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Study in Sweden: Essentials for Traveling and Staying

Anam Shams Anam Shams
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As of late, Sweden is becoming one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations in the world. This is primarily because the country is an innovator in technology. The government spends almost about 3% of the total GDP generated in the country into education. Sweden excels when it comes to research and development. There are more than 50 universities in Sweden for international students offering world-class degree courses.

To study in Sweden as an international student one needs to make sure that he or she is fully equipped. Starting from leaving the home country to living in Sweden it is imperative to understand ways to make study in Sweden much easier. Here is a rough travel and stay guide for international students studying in Sweden.

Study in Sweden: Pre-departure Checklist 

Before leaving home country students need to make sure that they:

  • Buy health and travel insurance (if required)
  • Arrange accommodation in Sweden
  • Get airplane tickets
  • Enquire about transport – from Sweden airport to accommodation
  • Clear all paperwork with previous institution

Documents to keep to study in Sweden before leaving home country 

  • All insurance certificates
  • Passport
  • All contact details – addresses and phone numbers
  • Financial proof to support study in Sweden
  • Tickets
  • Acceptance letter from the university
  • Medical records
  • Academic records
  • Visa

How to Arrive at the Universities in Sweden for International Students?

Arriving in Sweden: Even though there are four airports with international traffic in the country, it is advisable that students who wish to study in Sweden arrive at Stockholm airport which is situated 40km north of the main city. This airport is the closest to the main city. There are several ways by students can reach Stockholm easily. Some of them are:

  • Train: Arlanda Express departs for Stockholm after every 15 mins. The journey from Arlanda to Stockholm takes not more than 20 mins. Another option is commuter train which takes about 40 minutes to reach Stockholm.
  • Bus: In order to undertake an affordable and a comfortable journey, students can opt for Flygbussarna Airport Coaches. The bus departs after every 10 mins and the journey takes not more than 45 minutes.
  • Taxi: Ecotaxis are available to travel from Arlanda to Stockholm. Students need to ask the driver whether fixed prices are applicable or not for the journey.

Study in Sweden: Things to keep in mind upon arrival

Upon arrival, it may seem like living in Sweden is a bit taxing when it is actually not so. To study at the universities in Sweden for international students, it is essential that all the paperwork is completed on time. Students should know that it may take some time for all the bureaucratic paperwork to be completed.

What to do Upon Arrival in Sweden? 

  • Inform family about landing safely
  • Students need to apply for a personal number. For this they need to visit any one of the tax offices: Lindhagensgatan 76, Regeringsgatan 109, Stockholm city, Kungsholmen Järnvägsgatan 20, Sundyberg Färögatan 5
  • Students can buy SL transit card if they wish to travel by public transport.
  • Students can get a bicycle from (Site where people sell their items)
  • Students need to get a bank account to study in Sweden.

How to get a Bank account to Study in Sweden?

Universities in Sweden for international students require them to open a bank account. Though this can be a tricky thing to do as banks make sure that they carry a stringent identity check. Not only this, proper documents are needed too. There are different guidelines for students who be studying in Sweden for more than one year and students who will be studying in Sweden for less than one year.

More than one year: Opening a bank account will become easier if students have a Swedish Identity number. It may take more than 3-4 weeks to get the Swedish identity number.

Less than one year: Even though in this case students can open a bank account, but the services will be limited as students will not be having a Swedish identity number.

Documents required to open a bank account in Sweden for international students 

Valid passport
Proof of admission – Acceptance letter
Residence permit
Swedish address
Birth certificate from Swedish tax agency
  • Students need to make sure that they have a home insurance when they come to study in Sweden.

How to get a home insurance in Sweden for international students?

It is recommended to all international students studying in Sweden to get a home insurance for their duration of stay in Sweden. This is due to the fact that the student will have to bear the brunt of expenses if anything is stolen or damaged from the flat. Some good insurance providers along with their contact numbers is mentioned below.

Insurance providerContact number 840 10
Trygg-Hansa+46-77-11 11 600
Länsförsäkringar+46-8-562 834 00
Folksam+46-771-58 59 02

Living in Sweden: Accommodation for International students

For living in Sweden, the accommodation options that will be available to international will broadly depend on two categories. Whether the student is from EU/EEA country not. Universities in Sweden for international students provide accommodation only to students who are not from EU/EEA countries. The other options remain open for both the categories.

On Campus Accommodation for non-EU/EEA students

  • Universities in Sweden for international students provide only limited number of residence halls and student houses to students.
  • As the rooms are limited, they are given on first come first serve basis
  • Students should apply for university accommodation as soon as they get acceptance from university
  • Utilities like internet is provided to students

Housing guarantee for non-EU/EEA students

  • Some universities in Sweden for international students give guaranteed housing to its students
  • Fees and rental agreements need to be met to get guaranteed housing facility from the university
  • If fees are not paid, students will not get the accommodation

University affiliated accommodation for all students (both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA)

  • Off campus accommodation tied up with universities is given to students
  • Students can share the apartment between 2-3 people
  • Preference is given to non-EU/EEA students
  • Information about this housing will be available in the university website

Renting privately for all students

  • Students can make first-hand or second-hand rental arrangements
  • First hand rental arrangements require a Swedish identity number, hence is off limits for international students
  • Second hand rental arrangements are directly between the student and the owner of the house
  • Cost for 3 room apartments in Sweden: USD 100 – USD 1200
  • Useful rental websites for students: and Akademisk

Study in Sweden: How to Travel around the country?

A standout amongst all the good things in Sweden is that the transportation network is extremely reliable and clean. There are many student discounts given to students studying in Sweden and the costs are affordable. Here are some ways as to how a student can travel across the country.

By road

  • Buses are the fastest and most convenient although trains and trams are there
  • Students can get a SL Student Card and avail discounts on their travel in Sweden
  • Eligibility for SL student card: 20+ age
  • Card operates for 24*7 for 7 days in a week
  • Card validity: 30-90 days

By Train

  • Easiest way to get around Stockholm: Underground train T-bana
  • Tickets given at SL centers, newsagent kiosks, underground platform barriers and even through SMS
  • 90-day card cost: USD 257
  • Year card cost: USD 927
  • Summer card cost: USD 270

Living and travelling in Sweden is hassle-free if the student knows the above-mentioned information beforehand. In order to avoid confusion upon landing student needs to make sure that he understands the living and travel scenario in the country thoroughly.  

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