree at Gauhati University and Arya Vidyapeeth college. I unfortunately, I was not eligible to join Gauhati University. And finally I chose Arya Vidyapeeth college, as it is also the best one, which offer master degree in mathematics. Here, I was selected based on our B.Sc. marks.


    We have to give only the Admission fee, library fee, labs fee, student unit fee, Exam fee. The other fee are given by the government. The college is a government college, so we don't have to give any money as tution fee. Only for some special annual semener, we have to give the fee. Students also collect fee oueself to welcome the new students, to celebrate the freshers day.

  • 10 /10Ratings


    There are many placement services. After passing the degree anyone can apply for APSC, IPSC, RAILWAY, NET, SLET exam. Many of the students from this college passed such exams every year. So, We can say that the job oprtunity and placement is guarantted. There are many semeners about this subject held every year.


    Whole the course are conducted under Gauhati University. As the rules, mentioned for admission, students are selected based on there latest Bechelore degree examination marks. But, there may also student applied for admission from other University, and they have to appear in a written test for availing there seet. There are only 40 seet for mathematics and only 30 seet for Chemistry. There are also some extra rules of seet reservation for the Backward classes students, like Schedule Tribes(ST), Other backward class(OBC) etc. There are 10 percent seet reserved for ST students, 5 percent for ST students, 20 percent for OBC and the other seet for the General Category Students.

  • 6/10Ratings


    Hostels facility is better. Each room clean and clear. Water facility, food are very good. Student can enjoy free wifi there. A capacityo of 200 students are there its mentiinable that the wifi connection is very poor. so students need a strong connection. The soup and morning breakfast are well. Bathroom and toilets are also clear and clean special playground for the hostel students also exists. They enjoyed too much.


    The senior students are very well, they shared their experience with us, give us very usefull suggestion. But, in the first day, they enjoyed with us, asking our address, hobby etc.

  • 10 /10Ratings


    Basically I am very happy to be there as a M.Sc. student. The teachers lacturs are very satisfied. Extra knowledges are also given there at. Semener syster is very well. I am rully satisfied. And all the course offered by the college are well and the teachers are well trained. A very good college.

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    The male female student ratio is often medium 50-50 many kind of Workshop, like Students Aids Program, Job placement learning Program are hold in our college. There also also some extra program offer by iur college. such as NCC, NSS etc. Students of various religion and cast united in our college. All are united and helped each other. There are no any sexual problem, and to stop this a very good orientation program held economically, the college is not so reach or poor too there are some facilities required.


    The course is a two year course including 4 semester. We are also practiced for computer programming. The computer lab is very good. A nice placed to create some extra programming ourself. After pasding the cousrse. student can proceed themself for Ph.D, M.Phill degree. Examination comibnation is written test and a practical of computer programming. Student have to create some basic and alternate programming in the practical examination.

  • 8 /10Ratings


    Master in Science, a very high level course. After passing the degree, a student may applied for NET, SLET examination. After passing them, they are allowed to be a College Lacturarer or proffesor. The course is a two year course belonging 4 semester. From Algebra, Tensor to Mechanics part, all are studied there. A very good course.

  • 10 /10Ratings


    Yes. Some programs held annualy here. The IAF and Indian navy also come here to give the clear information, eligibility, training about them. In the month on August, 2016, The IAF also came there, they give the students about the selection procedure , eligibility, selary, and training faculity.


    Our colleges offers many kind of high paying scholarship basically for the ST, ST, OBC and the talented students. There are also a unit which offers a annual loan system for the poor students. Also they can availed free studying facility here.

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Yousuf ChoudhuryMaster of Surgery [MS] (E.N.T.)Pursued Second Year
BATCH : 2018

Silchar Medical College - [SMC], Silchar


Happy part of my life.

Remarks -

College management , administration is a bit annoying, arrogant. They are not helpful to the students.

Entrance Preview -

Assam medical Post-graduate entrance examination 2015, Rank- 135 marks 223 out of 300. I opted for this particular college because it gives lots of opportunities to the post graduate students to operate and take decisions.

4/10food & accom
8/10social life