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Visa to Study in Sweden: Application, Fees, Requirements

Anam Shams Anam Shams
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To study in Sweden, international students have to submit their application form to the universities of their choice. Once, the university admits the student, they need to pay the first part of the tuition fee. Universities in Sweden for international students usually recommends students to start off with the Swedish visa application process once the fee is paid. The student visa is generally called residence permit in Sweden.

Universities in Sweden for international students requires each student to submit residence permit if they wish to study in Sweden for a period longer than 3 months.

Students need to apply for the following visa type depending upon their duration of study in Sweden:

Visa TypeDuration of Study
Short Stay VisaLess than 3 months
Residence Permit in SwedenMore than 6 months

There are certain countries which do not require a visa or a permit to study in Sweden. They are Australia, Canada, USA and Other EU countries

For students coming from other EU countries, a residence permit Sweden is not required. They are allowed to live and study in Sweden as long as they are:

  • Enrolled in an approved university
  • Their study duration is more than 3 months
  • Have a health insurance
  • Income is sufficient

On the off chance that students from other EU countries are living in Sweden for more than 12 months, they need to register with the Swedish Tax Agency.

Mandates for Residence Permit Sweden

There are certain things that a student has a to follow if he wishes to study in Sweden and get a residence permit Sweden. They are:

  • Student ought to apply for only a full-time university programme
  • Must have a proof of admittance to a Swedish university
  • If a student stays less than a year, a health insurance cover is needed.
  • Passport validity needed: 6 months

Application Process for Residence Permit Sweden

Students wanting to study in Sweden should follow these steps to apply for their residence permit.

Application form filling

  • Fill form online at the Swedish Immigration Portal
  • Provide necessary details
  • If family is accompanying the students, their permits can be applied on the same form
  • Give all the documents

Permit Processing Fee

  • Fees can be paid via credit or debit card
  • If applied at the embassy, fee needs to be given in cash at the same time
  • Fee will not be given back if application is rejected
  • Required fees structure:
CategoryFees in USD
AdultUSD 108.95
ChildUSD 54.93

Migration Board Processing Time

  • Students need to make sure that all the documents are proper
  • Processing time: 50-90 days (It might take longer hence, students should submit their application as soon as possible.)

Visit to Consulate-General/ Embassy

  • Students need to go to embassy or consulate-general to get fingerprinted and photographed
  • Students can contact the embassy through mail

Getting the result 

  • Mail will be sent to students stating that the decision has been made by the embassy
  • Once the mail is received, students need to contact the embassy and book an appointment
  • Students need to carry their passport upon their visit to the embassy

Documents Required to Apply for Residence Permit Sweden

  • Passport with a 6 months validity. Should not be issued not earlier than 10 years before the time of application.
  • Letter from university stating that the student has paid the first fee installment
  • Proof of financial funds. Minimum fund required in bank to study in Sweden – USD 871.95
  • Evidence of health insurance if stay is less than 10 months
  • Previous universities/schools marksheets
  • 150-word essay on – Why have you chosen Sweden for your education?

Language Requirements to Study in Sweden

As of late, there is no specific language requirement to study in Sweden. Universities in Sweden for international students either need a proof of Swedish language proficiency or English. This is more than sufficient to get admittance into a good university in Sweden. Although, the Swedish Migration Agency will require the university acceptance letter.

Universities in Sweden offer courses to international students either in English or Swedish. Notwithstanding, most postgraduate and research courses are taught in English in Sweden. English language tests accepted for admittance in Swedish universities are: Cambridge English Proficiency Test, IELTS and TOEFL.

Evidence of Financial Support to Study in Sweden

Before entering the universities in Sweden for international students, students need to make sure that they have sufficient money required to fund their education. The Migration Agency in Sweden is extremely particular about students showing their financial records. If students wish to study in Sweden they need to be absolutely sure that they are able to support themselves even without family support. Students should read the information put up at Migration Agency website before submitting their application.

Here are the most common mistakes that students commit while giving proof of their financial capabilities to the migration agency.

  • Forget to transfer money from parents to their own bank account (under their name)
  • Enclosing statements from all bank accounts, in case they are more than 1
  • Submission of statements of shared bank accounts. Only those under the student’s name will be considered.

Staying longer in Sweden – Extension of Residence Permit Sweden

For the students who wish to study in Sweden, a residence permit is granted for a duration of one year. Those students who wish to stay longer in the country and pursue further education, needs to apply for a residence visa extension 6 months prior to the visa expiry date.

In such cases, students need to apply for extension well on time as it takes a few months to get the decision from the Swedish migration agency. If the duration of study for a student is lesser than a year, the residence permit Sweden will still be valid for a year. If it is a continued full time course that extends a year, students need to apply for residence permit extension.

Documents required to get Residence Permit Extension

To get their residence permit extended in Sweden, students need to:

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of acceptance at a full-time course in university
  • Good academic background during their duration of study in Sweden
  • Good financial backup during course of study in Sweden
  • Insurance policy

Student Visa Rejection Reasons in Sweden

Following are the reasons as to why a student visa may be rejected in Sweden:

  • Funds not sufficient enough to support education
  • Documents fake
  • Return to home country not confirmed
  • Missing documents
  • Not able to explain the reason for selecting a particular university
  • Unsatisfactory answers during interview
  • Unsatisfactory communication skills

Reapplication of Student Visa Students can apply for their visa again if their application was rejected in the first go. Students need to identify why their visa was rejected for the first time before applying for the visa once again. If the visa is rejected for the second time, students will not have the chance to apply for their visa to study in Sweden again.

Applying for visa to study in Sweden is pretty hassle free on the off chance that students understand the particulars of application thoroughly prior to applying. The Swedish Migration Agency is extremely particular about the documents submitted, hence students need to make sure that they are proper and are submitted on time.

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