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Tanumita Das



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -I feel the course curriculum for CSE was appropriate and very well taught till the third year or 6th semester. The seventh semester artificial intelligence wasn't well taught in class. The eighth semester subjects seemed irrelevant according to CSE. Overall the first and second semesters comprising of all the subjects are good and useful to the students.

  • Faculty -Faculty was very good in the first and second semesters. Moushumi Bhattacharya who taught us C and java was my favourite teacher. Electronics laboratory facilities were also good All the laboratory faculty members were supportive and helpful Computer architecture was well taught Unix was well taught

  • Exam Structure -Exams were well conducted and invigilation was also good. Exams were not that frequent but i remember we were asked to give class tests and themarks were added in our semester marks. Lab exams used to happen at times before the semester lab exams in order to prepare us for the semester.

Deepak Kumar



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -There was some excellent faculties in college, but most of them are not. there are few IIMs passout faculties were also there, but you can understand being a graduate from IIM and doing a job of faculty in Group C college than it is showing something by himself. there are some other faculties also who are good. they have better skills and knowledge in the subjects they teach. some guest faculties were also good, but you can understand the meaning of guest faculties. overall i can rate it as a 2....

  • Course Curriculum -It was good, but it should be more practical. there are some subjects in which they have proper syllabus, but in most of the times they don't. but overall you can rate as a 3 out of 5, means it was good. there are numerous subjects which could be one and they should focus on more knowledge of that particular subject. they have quarter system of examination, means in every three months you have to change your subject and have to give the final examination and there was at least 12 papers in one ...

  • Placement -Not good,most of the companies come with openings which is not even suited to a normal graduate students, and for us where we have paid a fees of 7 lacs it was not even 1 out of 5. some good companies are also come but they have not selected any students or selected 1 or 2 students. 50% of them placed but 90% of them are below than the annual package of Rs. 3 LPA. Barclays 3.6 lacs, No selection, HDFC 3 Lacs 10 selection, Justdial 6 Lacs no selection.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -I took LAWCET entrance exam, Knowing about our laws are important and I am passionate to become a professional,which made me to choose the course.

  • Exam Structure -There two semester in an year ,after writing exam we have viva for every exam,totally in five years we have 10 semesters.

  • Placement -No, college don't have conduct campus selections but we have many opportunities to explore.

Yash Kulshreshtha



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Campus life at NSIT is unique and it will give you so many opportunities to develop yourself. So many fests events competition give you excellent exposure. Gender ratio is low as it is an engineering college in which taking admission is not an easy task. I think gender ratio is 1 girl per 6 boys. Yeah fair enough than IIT's there are no political activities in the college which is the best thing. Though 85% seats are reserved for delhi students but those delhi students are also from all over co...

  • Entrance Preview -JEE-Mains is the exam through which I took admission. I scored 192 marks out of 360 and got AIR 2231. The reason behind choosing this college over some top NIT's like surathkal, allahabad, Warangal is the placement record and reputation of the college. It is possible that u may hear it's name for 1st time but NSIT has excellent reputation among companies. One more thing which I considered is that this college is situated in delhi so it would give me more exposure. And yes 85% seats in NSIT are r...

  • Course Curriculum -Syllabus of NSIT is the best engineering syllabus among all engineering colleges in India. SYLLABUS is even better than IIT's. It is choice based credit system which is an international system adopted by universities like Harward, Oxford, Yells, MIT etc. Though study structure is not research oriented. Syllabus in NSIT is updated in 2016 and choice based credit system is introced for the first time in engineering college in India. For further details one can visit website of NSIT and more prefer...

Harish kumar



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Campus life is very good total students who are presenting the campus is about 6000 and sports activities are great and other cultural programs parties orientation program economic status is good there are many workshops in the campus like automobile, civil engg workshops and mainly audi workshop is present in the college it is a plus point of the college because it is one lab and workshop in all over the india for college students specialy.

  • Placement -Very low means very short type of placements provide by the college because it does not have any type of bonding with the national and international companies Very low means very short type of placements provide by the college because it does not have any type of bonding with the national and international companies.

  • Faculty -Faculty is not much good but as college and students level faculty is good for all particular courses physics, chemistry, maths, civil, automobile, computer science environmental science and English and other faculty sre present in the college all faculty see qualified with repetitive college.

Sarvagya Bhargava



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -More than 90% students got placed last year and placements were really very good. Companies which come to DTU are Amazon, Flipkart, codenation, Adobe, Google, epic, Samsung, Thorogh good, Hike, paytm, Expedia and many more. Google offered a whooping package of 1.27 core to a student from IT batch. Epic offered 70 lakhs to 11 students. Goldman Sachs offered 28 lakhs. The average package is around 10-12 lakhs.

