Unexpected inspiration

Remarks :

Yeah, they was no time mannes to the management in the periods and but the classes and topics was covered by the time and summarized. It's fine

Entrance Preview :

first I felt this college was very far away from my home.then,they were provided a separate bus to us.i satisfied and come to my records I was felt happy that. As usual, I gotta score as I expected.finally satisfied for this score

Course Curriculum Overview :

Yeah, come To the main point they were good In knowledge and they were helping to enhanced the students knowledge.in the course of diploma it generally occurred in the localities for only the branch of mechanical engineers. Then we were easily grab the subject.so it was better

Internships Opportunities :

In my college according to the b.tech course there was lot of internship to my college.it was fine to the students.because of if they do not selected but some students gain some experienced about the interview in college

Placement Experience :

There were number of companies came to my college Job opportunities provided in case of that students should clear their subjects as they gotta selected any one company in the number of companies.so,the placements was good. Companies: 1. Wipro 2. Mahindra tech 3. Infyosis 4. Polaris 5. Capgemini 6. Microsoft 7. SRCE solutions There were lots of companies visited but I don't have any idea about it.

College Events :

Any student was only waiting for the events and extra curricular activities.we were satisfied about it.we were joined in every activity in provided in my college as they possible maximum numbers were participated. So, we were enjoyed about the events

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Yeah, the fees was very feasible to me as sure I lot of satisfied about fee structure.because of there two different students in my college they were coming from counseling and management students.the management students was some amount of struggles faced by the fees. According to the course by the process of administration, fees were fine.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

yes there was good scholarship to the students.the scholarships had got the students in time. They were provided best sequence manner.because student doesn't suffered from the fees and scholarships.so,it was good

Campus Life :

There was no comparison of religion diversity in the college they were all treated as the childrens in college.the competition was very tuf number of students participated in extracurricular activities.they were invented very interested facts in the college and participated as a group.

Hostel Facilities :

I was gave 5 star rating to the mess and as well as hostel facilities.it was very clean they were provided separate beds in the separate rooms and current facilities was fine there was no unwanted occurances from the current and water facilities. So it was very better as compare with other colleges

Alumni/Alumna :

Yeah, they were helpful to the juniors in the college because they gotta experience about the subject. They were teaches as the faculty and the seniors most important to juniors in helping each other.

Admission :

Yeah, actually I was got this college in counseling.i was applied lot of colleges in the counseling process.as I applied as favor to me (ex. Near to home) and it's better to me.administeration done properly and one thing I observed that lot of students joined in that college.so choose that..

Faculty :

While, in the course the faculty was excellent in the as teaching in proper manner and they had lot of knowledge.i was observed how they were teaching.so, they were provided only experienced faculty.so,there was no tension for that reason.Many students satisfied

4.5 out of 10
5.0/10Social Life
5.0/10Campus Life
5.0/10Hostel Life