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Kashish saxena

BA(H) ECONOMICS PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -Initially, I was aiming a career in Law so I was preparing for CLAT. However, after my mock test, I became skeptical of my admission. Moreover, I scored decent marks in my senior secondary examination hence I decided to pursue a course in Economics from Delhi University. Initially, I git admission in Satyavati college but later in the following cut-off list, my marks were at the oar to get admission in Ramjas. However, modus operandi of the admission process is complicated and time-consuming. Th...

  • Exam Structure -The Economics Department of Ramjas college is indeed infamous for its difficulty level of internal. As the teachers are committed towards their work, they do expect the same commitment from their students. The internals is based on the understanding of subject matter and marking is done at our university standard. However, this doesn't imply that it is impossible to score good marks. If the student has deep understanding of the course (which is imperative for a course like Economics) then he/she...

  • Campus Life -Well, the venue is spacious and airy. The Eco-Lawn which once used to be the pride of Economics Department is currently ripped apart because of renovation work but I would soon be returned to its glories. Also because of centennial celebration a lot of renovation work has been done which includes construction of Amphitheatre and rebuilding of college Auditorium.


B.TECH PURSUED 4th year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Remarks -In the category of the private college in western Delhi and northwestern NCR Pdm college of engineering is good among all.

  • Placement -Internships and placements opportunities are not that much, the college has to improve over that.

  • Entrance Preview -I opt for this college because I did not qualified for other good clg Easy admissions process

Abhishek Prasad



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -I took WBJEE Exam for admission in this college. Same procedure as jee mains and advance. You have to fill the WBJEE form.

  • Placement -College doesn't bring one company for internship. Placements are there for only software companies.

  • Fees -Yeah, it is much cheaper than the other Engineering Colleges in India.

Ashok Kumar Yadav

ECE PURSUED 2nd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum and analog system....I always wanted to know how the world is working digitally yo so much's quite fascinating.

  • Events -For every college annual fest is a festival and here at DSCSDEC individual talents rock the event and make it a memorable day

  • Placement -I will keep it campusing is much more than the placement via companies visiting the college

Alok kumar Dubey

B.TECH PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -I'm a B.Tech student from the mechanical engineering department. I think my college needs to improve in developing skills of students, management should always look for the benefit of students irrespective of the department

  • Exam Structure -Questions are generally asked from the previous year's question paper and what is being taught in the class. Yes we get result on time

  • Faculty -Mechanical faculties are excellent all have persuaded their graduation from Jadavpur University and they are supportive too


BCA BATCH : 2015


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -Manpreet, he has an amazing life experience. Perfect mentor as per me. Good communication skill with attractive personality.

  • Course Curriculum -IT fundamental and all computer subjects were taught perfectly by faculty and good teaching method. Modern teaching method

  • Remarks -Placement and internship opportunities were not there for to enhance the skill. And some students are not in adherence

Cynthia Gomes

BA(H) PSYCHOLOGY PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -My entrance exam was based on a general knowledge of social science subjects specifically psychology sociology and political science. I decided to opt for this college because of its extravagant infrastructure and its enormous face value. My admission process included an entrance exam after which the selected candidates were asked to come and do certain formalities to be able to confirm admission. My experience was really good because the office staff were very helpful and had given clear instru...

  • Events -We have an educational fair called Talimi Mela where all departments showcase their course-specific skills also a cultural event takes place simultaneously that includes singing dancing theatre and mushaira. We also have an annual university fest called mirages where colleges from across the country come to participate. Apart from that many departments, centers, and faculties have their individual fests

  • Course Curriculum -"My course is basically focusing on various aspects of human psychology where we learn about disorders organizational behavior psychometric test construction how to conduct researches and tabulate data and so on and so forth. The only thing I would like to change is the way of teaching I would personally want a more interactive and visual form of learning"

Kavita Arora

MCA PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -Teacher mainly focuses on the syllabus but not focus on the extra curriculum activity seriously.For the improvement, we should give at least 1project in a group of 3 to 4 in every semester so that we can learn practically on a particular language.Then after present the project in front of others.