  • Entrance Preview -I gave a number of entrance exams like jee mains, jee advanced, bitsat, vitee. Admissions in DTU are based on your score in JEE mains score and board percentage in which I got 174 marks and 94.8% respectively. Although I gave satisfactory performances in other exams too I chose DTU because other than studies it gives you the opportunity and environment to develop socially too.

  • Fees -The fee structure has increased this year but still it is quite feasible as compared to that of other colleges. My total tuition fees for college is approximately Rs.6,00,000 for four years (just the fees for studying).While hostel fees is Rs.50,000 per year which is quite satisfactory.

Shaswat Kumar Mohanty



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -Animation course has vast facilities in today's generation. We learn about 2D, 3D, visual effects etc which are usually used in animation films and other films. We use adobe photo shop for editing pictures, we use Adobe illustrator to make certain web layouts, we use Adobe In design to a create an E-book or a magazine.

  • Scholarship -Most Banks in the country offer attractive education loans for students. For the benefit of prospective students at AMITY, we have tied up with premier nationalised banks Oriental Bank of Commerce and Allahabad Bank. Both banks give the following advantages to students applying to AMITY.

  • Placement -Our college is providing good placements in those couple of years. Companies like microsoft, ndtv etc are coming to take the students who has got that potential. almost 80% of our college students get placed through our college. The min package offer was 15000 per month as a fresher.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -We celebrate Pongal Festival, Diwali Festival, College day Festival, Sports day Festival, Department Function, Annual day Festival, Pooja Festival, Tamil new year, Inaugration of every clubs. All functions are compiled with dance, singing, Drama, speech, Debate and small events.

  • Fees -Fees structure was very low as it was a government college. Yearly we will pay only 10,000 They ill not get extra money from you. They also give many scholarships to the students. We can study with less tension about financial requirements needed for college.

  • Course Curriculum -Our staffs guided us very well. there is no classes like ug, we should go to the college or library to take notes of our curriculum. We are left freely to do our projects and we can publish it in annexure 2 journals and we can claim the amount in college.

deepak choubey



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Events -College celebrate fresher's party, teachers day, annual function, freshers party and many more.

  • Entrance Preview -I took BHU because I love to be a professional thats why i choose this college.

  • Placement -Placement is very good and all students get good packages in good MNC companies.

Shravan Kumar



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Campus Life is excellent with lot of courses offered here to all students and students benbenefited lot through college. Lot of knowledge and information along with sports. no gender inequality,no ragging,no harassment.

  • Fees -Fee is reasonable to all students especially forback ward class people fee reimbursement provided to all students based on different section of community whose father income is less than 1 lakh annually.

  • Events -Prerna and lot of management related events as well as cultural events and subject oriented program system and many more. Every student participated in at least one program whichis benefit to them.

Sathisha T

B.SC PURSUED 2016 - 2017


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -To my college,naac reacredited a grade and also ugc sponcered college with potential for exalence recently college got "autonomous".

  • Internship -First i told something about my self,and next my project.

  • Entrance Preview -Now currently i take a competative exam sda.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -Hooghly Institute of Technology College (HIT), is a Government Poly technique institute. From students view, this is the best poly technique college of Hooghly. The faculties are very good and co-operative. The college management is very strict. There is a well maintained library. This library also has an adjacent study room. Library card is valid not only for the course duration, but also 1 year after passed out.

  • Placement -From this college thousands after thousands students were placed. The companies like L & T, Ambuja, CTS ect came to campus. The companies are directly offered nothing primarily.

  • Faculty -The faculties from the universities like Jadavpur, North Bengal etc. Faculties are quite helpful and attentive too.

David Lalremruot



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Fees -Talking about fees, Shillong college is one of the most affordable college in the state for the common people like us. This is one of the many reasons i like about it.The fee structure is feasible. Its not expensive like other colleges. I have opted for BSc course. For the first year I had to pay thirty thousand and for the next two years, fifteen thousand each for an year. So basically its not that expensive. And there is no extra or hidden things to be paid. We get a receipt to after thQuestio...

  • Course Curriculum -Average. The course provides the basic knowledge for research and futher studies. With chemistry and maths as an elective, its the perfect combination for research and being a SCIENCE student.The Physics Concentration is a flexible program for students who plan to pursue technical or professional careers in areas requiring a sound grounding in physical science and mathematics. Students can use the concentration to prepare for employment immediately upon graduation or for continuing on to graduat...

  • Events -1. College Week - It is organised by the Student's body on the concent of College authoritues. It us the time when all the students longed for. Different sports items-indoors and outdoors are organised and played for a week,as the name suggest. The most interesting part of this Week is Saturday,the last day or "Rose Day",when all students dressed in formal dresses exchanged rosea and gifts with their Romeos or Juliets.2. Teachers Day - Organised by senior students. Gifts were presented to teache...




