Reasons to Get a BBA degree from Singapore: Eligibility, Scholarship, Salaries

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    When opting for BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Singapore, the students find a workable pace and various BBA specializations, like Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Organization, etc. which provides them with some flexible choices. BBA is one of the renowned degree courses that train an individual on the aptitudes required for business management, marketing, and administration. 

    • BBA in Singapore is a 3-4 years course depending on the university of your choice.
    • The average course fee to avail of a BBA course from Singaporean Universities is around 26000 SGD/Year -28000 SGD/Year. This varies from 37,167 SGD/year (Nanyang Technological University) to 15,600 SGD/Year (Singapore Institute of Management).
    • Students need to complete their 12 years of general education with a minimum aggregate of 65% to apply for BBA in Singapore.
    • The average salary paid to a BBA graduate stands to around 8000 SGD/month.

    Why study BBA in Singapore?

    • The Singapore Government spends around 19.66% of the total expenditure on education out of which 35.28% on higher education.
    • As per QS world ranking 2020, the top 3 institutes providing BBA in Singapore are among the top 50 universities around the globe.
    • Good job opportunities as the unemployment rate are as low as 2.2%.
    • Opportunities to pursue an MBA degree after completion of a BBA course is available in many universities like National University Singapore, INSEAD, etc.
    • Average salary of a BBA graduate is around 8,000 SGD/month, according to
    • As per QS best student cities ranking 2019, Singapore ranked 20th in the list of preferred cities for studying across the globe.
    • Another reason to choose to study in Singapore is the low costs of living in the country as compared to other student destinations. 
    Cost of living by country

    The graph depicts the cost of living in various popular student destinations, Singapore will cost an international student a lot less than the UK and USA and a slightly higher than Australia. 

    Course Highlight

    Courses Available Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business[Marketing, Accounting, Management]
    Eligibility Complete 12 years of general studies. Must be minimum of 18 years of age.
    Entrance Exam TOEFL:6.5, IELTS: 80, SAT: 1250/1600, ACT: 29/36
    Course Duration 3-4 Years
    Course Type Full Time
    Average Tuition Fees Around 26,000-28,000 SGD/Year
    Top Recruiting Companies UOB, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC,DBS,Singtel
    Average salaries offered 8,000 SGD/Month

     Top Universities offering BBA in Singapore

    With some of the universities of Singapore ranking globally for their business and management programs, a shift of international students to this new international study destination has been observed. Mentioned below are a few of the top colleges in Singapore offering BBA and its specialization courses. This table also elaborates on the fees, courses and their duration.

    Name Of the University QS World Ranking (Business and Management) Courses Offered TOtal Program Fees (in SGD) Duration
    National University Singapore 13 Bachelor of Business Administrator
    Bachelor of Business[Accounting]
    61650 3
    Nanyang Technological University 24 Bachelor of Business
    Bachelor of Business[Accounting]
    59100 3
    Singapore Management University 39 Bachelor of Business Management 73500 3
    Singapore Institute of Management 301-350 Bachelor of Business[Management]
    Bachelor of Business[Marketing]
    Bachelor of Business[Economics & Finance]
    46224 3
    SP Jain School of Global Management _ BBA 82000 4
    James Cook University- Singapore _ Bachelor of Business[Management] 59064 2
    EESEC Business School-Singapore _ BBA 90400 4

    The table not only discusses BBA degrees, but also the other relevant degrees in business. 

    BBA in Singapore: Admission Procedure

    To study BBA in Singapore, you need to complete your general 12 years of education from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate of 65% in 5 subjects including English. You need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to pursue BBA in Singapore. Non-native English speaking international applicants need to qualify for the English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

    Eligibility Criteria for studying BBA in Singapore

    • Complete 12 years of general education with minimum marks of 65% in aggregate of 5 subjects including English.
    • You need to have good English proficiency in some of the colleges as they are partially required. Average ELP scores:
      IELTS: 6.5;  TOEFL: 80
    • You need to qualify SAT with a minimum qualification marks of 1250 or ACT with minimum cut off of 29, which are again required in few colleges.