  • Remarks -"-The college is very good in terms of faculty and infrastructure -But need a practical approach(Projects not assignment) in terms of studies -Provide a society which gives the session on placement terms like technical, Interview mocks and Soft Skills "

  • Entrance Preview -The entrance exam is not very tough to crack the good college.This college is good in terms of faculty members and the environment. It's was just good

Rajeev pal

MCA PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Faculty -All facilities are very helpful. But our new appointed recruitment head (ms. Mitanshi Rastogi) she is not helpful. At last our Dean sir Dr. Vinay Kumar(Retired Director NIC) he has a great personality and very very helpful. They never talk to the student as a head of the institution. Very friendly nature he has. Deserves applaud.

  • Placement -"If you talk about internships and placements only those students get opportunity who are doing duties of teachers like 1. Caring notebooks from teachers table to classrooms 2.Who do teachers work."

  • Entrance Preview -I had given CET entrance test and get this college through online counseling. Admission process was online and it was good experience from side

Rohan Sharma

B.TECH PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -My course is btech from electronic n communication, my favorite Subjects are microprocessor, control system n principle of communication n I want to increase my practical knowledge in these fields.

  • Entrance Preview -I took jee mains n usee n I got a good rank to n I chose this college because it had a high record of placement n great reviews. It was quite easy u can opt for both through UPSEE or direct.

  • Exam Structure -It is difficult for those who are not able to grasp the essence of the subjects but once ur basics are clear u can get results on time.

Ravi Kumar choubey

B.TECH PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -No matter to give this entrance exam because also direct admission facility has but good for practice entrance exam ..This is my wrong idea to come to this university ... I. Am also not suggest any student come in. Many things and difficult is there to took admission in this college but my experience was good

  • Course Curriculum -Curriculum will be great and my favorite subject is mathematics and I improved the area at compiler teachers to do good teacher in it

  • Faculty -It's very great and knowledgeable....Rakesh Chandra sir will be favorite for me...

Rahul Kumar Tiwari

B.TECH PURSUED 2nd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -Forgetting this college the aspirant has to appear in state engineering exam that is known AKTU exam (formerly UPTU). I opted this as because it has great infrastructure and labs and are equipped with essential things. After clearing the AKTU exam student have to lock his choice and in that he or she may select Rkgit as their choice and according to his/her rank the college will be awarded to him/her.

  • Placement -As I am in 2nd year so I don't have much of knowledge regarding this but I have seen many companies visit our campus like Infogain, Genpact, etc.

  • Exam Structure -Difficulty is just similar to semester exam as set up by the university it is very easy to clear all papers. And yes we get our result on time.

Arushi Rastogi

B.TECH PURSUED 3rd year 2017 - 2018


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Entrance Preview -"It was a quite different entrance exam and I managed to pass it. I opted for this college because of its high and amazing placements." Admission process started n ended in order and my experience was good.

  • Faculty -My faculty is completely awesome and incredible. My favorite teachers are Rakesh Chandra, P Durga Devi, Aditya Dev Mishra and Pankaj Sharma.

  • Course Curriculum -My course is btech CSE and it has a smooth curriculum. My favorite subjects are Automata and Digital Design.

Muskan Garg

BCA BATCH : 2011


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -The college had a very good gender ratio with almost 55:45. All the students came from different parts of the country giving us an amazing feeling of diversity. The infrastructure facilities were very good and the classrooms were equipped with latest technology equipments and high speed internet was available for all.

  • Entrance Preview -The college accepted applications from all parts of the country provided that they have atleast got 50% marks in class 12 examinations and those examinations were qualified and authorized by the government. I found the admission process to be a bit lengthy but it was very simple and management was helpful.

  • Remarks -The college has offered me a platform where I was able to truly showcase my skills after learning them. There were challenges though, but it made us very good at what we do and I'm proud to be a part of this institution. I would always recommend this college to everyone and will cherish my time spent here.

Charu Gupta

MBA BATCH : 2010


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Campus Life -The college has a very good infrastructure and has provided all the facilities to the students like high speed internet facility (WiFi), sports ground to play games and organize events and gym facilities to make themselves fit and healthy. Even the canteen was super amazing offering a lot of varieties and tasty food.

