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    Collegedunia $150 Scholarship Program

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    Collegedunia $150 scholarship program

    Collegedunia $150 scholarship program will financially support up to 3,000 Indian students seeking a Diploma, Bachelor’s, or Master's program in any discipline. The scholarship is valid for Collegedunia’s partner universities in Canada, USA, UK or Australia.

    • Each scholarship recipient will be awarded $150.
    • Scholarship applications must be processed via Collegedunia.
    • Counseling and application services provided by Collegedunia are free.
    • Earn a referral bonus of $50.

    The selection process and post-award administration are carried out at the institutional level by Collegedunia.

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    Scholarship TypeMerit-Based
    Offered byCorporate
    Application DeadlineN/A
    No. of Scholarships3000
    RenewabilityOne Time Payment
    International Students EligibleYes
    Scholarship Website Link abroad9_99/?source=scholarship
    Online Application Link

    Eligibility Criteria

    An eligible candidate for Collegedunia’s $150 Scholarship is the one who

    • is a citizen or a permanent resident of India;
    • has attempted TOEFL, PTE or IELTS test and obtained a minimum score of
    • has achieved 55%+ marks in the last academic qualification (12th / bachelors/ diploma)
    • has applied for full-time admission to an eligible program (Diploma, Bachelors or Masters)

    Applications must be made to COLLEGEDUNIA’s partner institutions in the USA, Canada, Australia or UK.

    Country Name No. of Partner Institutions
    USA 528
    UK 289
    Canada 118
    Australia 79

    Application Process

    Applying for the scholarship program is simple. All an applicant has to do is get his/her college application and visa application processed via Collegedunia.

    All eligible students are automatically issued a scholarship eligibility certificate after the college application process has started.

    Note: All the services provided by Collegedunia are totally free of cost for the students.

    Notification of Awards

    The award amount of $150 will be dispersed after 3 months of the course commencement date. It will be transferred to the student’s bank account.

    To receive this scholarship award, a recipient should

    • present proof of enrollment i.e College ID card or mail from official ID.
    • be enrolled in the same course and institute as selected for at the time of visa application
    • provide a genuine 100+ word review about the course and institute he/she is enrolled in. Click here for the Review Form

    Grant Details

    Referral Bonus

    Want to get a $50 bonus? Refer a friend and get his/her application processed via Collegedunia. If the person gets selected and enrolls in the institute, the bonus amount is all yours.

    • All referrals should be made via email to your assigned admission counselor.
    • Your friend should be applying for full-time admission to an eligible program (Diploma, Bachelors or Masters) at any of our partner institutions.

    The referral bonus will be released to your account after 3 months of the course commencement date of your referred friend’s course.

    Top Participating Universities

    College Name Country Name Ranking IELTS,TOEFL/GRE,GMAT
    Harvard University USA 3-QS 7.5,104/316, 730
    University of Oxford UK 1-THE 7,105/320,690
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA 1-QS 7,90/318,716
    Stanford University USA 2-QS 7,100/328,733
    California Institute of Technology (Caltech) USA 2-THE 7,104/330
    University of California, Berkeley USA 13-THE 6.5,80/322,715
    Princeton University USA 6-THE 8,108
    University of Cambridge UK 3-THE 7,110/691
    Yale University USA 8-THE 7,100/315,721
    University of Chicago USA 9-THE 7,104/726
    Columbia University USA 16-THE 7,100/310,715
    Imperial College London UK 9-QS 6.5,92/304,600
    University of Pennsylvania USA 11-THE 7,100/320,732
    University of California, Los Angeles USA 17-THE 7,87/315,713
    Johns Hopkins University USA 12-THE 7,99/600
    Cornell University USA 14-QS 7,100/310,697
    University of Washington USA 26-THE 7,92/307,688
    University College London UK 8-QS 6,92/600
    University of Toronto Canada 18-THE 6.5,100/570
    University of California, San Diego USA 31-THE 7,85/325,668
    University of Edinburgh UK 20-QS 7,100/600
    Duke University USA 20-THE 7,90/315,696
    University of California, San Francisco USA 11-QS 7,80/670
    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor USA 21-QS 7,90/320,708
    Northwestern University USA 22-THE 7,111/308,724
    University of Michigan USA 21-QS 7,90/320,670
    Washington University in St. Louis USA 52-THE 6.5,100/695
    Carnegie Mellon University USA 27-THE 7.5,102/326,620
    The University of Manchester UK 27-QS 7.5,109/630
    New York University USA 29-THE 7.5,100/720
    University of British Columbia Canada 34-THE 6.5,90/550
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill USA 54-THE 7,90/701
    King’s College London UK 33-QS 6.5,93
    Rockefeller University USA 51-QS 6.5,79
    Georgia Institute of Technology USA 38-QS 7,90/308,620
    University of Warwick UK 62-QS 7,100/650
    University of Texas at Austin USA 38-THE 6.5,79/325,702
    University of Glasgow UK 67-QS 6.5,90
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA 48-THE 6.5,79/314,650
    McMaster University Canada 72-QS 6.5,92/600
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities USA 79-THE 6.5,79/690
    McGill University Canada 35-QS 6.5,90/660
    London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) UK 27-THE 7,107/330
    University of Montreal Canada 85-THE 6.5,86/650
    University of Bristol UK 49-QS 7.5,109
    University of California, Santa Barbara USA 57-THE 7,80
    Australian National University (ANU) Australia 29-QS 6.5,80/600
    University of Melbourne Australia 32-THE 6.5,79/315,630
    The University of Sydney Australia 42-QS 7,96/630
    The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Australia 43-QS 6,90/660
    The University of Queensland (UQ) Australia 47-QS 6.5,87/550

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