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Fees -Fees once paid are not refundable under any circumstances. But If a student is seriously ill then their fees can be transferred to the next semester. Per Semester fees are 75,000 and Admission fee is 10,000.

  • Campus Life -IMS Business school is having 2 storeyed building on 10,000 sqft(approx). Our Institution has well-equipped lecture theatres, Updated library, computer labs, auditorium etc.

  • Entrance Preview -The members of Governing body never conducts Entrance test. But students are required to possess a valid MAT/ CAT/ XAT score in order to be eligible for the MBA course.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -I had seen many of my Seniors got placement from our Institute. Top IT recruiters and top management recruiters from different Industries come here for recruitment with good compensation.

  • Entrance Preview -Governing body of our college do not conduct any online entrance examination for MHM admission.I was an English Graduate. For MHM Graduation with English subject is compulsory.

  • Course Curriculum -Course Curriculum is designed for 2 years. Per year there are 2 exams. It is based on the semester.Our Curriculum was very vast.Difficult to finish the whole course in time.


B.TECH PURSUED 2nd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -The Faculty is not so good, an average rating I give for faculty section. The faculty members do not teach beyond the syllabus and are limited only to theoretical concepts. Being a CS student, I was not satisfied with the theoretical knowledge. I expect the technical knowledge for my faculty instead of the theoretical knowledge.

  • Exam Structure -The exams tests theoretical as well as practical knowledge of students. The questions in the exam are from the syllabus that is covered in the class. The books and topics of a particular subject are described in the course scheme which is on the college site.

  • Entrance Preview -The university admission was based on my higher secondary marks. Since I secured 85.5% in my higher secondary. The college provided me with a good scholarship. The university also provides scholarships and other financial aids to the students.


M.SC PURSUED 1st year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -Campus life was completely in awesome with the student's academic progress. Students were not allowed to crowd here and there or in the corridor. Politics were never allowed inside the campus. Extra curricular activities were all healthy.

  • Placement -Job opportunities are asusual which depend more on the students quality. All of the batch mates are now well settled but not through college placement cell as in those years for our course placement was rare

  • Faculty -Faculty delivered lectures excellently and maintained the standard the library facilities were 100% utilized by all the students and students prepare their notes by themselves.




Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -Almost all of the faculty are very well qualified, and all of the professors are PhD from premier universities and colleges across the world. Tough, I personally feel that the faculty for computer science are more in sync with the current industry trends, the other engineering faculties lack this thing.

  • Course Curriculum -The course curriculum was very detailed. Though many of the courses were interesting and of practical importance, some courses were redundant. Curriculum should be shortened, so that students can focus more on specific area. Computer sciences courses were very well organised.

  • Campus Life -Every student looks forward to it after high school. Leaving home for further studies and going to college is an all-new experience. You will be exploring a totally new place, making new friends and having the best time of your life. BU is the dream of every student.


BE/B.TECH PURSUED 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -The one thing that I want to share about my college is the amount of freedom it gives you to pursue whatever you like. Although we have a 75% requirement of attendance, we can manage it while doing the things we like. They are very understanding in all ways be it late payment of fees due to any personal problems or granting scholarships to students or the faculty writing the letter of requirements for the students who want to pursue their masters in the US. The environment is very peaceful, with...

  • Placement -The placements are good. In fact, last year, the placement percentage was almost 100%. So if you manage to get the minimum pointer with knowledge, placement is guaranteed. We do get companies like Wipro, Accenture, Dee Shaw, JP Morgan and many more. Last year, the highest pay was 20 lakh and the basic packages are 3.5-4 lakhs.

  • Events -Every year, department wise annual fest. Many programs for students. Work shops or training session for staff. Students have been participating in state as well as national level competitions. Have been participating in debate on politics. Have been participating in all over India oral ability test.

Ashima Verma



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -B.EL.ED curriculum focuses on holistic development of its student. The curriculum provides opportunity to apply the theories by giving opportunities to teach in year first third and fourth year(whole year). Also students can choose topics to research on and make a detailed analysis. We have different workshops which consist development workshop planning workshops and subjects like psychology gender and schooling and school planning.Curriculum provides scope of discussion,research work, field tri...

  • Faculty -A lot of teachers are involved with NCERT AND curriculum planning so they possess a lot of experience which they are willing to share.Some are teaching and doing their PHD in education.The staff is sufficient for and qualified for the course.They take initiatives to arrange workshops for their particular subject.It feels great to see that they are independent to decide how to teach a particular concept in class.

  • Exam Structure -The projects field work and internship were very hectic and demanded a tough schedule.Exams are also tough but nothing compared to the field work.The classes starts at 8:30 in the morning till 4 in the evening.Sometimes it is extended till 5 or 6 leaving students exhausted.The exams for our course are held annualy.We do not have a semesters however we do have house exams but they are optional.