    University wise Cut-off marks of the entrance exams

    The average cut-off marks are mentioned in the above section. This section elaborates university wise cut-off marks, which include TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and ACT.

    Name of the University TOEFL IELTS SAT (out of 1600) ACT (out of 36)
    National University Singapore Accepted Accepted 1250 29
    Nanyang Technological University Accepted Accepted 1250 30
    Singapore Management University 93 7.0 1350 _
    Singapore Institute of Management 92 6.5 1282 _
    SP Jain School of Global Management 60 6 1250 _
    James Cook University- Singapore 79 6 _ _
    EESEC Business School-Singapore 90 6.5 _ _

    Singapore Student Visa

    After receiving the offer letter from the respective business college you have applied for, you have to apply for a student visa to enter Singapore. Mentioned underneath are the visa guidelines and how you can apply for a Singapore study visa. 

    The respective Institution will file a petition for the Indian application to Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority(ICA). The charge for the student’s pass varies from school to school. Ordinarily, it requires a processing time of about 2-3 weeks for the archives to get prepared and to get the Singapore student visa passes. So as to get the student VISA you would require the accompanying documents:

    • Student VISA application form- ICA-16 and Form V36.
    • Passport along with two passport size photos.
    • VISA application payment receipt.
    • Academic Transcripts( 10th and 12th Marksheets)
    • Affidavit of support by the sponsor.
    • Respective Test Scores, that is TOEFL, IELTS, SAT or ACT.

    Cost of Studying BBA in Singapore

    As discussed earlier, studying in Singapore is a rather less expensive affair. However, for any international student planning to study abroad, it is always good to plan ahead and be familiar with the expenses. Mentioned below are the elaborate explanations of the cost or average amount required to pursue BBA in Singapore, this includes pre-arrival as well as post-arrival costs.

    Pre-Arrival Cost

    Students' pre-arrival cost constitutes expenses like visa application and different entrance examinations fees, which are mentioned below. 

    Categories Cost in SGD
    VISA application 30: VISA processing fee 6: Service Fee
    IELTS Fee 365
    TOEFL Fee 90
    SAT Fee 64.50
    Total 555.50

    The application fee which varies among universities has not been included in the table. Though it is an important aspect of pre-arrival expenses. 

    Tuition Fees for BBA in Singapore

    Tuition Fee for a BBA degree in Singapore costs an average of around 26-28K SGD/Year. The total program fees for top universities in Singapore offering the program are compared in the graphical image below. Given are the annual tuition fees in SGD of the program. 

    Annual Tuition V/S University

    Cost of Living in Singapore

    Below mentioned are the detailed expenditure of an individual which he/she needs to bear while living in Singapore. The cost of living abroad will be highly affected by your lifestyle choices, choice of accommodation and others. 

    Particulars Average Cost (in SGD/month)
    Accommodation 150-490
    Transport 100
    Food 400
    Miscellaneous 200
    Total 850-1,190

    So, the average yearly cost of studying BBA in Singapore stands around 42,860 SGD/Year to 49,000SGD/Year. This is equivalent to 22 Lakhs a year for an Indian student. 

    BBA in Singapore with Financial Aid

    Studying in Singapore may not burn a huge hole in your pockets but it is still capable of burning a substantial one to make you run out of money. This makes any international student-run for financial help. These can be availed in the form of scholarships available to international students, loans available or working part-time while studying. Mentioned below are the university wise scholarships offered for the international Students with their eligibility as well as benefits.

    Name of the Scholarship University Name Benefit
    NUS Business Dean’s & Mochtar Riady Scholarship NUS 400 SGD/month With 2000 SGD start-up an allowance for 1st Year.
    NTU-University Scholarship Program NTU Full coverage of tuition fees. Living allowance- 6000 SGD/Year. Travel Allowance- 5000 SGD/Year
    Dato’ kho Hui Meng Scholarship SMU 87000 SGD (One time on Tuition fees and other Study-related expenses)
    SIM Global Education Scholarship Singapore Institute of Management 100% allowance on the tuition fees and study-related expenses.
    Dean’s List Scholarship SP Jain School of Global Management Singapore Covers 10% of the tuition fees each year.
    JCU Scholarship* James Cook University Singapore Covers 100% of the tuition fee.

