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Rishi Broto Chakraborty

AMC Engineering College - [AMC]

BATCH : 2013

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Updated on 20, Mar 2017

AMC, Bangalore

  • 4.8/10Ratings


    Money was the answer to every issue in the college, Whether, it was increasing your internal marks in the disguise of a fourth internal or compensating for low attendance, everything could be sorted out with money. This resulted in the students to focus less on the studies as they knew at the end it would all be the same if they can pay a couple of bucks. The college should stop turning education into business to increase their own profits. Whenever I remember the old days, the bachmates gave me good memories, the college never did.


    Appeared for COMEDK entrance examination in the year 2009. Scored 59 marks and got a rank of 18109. Didn't have much idea about colleges in Bangalore. I wanted to opt for Computer Science Engineering. Was advised by a friend to select this college as, according to him, this was the best option available.based on my rank and course choice.


    As per the facilities provided in the college, the fees is too expensive. The college charged us annually INR 1,25,000 for tuition fees, INR 1500 for internet, INR 11,000 for sports, library and laboratory and INR 1,000 for placement training. The college charged us for WiFi and Smart access cards separately which were not provided to us anytime during our college. The class rooms didn't even had a fan. Apart from the hot summers, this wasn't a problem though, considering the weather conditions at Bangalore.The class rooms still rely on traditional blackboard level education and were not smart-class enabled. If a topic was to be covered using presentations, we had to set up a white screen and get a projector from the laboratory to get the topic covered. Making those arrangements killed most of the time. Laboratories were OK. Library had too less the number of books than required.

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    The placement and training cell of the college was very pathetic! Computer Science and other related branches were a bit lucky as they got a chance to appear for at least one company of the related stream - Infosys and one in a pool campus in a different college - Microsoft. The other streams didn't get a single company of their related stream. The college used to bring tech support and consultancies for placements - jobs that are available in bulk on various job portals. Those are the jobs an engineering student will never expect in on-campus placements. Students were forced to attend those placement sessions. Further, the placement cell charged Rs. 3000 for every appointment letter a student got via on-campus placements, regardless of the company and the nature of job.

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    Hostel facilities were too bad of the college. The college didn't have any girls hostel until very late. The hostel too lacks the basic security necessities as required in a girls hostel. One hostel room was of the size of one cell of 8 berths in a sleeper class of a coach in Indian Railways, which was shared by 2 people. The hostel rooms didn't have any attached toilet or bathrooms. Every floor of the boys hostel had 15 rooms with 4 toilets and bathrooms on each floor. This causes too much waiting queue early morning when the entire hostel inmates are getting ready for college. There were no separate facilities for laundry. Mess food in the hostel was horrible for north Indians. The college didn't have a north Indian cook to adhere to the basic needs of the north indian students who were paying thrice the fees compared to a local student. As a result, many students move out of the hostel after the first year. Some students even have to spend on food outside where north Indian cuisines were available despite paying the price for the same to the hostel for the entire year.


    Regardless of the caste, creed, hometown, culture, diversity, there was a strong alumni network. Even after 4 years of being passed out from college, yet the batch mates, who are currently working in different parts of the country, are still connected via different means. Similarly, there has not been a single year when even the college faculties have not wished me on my birthday or any other achievements in my life.The same applies to our seniors. Those students, who could secure a job through on-campus placements, received extensive support from the seniors. Through company referrals and networks, they ensured that most of the remaining can secure a job for themselves. Even throughout the course, the seniors played an active role in mentoring us by focusing on the do'd and don'ts. Seniors were compassionate enough not to conduct any ragging, rather, made it a fun-filled event which brings a smile on our face rather than scaring us whenever we remember those moments.

  • 7 /10Ratings


    Faculty was moderately good. Teaching was mostly done from the examination point of view and not much to improve the skill of the student. Had a bit of difficulty with the English accent of some of the teachers. However, there were a couple of teachers who were really good with the subjects, were helpful and truly respected by most of the students.

  • 7 /10Ratings


    Despite the lacking on the college part, life in the college was good.Every birthday were celebrated. Even students who didn't stay in the college could join as there were no restrictions on the college part, at least not followed. Gender ratio was approx. 2 girls to 3 boys. The teacher to student ratio was 1:45. As previously mentioned, the extracurricular activities were conducted on a grand scale. Apart from a couple of south Indians, most of them accept north Indians with open arms. The better part is there are no political involvement in education in those colleges. There are no student unions. Both the human genders are looked upon with the same equality. Same goes with economically backward students. Whichever department conducted any workshop to improve soft skills, students of all departments are asked to invite. There was always a feel of unity among all the branches.


    The schedule was too exam-oriented as well. Each semester had 3 internal examinations, out of which the average of the best 2 were chosen, followed by the university examinations. On an average, after every 3 weeks, an exam session got conducted in the college. This results in very less time for a student to focus on the skill sets and forces to think only from the examination view point.