  • Events -We were always very excited about the events since they were the best part of our college life. We used to have a lot of fun and enjoyment during this period and would forget about the burden and tensions of the practicals, projects and the assignments. Tech events were always very good and amazingly organized.

  • Remarks -All the students / people looking forward to climb ladders in their career and wanting new success must surely try this course from this college. The students can be freshers or have work experience, it really doesn't matter since the teaching methodology in the college is very different and very innovative.

Lakhina Chaudhary

MBA BATCH : 2011


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -It is not easy to understand the management and its parts. So the college teaches all the basics about it during the first year and then the other parts during the second year when the student selects their field/specialization. The students are able to get proper information from the seminars and industrial visits.

  • Entrance Preview -To get admission in the college, the students can be from any stream, background and discipline and they need to have 50 % marks in class 12 and graduation. The students will also have to take group discussion rounds and personal interview rounds and get the better results overall to qualify admission process.

  • Placement -The students are provided with a one week training modular program where they are taught all about the recruitment process of the companies coming in and they are prepared by mock interviews also. The purpose of the placement cell is to get all the students a very good pay packages with additional benefits.

Ajitesh Biswas

BCA BATCH : 2015


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Internship -The internship was good. I had a pretty great experience in learning about the industry and meeting new people and making new connections was very exciting and fruitful. The duration of the internship program is 2 to 3 months and the students get a stipend of Rs3000 per month for the whole internship period.

  • Alumni/Alumna -The students can seek out alumni if they wanted to create new connections in the industry. Connecting with the alumni was not hard for us since they were easily to be contacted through a phone call, email or a post on the forum of the college website. They were friendly and used to understand our situations.

  • Entrance Preview -All you have to do is get 50% marks in class 12 and clear the entrance examination of the college with good marks and the college will offer you the admission letter very happily. The college is famous for its program teachings and because of this there is a high level of competition among everyone.

Nikhil Bansal

BCA BATCH : 2017


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Exam Structure -There was no bias system in examination structure and it was created keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of all the students of the college. The question paper was set by the faculties themselves so they knew better about the students abilities and it helped them create the perfect examination for all.

  • Faculty -The faculties taught us that the codes and designs are the ways to express yourself and one must do it with a lot of creativity and patience. We were involved in a lot of activities that would help us in bringing out the true abilities in ourselves. The faculties were very good and friendly to all of us.

  • Remarks -I always wanted to learn how to code and design in computers and was always updated with the latest ongoing culture and trends in the industry. My main focus was to learn all about it and start my own company and launch a lot of new and innovative products that would simplify the life of everyone.

Raju Srivastava

MBA BATCH : 2011


Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Placement -The placement officer was very strict and used to check the past records of students as well as their attendance records. Students unable to fulfill the basic minimum criteria were not allowed to sit in the placement week and has to suffer their own consequences. The college management would support placement cell for this activity.

  • Course Curriculum -The curriculum helps the students to develop certain skills that will help them provide new information to the industry and learn from them as well. The course was designed by the researchers after dedicating a lot of efforts and time and investing a lot of knowledge so that the students gets the best lesson plan and curriculum.

  • Internship -The internship helped me in recognizing my true strengths and abilities and this made me select the right specialization/field for myself. During the internship, the manager were very friendly and always explained us whenever we do something wrong. They would guide us so that we achieve the better results next time.

Akshay Jangle



Student Satisfaction Rating

  • Course Curriculum -This course offers a lot of information and knowledge to the learner with the hands-on-skills and training & development experience in SAP Enterprise Resource planning in sales and distribution. The professionals join this course for 5 weeks to learn about planning the resources optimally for the betterment of the organization.

  • Remarks -I was very lucky to enroll myself in this course and very happy that the company I work with was so supportive in offering us the free support of the fees payment. The company makes sure that their employees get to learn and grow their personality from time to time so that they are able to set and achieve new targets.

  • Faculty -The faculty teaching such courses has their fair share of experience in the industry and knows very well the importance of it in the daily life of an employee. They makes sure that the candidate understands the curriculum properly and that they are able to find their true skill and abilities through this course.