Bharti Airtel Funds Editor Ji, a personalised newscast app

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Bharti Airtel have recently funded INR 20 Crore to Editor Ji, a multi-lingual AI powered video news platform. It is recently launched by former NDTV CEO Vikram Chandra.

Why video news platform? Around 250 million people watch online videos in India and the number is not going to decrease anytime soon. With digital era creeping in, the number is all set to increase leaps and bounds by 2020. In year 2015, around 40% of total mobile traffic was accumulated from consumption of video services. And, the figure is said to reach around 72% by 2020. (Data is collected from Ficci EY report)

Stay hooked to the article to know what this app has in store for you. We have curated 5 know-about that will certainly help you with the intricate details about the app

A personalized news platform

Editor Ji enables you to create your own news channel. Wondering how? It allows users to record their opinions on stories, skip stories that they do not wish to see and sort the type of news that they prefer on their feed.

There are variety of parameters that one can opt from such as location, news category, location, preferred style of news and the list goes on. Hence, the user gets freedom of viewing what is relevant to him.

Supported by Airtel

Funded by top-notch network provider, Airtel, Editor Ji is all set to embark a significant presence in the market. The team behind Editor Ji will have a wee ease in distributing the content. With Bharti Airtel as an investor, the app will successfully attain extensive distribution through Airtel TV, Wynk Music App and Mobile Subscribers.

What can be better than that? Vikram Chandra have been a smart player in the pool of video news content by collaborating with Airtel and HT Media.

Backed by a Credible Journalist

Bharti Airtel funds Editor Ji

Editor Ji is another fish in the pool of video news content market. It is sharing space with Bloomberg Quint, The Scroll, Go News and The Print. So, what makes it have an edge over others? One of the prime edge is that it is already backed by a Credible Journalist, author, and an Ex-CEO of NDTV, Vikram Chandra.

Vikram has been the part of this industry and is well versed with know-how of how the industry functions and what the viewer demands. Hence, he has wisely invested himself in the app to deliver a personalised set of news to its viewers.

Right Hit at Right Time

The experts from the industry have vouched that this was the perfect time to release a personalised video news app. While there are hardly any OTT platforms that are directly related to news, Editor Ji will get a significant time to make its space in the market.

With being one of the firsts personalized newscast app to be available on IOS and Android, Editor Ji does not have much competitors to compete with.

Bharti Airtel funds Editor Ji

All said and done, the world of news is evolving. From print to digital and now to digital video content. Mr. Chandra is all set to collaborate with more news agencies for their video news podcast. Fasten your seatbelts folks, the era of news is on a roller-coaster evolution.