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Study in Sweden: Best Universities, Costs, Scholarships

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Sweden is a country which leaves international students spellbound as more than 1000 programmes in Sweden are taught in English. With over 53 universities and the tuition fee free for students from EU, study in Sweden has become one of the favoured topics amongst international students as of late.

  • International students take up 10% of total student intake in the country
  • Number of international students has increased by 14% in the last two years

Students come in from different countries to study in Sweden. Following is the data pertaining to the countries where students come from more.

CountryNo. of Students in Sweden (2017)
United States261

Why do international students prefer to Study in Sweden?

Universities in Sweden for International Students: Research Oriented 

  • Many of the greatest products seen in the consumer sector has originated from Sweden. Some of them are: Skype, DSC Solar Panels, TetraPak, Facebook Advertising, Spotify, HIV-tracker and Artificial Pacemaker.
  • Sweden boasts of being a research centric country,
  • Government of Sweden gives about 3.3% of the total GDP into research and innovation.
  • 30% of the total research is carried out at the best universities in Sweden.
  • There are 17 public university colleges and 14 private university colleges in Sweden where research is carried out.

Key Research Sectors in Sweden

  • Government of Sweden spends the most on healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.
  • Big industry giants in Sweden are: Pfizer and AstraZeneca
  • Several start-ups in Sweden contribute to research and development
  • Research on renewable energy is extremely popular in Sweden. Sweden ranks among the top 5 countries in the world for research and higher studies in renewable energy.

Study in Sweden: Scholarships for International Students

Many financial waivers are provided to international students, thereby reducing the cost to study in Sweden to a significant amount. Here goes the rundown of scholarships in Sweden for international students.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

  • Aims towards creating international educational opportunities available in Europe.
  • The scholarship covers living costs, tuition fees and traveling expenses.
  • Total number of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship offered by Swedish Universities are 30.

Swedish Institute Study Scholarships

  • Available to graduate and undergraduate students who wish to study in Sweden.
  • The scholarship covers costs of living and tuition fees.
  • About 120 Swedish Institute Study Scholarships are available for international students.

The Visby Program

  • Aimed towards students from Georgia, Poland, Latvia, Russia, Estonia and Ukraine.
  • The scholarship reward is USD 9,000 per month for postgraduate students and USD 18,000 for senior scientists.

Best universities in Sweden teaches degree courses in English 

Sweden is a country that provides education to international students studying at the best universities in English. Sweden offers 708 courses in diverse range of fields including science and arts.

All in all, more than 600 English-language degree programs are taught in Sweden. This has been done keeping in mind the fact that students find a good fit for all their academic needs.

  • Daily mode of communication by natives is English in Sweden
  • For international students studying in Sweden, adapting in the country is much easier when compared to other study abroad destinations.

Sweden: Home to best universities for international students

Sweden boasts of being academically excellent. Even though the population of the country is not that much, it hosts some of the best universities in the world.

The list of the best universities in Sweden along with their world rankings is given below.

Top Ranked Universities in Sweden

UniversityQS World Ranking (2017)
Lund University92
Stockholm University200
Uppsala University117
KTH Royal Institute of Technology104
University of Gothenburg269
Chalmers University of Technology128
Linköping University302

Cost to Study in Sweden

  • Tuition fee is free for students from EU, however small registration amount needs to be paid.
  • Registration fee payable at the start of the term: USD 32.90
  • Upon fee payment, student card will be issued which will give discounts to students to take part in university exams.

Living expenses in Sweden for International Students

Although the tuition fee is bearable, living in Sweden is slightly on the higher side. The breakdown of expenses are as follows.

  • Accommodation: USD 350 – USD 530
  • Food: 219 USD – 274 USD
  • Books and study Materials: USD 43 – USD 109
  • Social activities: USD 82.14 – USD 120

Studying in Sweden offers international students with a wide array of opportunities. The country stands apart with regards to providing world-class education to international students.

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