BBA in UK: A Complete Course Guide

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    BBA in UK is a 3-4 year undergraduate degree program that is designed to give a detailed knowledge of the functional area of a company and their interaction. Due to the rising competition worldwide, more and more students are interested to pursue business administration studies from well known prestigious colleges abroad.

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    Being much sought-after, business schools in the UK are some of the toughest to get admission. Fortunately, there is a large number of business schools all across the country from where you can take your perfect pick. Pursuing BBA from UK universities costs around 15.1 lakhs INR per year. The starting salary of a BBA graduate in the UK is 31.5 lakhs INR approximately.

    Why Study BBA in UK

    The University College of London’s Centre for Global Higher Education states studying in the UK is the second most popular option among international students. Here are a few reasons to help you make up your mind about why you should pursue BBA in UK: 

    • Universities in the UK are among the top 5% of the world universities for higher education in business.
    • There has been a 4.4% increase in the number of international students applications compared to the previous year for business studies in the UK. 
    • At the LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science), 18 Nobel prize winners have studied or taught, including George Bernard Shaw and Christopher Pissarides.
      • Suggesting that UK lacks nowhere in providing an education that is not only world class but also most sought. 
    • Students from 109 countries seek a business degree at London Business School and its large alumni community counts over 42,000 graduates.
    • According to the official statistics, 27% of international students enrolled at UK universities during 2017/18 were seeking a degree in business & administrative studies. To speak numbers, 126,955 out of 458,490 total international students were enrolled in a business degree program during the 2017/18 academic year. 

    Business Students in UK

    BBA in UK : In a Glance

    Duration 3 - 4 years
    Eligibility 60% in 10 + 2
    Program type Semester-based
    Course Fees  12 lakhs per year (approx.)
    Course type Full time
    Expected starting salary  31,5 lakhs (approximately)

    Top Universities offering BBA in UK

    Following are the top universities offering BBA in UK, according to QS News World University Ranking of 2020. Given below is a table also depicting the annual fees for pursuing the program from top colleges in UK:

    University QS Ranking 2020 Course Duration Annual Program Fee (in INR)
    University of Strathclyde 296  3 Years 16 lakhs 
    Birkbeck University of London 328 3 Years 12.19 lakhs 
    Kingston University 591 3 Years 11.23 lakhs 
    Hult International Business School - 4 Years 28.27 lakhs 
    University of Gibraltar - 3 Years 10.72 lakhs 
    INSEEC U - 3 Years 5.94 lakhs 
    Heriot Watt University - 4 Years 12.55 lakhs 
    University of Essex - 3 Years 14.48 lakhs 

    Though there are various universities that do not rank lobally for the pogram, but this does not affect the quality education offered at these universities. 

    BBA in UK: All about the Course

    A foundation course for every MBA aspirant, BBA program revolves around study of the basics of Business Mathematics & Statistics, Introduction to Operations Research, Business Data Processing, Principles of Management, Financial & Management Accounting, Production & Material Management, Business Economics, Personnel Management & Industry Relations, Marketing Management and Business Laws. 

    BBA, BSBA, BABA Degree: What’s the Difference

    When you are opting for an undergraduate business program, it is important to know what kind of degree you are receiving. The difference between a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a BSBA degree, Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration or a BABA and a Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA can lead to a significant difference in skillset and scope these courses have to offer. 

    A BBA provides a broad overview of many disciplines within the business for an overall understanding, which includes management, accounting, economics and marketing.  A BSBA degree has a more math-oriented approach than a BBA, which focuses on STEM courses in order to develop a more analytical skill set to conduct business effectively.  A BABA, or bachelor of arts in business administration, usually offers a general education in the liberal arts in addition to business courses. Students may study English, history, sociology, and other subjects in a BABA.

    Admission Process for BBA in UK

    You can apply for BBA in UK either directly through the university platform or use the UCAS application portal. Here’s a brief guideline to help you sort out the admission process.