    All the above-mentioned scholarships are offered to UG students with good academic records. The JCU scholarship selection process is based on an examination. 

    Didn’t get a Scholarship? 

    If you didn’t get any scholarship while studying in Singapore, you need not be worried about that. As per the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore, global students on a Student Pass in Singapore are qualified to work part time for around 16 hours every week during the term, whereas for boundless hours during vacations and inter-semester breaks. You just need to hold a legitimate Student Pass given by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

    Popular Part-Time Jobs in Singapore

    • Fitness Coach: Can give you an earning of around 40 SGD/hour at a beginner’s level.
    • Swimming Coach: Can provide you up to 20 SGD/hour at a beginner’s level.
    • Freelance writer: can provide up to 10 SGD/hour at a beginner’s level.
    • Tour Guide: Can provide you up to 50 SGD/hour at a beginner’s level.


    On the off chance that you are quite good at your academics and have great results in your semesters, you can easily opt for internships at different positions like marketing, sales, accounting, advertising or different supporting functional departments in a business. This might earn you some money as well which might help you sustain in Singapore. Along with it, internships also give you valuable market experience.

    Job prospects post BBA in Singapore

    Students studying BBA in Singapore are going to have a lot of opportunities in job sectors with some of the top-notch recruiting companies like UOB, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, DBS, Singtel and many more with an average starting pay of 8,200 SGD/Year.

    Mentioned below are some of the popular designations and their average monthly pay.

    Designation Average Monthly Salary(in SGD)
    Administrative Analyst 5000
    Administrative Manager 5100
    Accounting Supervisor 7800
    Business Support Analyst 8000
    Business Development Associate 8260
    Assistant Business Development Manager 8840
    Business Analyst 9760
    Audit Supervisor 10,600

    Higher Education Opportunities in Singapore

    After completion of BBA in Singapore, you can opt for an MBA degree in Singapore too. Top four of the institutes providing MBA degrees in Singapore are among the top 50 universities throughout the globe as QS World MBA ranking. The average salary of an MBA graduate is around 100,000 SGD/year, which gives a huge hike to your salary.

    Top four Universities providing an MBA degree are National University of Singapore, INSEAD, Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore Management University.

    While considering to pursue BBA in Singapore, it gives you a wide variety of course specializations with full freedom of selecting your own subjects. Most of the Universities in Singapore have collaboration with local and international platforms which provides a good variety of seminars and workshops. Along with that Singapore provides work permits to the students who can easily work for around 16 hours a day during the session and unlimited hours during their vacations. BBA in Singapore gives good job opportunities as well as higher studies opportunities as it is considered to be the gateway to the Asian Market.


    Ques. Is Singapore good to pursue a BBA degree?

    Ans. Yes, Singapore is considered to be one of the favorite destinations for international students. Apart from that, Singapore houses some of the world’s best B-schools which ranks in top 50 universities throughout the globe. INSEAD is one such example.

    Ques. What are the top B-schools providing BBA in Singapore?

    Ans. National University Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University and Singapore Institute of Management are the top B-schools offering BBA in Singapore. 

    Ques. What is the Eligibility Criteria to pursue BBA in Singapore?

    Ans. A student needs to complete his/her 12 years of general education with a minimum aggregate of 65% in 5 subjects including English. International applicants are also required to submit English language proficiency, IELTS/TOEFL scores are accepted by universities in Singapore. 

    Ques. What is the Cost of studying BBA in Singapore?

    Ans. Studying BBA in Singapore costs around 26000-28000 SGD/year which is the tuition fee, whereas it additionally takes around 20000 SGD/Year to sustain the stay in Singapore.

    Ques. What is the average pay scale of a BBA graduate in Singapore?

    Ans. BBA graduates get average pay of around 8000 SGD/month, which includes positions like Business Analyst, Administrative Analyst, Administrative Manager, Business Development Associate etc.

    Ques. What is the scope of higher studies after completing BBA in Singapore?

    Ans. Singapore is one of the prime locations to pursue an MBA degree as it houses some of the top universities across the globe. Few of them are National University Singapore, Instead, Singapore Management University, Singapore Institutes of Management.