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    The course curriculum was well-oriented. Right from the third year, there were a number of choices for elective subjects which every candidate could choose on their own. However, in this college, the management used to decide which elective subject to teach in each semester. If any student wanted to opt for a different elective subject, they were allowed to do so, on the condition that they have to study the subject themselves as the college lacks faculty to teach the subject.

  • 7 /10Ratings


    College does not provide any internship. If a student wants to pursue internship, he/she might approach any company and if selected, the student may pursue the engineering. However, the college rules were against pursuing any internships. A student pursuing a 3 months internship (standard course) would be granted just a 5 percent attendance consideration. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the attendance of the student will definitely be below the cutoff and the student will be forced to pay excess fine for the same or risk losing a semester.

  • 7 /10Ratings


    The college had a number of events. if it's not the time for exams in the college, then it's definitely an event time. Apart from the college's "Annual Day" celebration, each department conducts it's own department fests. The college sponsors only the annual day celebrations, with negligible contributions for the department fests. The students had to find sponsors for those events. However, the students always managed to conduct those events on a grand scale. Those events always had a blend of technical events, sports, cultural and western events etc.The college even charges the students for their own graduation/farewell ceremony. If a student wants to join the annual alumni meeting, the student has to pay the college for the same.


    The college doesn't have any exclusive scholarship or loan offers available. Using the fees structure of the college along with other necessary documents, a student can opt for education loan as per the normal banking procedures. Scholarships are available to poor students of Karnataka domicile as per the norms specified by the Karnataka state government from time to time.

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Campus placement

Remarks -

The management needs to improve extra curriculum activities.

Entrance Preview -

I had appeared for comedk. Comedk score got me admission into this college. It is an autonomous institution.

4/10food & accom
7/10social life

Remarks -

Good college and fee structure is awsom, playground is available and its faculty is much better. I completed my degree in the same college only. really i missed those day.

Entrance Preview -

JEE, CAT, comdk, while going to interview while joining the college, they asked me many question like why do you want to join this college, what is your aim. What will you do for your country, tell me something about bangalore.

7/10food & accom
10/10social life


Awesome college experience

Remarks -

To be honest, I had made many contacts with people in the fashion industry during my trainee ship programme only! I already had a job offer in my hand even before I had finished my course.

Entrance Preview -

I took Karnataka entrance test n I got 23897 rank. it was near to my place n college reputation was good, so that's why i took this college.

6/10food & accom
8/10social life

Pratham PatilBachelor of Engineering [BE] (Industrial & Production Engineering)Pursued Fourth Year 2017 - 2018,

B.V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering & Technology - [BVBCET], Hubli

Entrance Preview -

I came to this college through comed-k exam. My score was 30146. I opted this college because of the teaching staff and it is the only good college near by my locality so this reason made me to opt this college.

Placement -

Yes, here it comes placement and job opportunity is very excellent in our college when compared with our locality or surrounding 100 km area it is very beneficial for information science, computer science, electronic & communication students and for mechanical related branches the jobs or placement or less as the outside market for mechanical related jobs is very very less.

8/10food & accom
7/10social life

Asif Iqbal K ABachelor of Engineering [BE] (Computer Science and Software Engineering)Batch : 2004,

Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology - [AIT], Bangalore

Entrance Preview -

Karnataka Common Entrance Test(CET), Rank: 1300. This was best option at my Rank and it was Govt aided college.

6/10food & accom
6/10social life

Roshan ZameerBachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electronics & Communication Engineering)Batch : 2016,

Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Bangalore

Entrance Preview -

I took up KCET competitive exam and secured a rank of 13000. I had the idea of taking up E&C as I could opt for a job in the field of Electronics or Computers as well. In 2010 the college had a decent rank of 20 amongst all the colleges in Bangalore. It was far off the city but nearer to my home.

3/10food & accom
1/10social life


Not Recommended

Remarks -

If u are from out of Bangalore then don't join this college.this much i can say.

Entrance Preview -

I had given JEE and got good rank but my parents suggested me to pursue my engineering from Bangalore(as job opportunity is more here).So I came down to Bangalore and took up this college suggested by my relatives for my BTech.

1/10food & accom
1/10social life

SUMIT GUPTABachelor of Engineering [BE] (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)Pursued First Year 2017 - 2018,

R V College of Engineering-[RVCE], Bangalore

Entrance Preview -

I took COMED-K Entrance exam and secured 746 Rank. I Opted this college because i came to know that RVCE is the best engineering college that a student can get through COMED-K.

10/10food & accom
9/10social life


My experience of be civil 4years in my college

Remarks -

Good green environment and good bus facility all over the cities and near to city and hostel fees are less and campus is libral

Entrance Preview -

CET exam, score =17000k, because of my home place as i was not able to go out of my leaving place,so its near and good college.

2/10food & accom
3/10social life