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Post Degree Work Visa Options in Singapore – Work Permit, Employment Pass & S Pass

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Studying in a foreign nation is not just confined to earning a degree and coming back. Given the amount of loan we undertake for that degree, makes it all the more important to find a job in the country from where we are earning it! So the question is, what is the procedure to get a working pass in Singapore for a foreign student, if he/she is about to become a graduate and hasn’t secured a job yet?

Long Term Social Visit Pass

Start by applying for a Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTVP). This is a one-year pass which lets you stay in Singapore and search for a job. This will only be granted if you have passed from an Institute of Higher Learning (IHL). Click on the official website to check the list of all the Institutes of Higher Learning for which you will be granted Long Term Social Visit Pass. Submit the application form on e-Service website by paying a non-refundable processing fee of USD 21.68. The processing of the application form will take up to 6 weeks.

Required Documents:

  1. Certificate(s) of highest level of academic qualification obtained.
  2. Biodata page of the passport
  3. Disembarkation/ Embarkation (D/E) card
  4. Recent passport-size, digital, colour photograph (not more than three months old)
  5. Student Pass

Working Pass 

After you have obtained your Long Term Social Visit Pass you will have one year to look for a job. Once you get a job, your employer will then, apply for your working pass. Getting a working pass is mandatory for a foreign national/ non-resident for doing a job in Singapore. This pass is specific to one employer and if you switch from that company, your current working pass will stand cancelled and then the new employer will have to reapply for your it.  

Note: Apply for a LTVP 10 days before the expiry of your student pass. You must have at all the times a pass to stay in Singapore

For professionals, the working pass is of two types. Which pass you will get will depend on the type of job you are in and the salary you are making including your educational qualification, etc.

TypeForEligibility Requirements
Employment PassWorking professionals, specialists, managers, executives
  • Should have minimum monthly salary of USD 2,633
  • Required educational qualification
  • Work Experience
S PassMid – level skilled staff
  • Should have minimum monthly salary of USD 1,755
  • Required educational qualification

So, the difference between Employment Pass and S Pass is, Employment Pass is a high – class, quota free and privilege -type of working pass given to the foreigners if they secure high-paying jobs. Whereas, S Pass is for the mid – level skilled foreigners seeking employment in engineering, electronics, oil, chemical, and other industries in Singapore.

Other Types of Working Pass

There are other types of work permits and passes also. They are given to different types of foreigners who want to earn their living in Singapore. Those types are:

For Professionals

TypeEligibility Requirements
Entre PassFor entrepreneurs wanting to start and operate a new business
Personalized Employment PassFor existing Employment Pass holders or overseas foreign professionals earning high-income. PEP has more flexibility than EP

For Skilled and Semi-Skilled workers

Work Permit for Foreign WorkersFor semi-skilled foreign workers in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process and service sector

Work Permit in Singapore

It is important to note that working pass and Work Permit in Singapore are not one. Work Permit is one of the types of working pass. It is an official name of a working pass given to the foreign unskilled workers wanting seek employment in various niche industries like, construction, babysitting, services, housekeeping, marine, etc. in Singapore.

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