    Admission Requirements for BBA in UK

    International students wanting to take admission in BBA in UK must check if they fulfill the following requirements: 

    • Class XII with a minimum of 60% marks.
    • Proof of your academic achievements, including official school transcripts
    • SAT/ACT scores (optional)
    • One academic reference
    • A Personal Statement as an essay (400-500 words) (optional)
    • Evidence of funds to pay for the tuition fees and monthly living costs for the first year of their course in the UK.·

    Note: International applicants must prove that they have 99,138 INR per month to live and study. For London, the amount is around 1,23 lakhs INR per month.

    English Proficiency Requirement for International Students

    It is mandatory for all students to show language proficiency in English. The average scores accepted for English language proficiency exams in the business schools in the UK is: 

    • IELTS: 6 - 6.5
    • TOEFL (iBT): 79 - 90

    Note: Students can consider taking pre-bachelor's courses, if: 

    •  If you are considered ineligible for admission
    •  You need to improve your academic, research or language skills.

    Cost of Studying BBA in UK

    Students planning to study abroad must keep in mind that they have to bear three types of costs: Pre-arrival Cost, Tuition Fees, and Cost of Living. 

    Pre-arrival Cost

    This is incurred before arrival to the study destination. An average of such expenses is tabulated below: 

    Type of Expense Cost (in INR)
    Application Fee 1760 (UCAS fee)
    UK Student Visa Application Fee 30,641
    IELTS Fee 13,207
    TOEFL Fee 12,327
    Tuition Fee of BBA in UK

    Living Cost in the UK

    It’s pretty expensive to live in the UK. Statistically speaking, the living cost in the UK is 174% higher compared to India. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you made up your mind about studying in this country you need to plan well in order to manage your expenses. The main expenses that you need to take into account are accommodation cost, travel expenses, food charges, and other miscellaneous charges.

    Region-Based Comparison of Average Cost:

    The living cost in the UK varies depending on the location. The cost is higher the further South you go whereas it’s comparatively cheaper up North. 

    Region Average Cost Of Living/ Annum (lakhs INR) 
    North East 1,85 
    Wales 1,94 
    West Midlands 1,99 
    Yorkshire & the Humber 2,07 
    Scotland 2,08 
    North West 2,08 
    Northern Ireland 2,10
    East Midlands 2,25
    South West 2,27 
    East 2,36 
    South East 2,68 
    London 2,73 

    This is an approximate evaluation so the numbers may vary slightly. The average cost of living in the UK is 2,27 lakhs INR/ Year.

    Other Expenses: 

    There is a tentative estimate of what expenses to expect.

    Cost Involved Average Expense (in INR/Month)
    Rent 57,348 (within the city) 48,525 (outside the city)
    Council Tax 2,205
    Other Utilities 3,529
    Television License 13,234
    Travel Cost 4,852
    Telephone and Internet 3,529
    Other Cost 22,057
    Total Cost 1,15 lakhs - 1,32 lakhs

    Besides from the above-mentioned expenses you should keep an average of 22,094 INR handy for other expenses like healthcare, entertainment, food, books, etc. 

    Scholarship for BBA in UK

    Studying abroad is expensive, especially when it’s the UK. Planning ahead of expenses and applying for the type of funding that suits you is one of the best ways out of the financial burden studying-abroad may put on you. So, here’s some scholarships to ease your financial woes. 

    University-specific scholarships for BBA in UK

    A lot of the universities of the UK provide scholarships for international students. Below given are some of the examples for such universities.

    University Scholarship Stipend (INR) Application Deadline
    University of Strathclyde 1,76 lakh-INR (Three years in total) 3 May 2020
    Kingston University London 1,76 lakh INR ( Partial scholarship, for first year of study)  31 May 2020
    Heriot-Watt University 1,32 lakh INR - 2,64 lakhs INR September 2020

    Other International Student Scholarships

    There’s also some international student scholarships that you can apply for your studies in the UK.

    Scholarship Stipend (INR) Application Deadline
    BrokerFish International Student Scholarship 75,398 21 December 2020
    QS Scholarship 7,54 lakhs -
    Surfshark’s Privacy and Security Scholarship 1,50 lakhs -

    Jobs after BBA in UK

    Average annual salary for a recent BBA graduate in the UK is 31.5 lakh INR per annum. Some other jobs available in-country are as follows: 

    Job Profile Average Salary ( in INR/ Annum)
    Finance Analyst 1.25 Crore
    Marketing Manager 199 Crore
    Human Resource Manager 1.18 Crore
    Import and Export Manager 1.68 Crore
    Business Analyst 1.44 Crore
    Information Technology Manager 1.49 Crore

    Some of the areas where a BBA graduate can look for employment are:

    Job Sectors Companies Hiring
    Finance Barclays Bank, Cathay United Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank, Consulting - Ernst & Young, PwC, KPMG
    Manufacturing Pine Chemical Group, Rajeev Metal Industries
    Business Support Transport for London, GSK, Zepplin
    IT Services IBM, Italy-China E-commerce Sales Center, Toyota Tsusho Network Integration

    Apart from entering your career at this early stage, you can also choose to pursue MBA in UK, or other popular abroad destinations like Canada. An MBA from USA is one of the most ideal study destinations and by completing your bachelor’s abroad it is will become comarively easier to apply for study abroad options for a postgraduate degree. 

    UK Student Visa Requirements 

    You need to apply for a Tier 4 UK visa to study in a UK university. Documents required for visa application are: 

    • Details of passport
    • Recent passport size photograph
    • Criminal record(if any)
    • Proof of financial sufficiency
    • Unconditional written consent of sponsor to the visa application
    • Parents’ or legal guardian letters( for under 18 applicants)
    • Tuberculosis test results if the candidate is from a country that has to take the test.

    What to Take With You at the Visa Application Centre

    • Print out of the email confirming the details of your appointment
    • Valid passport or travel document
    • Print out of your completed visa application form
    • All the supporting documents
    • Print out of registration details if you have pre-registered for your visit online

    Pre Departure Checklist

    Here’s a checklist of documents you will be needing at the time of departure from your home country and on arrival in the UK. The following documents should be kept handy.

    • Passport and visa
    • Flight tickets and any other travel documents
    • University documents including CAS
    • Cash or travelers’ cheques or debit/credit card
    • Evidence of financial support for fees and maintenance
    • Evidence of Health Insurance.
    • Travel insurance
    • Accommodation details
    • Letter from the local guardian(if the student is a minor)

    After the compilation of your course, you can go ahead to pursue your MBA or MIM. Other than housing top business schools around the globe, which attracts international students towards the UK for their masters in business degrees, is the duration of the course which is 1 year, unlike other countries. This saves both your time and money. Also, top universities in the UK do not ask for mandatory work experience for admission in masters.


    Ques. What is the average English Proficiency test score for applying to BBA in UK?

    Ans. For applying to the universities of the UK, you need to show proficiency in English. The universities of the UK accept IELTS as well as TOEFL scores. The average accepted IELTS score for BBA is 6-6.5, for TOEFL it is 80.

    Ques. What is the course fee for BBA in the UK?

    Ans. The average course fee for an undergraduate business administration course is around 20 lakhs INR to 25 lakh INR per year.

    Ques. Are there scholarships available for international students pursuing undergraduate courses in the UK?

    Ans. Yes, a few of the scholarships for international undergraduate students in the UK are BrokerFish International Student Scholarship, QS Scholarship, Surfshark’s Privacy and Security Scholarship. Also, check with the university you applied for there might be a university-specific scholarship that you can apply for.

    Ques. What are the future scopes of a BBA in UK?

    Ans. You can choose to go for higher education and pursue MBA or MIM after completion of BBA in UK. There are also jobs you can apply for after you finish your degree. The starting salary of a BBA graduate is around 30 lakhs INR in the UK.

    Ques. What is the living cost in the UK?

    Ans. The living cost in the UK varies depending on which region of the UK you are choosing to stay. A rough estimate of rent in the UK is around 2 lakhs INR/ Year.

    Ques. What is the work-during-study scope in the UK for international students?

    Ans. International students with a valid work-visa have the opportunity of working for 20 hours per week in the UK. Students can work both on and off-campus, where on-campus working opportunites will be easily available at resepctive university website.