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Masters in Architecture in UK: Course Guide for International Students

Komal Yadav Komal Yadav
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Masters in architecture in UK is offered in numerous disciplines such as Architectural Computation, Architectural Design, Bio-Integrated Design, Architectural History etc. The program is related to planning and designing infrastructure to suit the environment and individual needs. It also includes analysing major infrastructural problems and devising solutions for it. 

  • Masters in Architecture in UK is provided in association with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) or Architects Registration Board (ARB).
  • The degree is available in various forms in UK universities such as Master of Science (MS), Master of Architecture (M.Arch), and Master of Arts (MA). 
  • The full-time duration of masters in architecture in UK universities is 1 to 2 years. 
  • Program fees of universities offering Masters of Architecture in UK is 21,950 GBP to 47,000 GBP.
  • Students looking for a lucrative career in planning and designing often select to earn a degree in architecture.
  • Graduates of Masters of Architecture in UK can earn upto 32,000 GBP. 

Why Study Masters in Architecture in UK

  • Employment trends of the recent years show that 77% of the architecture graduates find employment while remaining either opt for further studies or choose to work part-time and study.
Further Study8.5
Working and Studying4
  • Compared to the average salary for bachelors in architecture, an individual with masters in architecture can expect 60% higher salary.
  • Architects in the UK can enjoy an approximate salary increment of 12% every 16 months.
  • According to the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services May 2018 report, 48.7 percent of the students with architecture degree worked as technicians in UK. 
Types of Work for Architects in UK

Top Universities offering Masters in Architecture in UK

According to QS News World University Ranking 2020 for architecture and built environment, following are the top universities offering masters in architecture in UK: 

UniversityQS News Ranking 2020Course Specialization OfferedTotal Program Fees (in GBP)
University College London3M.Sc. Architectural Computation (1 year)27,460
M. Arch Architectural Design (1 year)29,260
M.A. Architectural History (1 year)25,900
M. Arch Architecture (1 year)24,980
M.A. Architecture and Historic Urban Environments (1 year)27,460
M. Arch Bio-Integrated Design (1 year)29,260
Manchester School of Architecture8M.Arch in Architecture Studies (2 years)47,000
University of Cambridge9M. St. Architecture Apprenticeship (4 years)39,000
University of Sheffield23M.Sc. Digital Architecture and Design; M.Sc. Sustainable Architecture and Studies; M.A. Urban Design; M.A. Architectural Design (1 year)21,100
Cardiff University38M. Arch Architectural Studies; M.A. Architectural Design (2 years)21,950
Loughborough University51-100M. Sc Construction Management; M.Sc Construction Project Management; M. Sc Infrastructure Design and Management; M. Sc Sustainable Design and Construction (1 year)23,500
Newcastle University51-100M. Arch Architecture (2 years)42,000
Oxford Brookes University51-100M. Arch in Architecture (1 year)14,700
University of Bath51-100M.Arch Architecture (Hons.) (2 years)36,550
University of Edinburgh51-100M. Arch Architecture (1.8 years)24,450

Masters in Architecture in UK: Types of Degrees and Curriculum

A masters in architecture in UK can be pursued as various degrees as Masters in Science, Masters in Arts and Masters in Architecture. To help students explore different aspects of the program, a number of specializations are provided by universities such as:

  • M.Sc. Learning Environments
  • M.Sc. Architectural Computation
  • M. Arch Architectural Design
  • M.A. Architectural History
  • M. Arch Architecture
  • M.A. Architecture and Historic Urban Environments
  • M. Arch Bio-Integrated Design
  • M.Sc. Planning and Urban Leadership
  • M. St. Architecture Apprenticeship
  • M.Sc. Sustainable Architecture and Studies

Masters in architecture is offered as a combination of one-to-one supervision, seminars and discussions, classroom lectures, studio work and presentation of work. This is followed by feedback from the supervisors on how a student can improve his/her work. 

The assessment of students is also based on studio projects, essays, written exams and creation of portfolio. The entire curriculum is designed to fulfil the needs of the industry so that the students are ready to enter the professional world as soon as they complete their program. 

The entire duration of the program is divided into credit points. A brief overview of the core curriculum is provided below for reference:

  • Designing Practice with reference to architectural geometry
  • Advanced modelling of architecture
  • Application of knowledge and decision making in practical situation
  • Design studio project and preparation of research
  • Working on the designing of thesis

Admission Process for Masters in Architecture in UK

Bachelors in architecture and submission of a portfolio is required to get admission in Masters of Architecture in UK. 

Where to Apply: The applications for admission are required to be submitted directly to the choice of university. This submission is often done either online on the university’s portal or by completing a downloaded application from their website. 

When to Apply: Most of the universities invite applications in the September month. 

Admission Eligibility for Masters in Architecture in UK

The general eligibility requirements for applying Masters of Architecture in UK are as follows:

  • Completed bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline with either UK 2.1 (60% approx) or 2.2 (50% approx).
  • A complete design portfolio
  • Proof of English proficiency by submitting IELTS or TOEFL test scores

Following are the minimum percentage and IELTS test score required to apply for various universities of UK:

UniversityMinimum % Required in BachelorsMinimum IELTS Score Required
University College London60%6.5
University of Cambridge60-69%7.5
University of Sheffield60-69%6.5
University of Cardiff60-69%6.5
Oxford Brookes University50-59%6.5
University of Nottingham60-69%6.5
University of Bath60-69%7.0
Loughborough University65-70%6.5
Newcastle University60-65%6.5
University of Edinburgh60-69%6.5

Documents Required for Masters in Architecture Admission

Students are required to submit certain documents to support the application for masters in architecture in Australia. The list of such documents has been provided below:

  • Design Portfolio: This must include work samples presented previously for education or employment. New work can also be added to the portfolio. A design portfolio includes sketches, diagrams, drawings of work and explanations to architectural problems.
  • Personal statement: This document must be kept precise and informative within 200-300 words outlining the previous education and work experience. It must also include information about how the program at that university will help the applicant in pursuing his/her goals.
  • Resume/ CV: A detailed CV with references who can speak about the applicant’s potential is also a good support for the application.
  • Transcripts: Academic transcript from previous institution where the applicant has pursued bachelor’s degree is required to be submitted. If the transcript is not in English language then it must be translated by an appropriate agency.
  • Letter of support: A letter of support is quite similar to reference letter but it is mostly written by the employer to state how the applicant will benefit from the program and their professional performance.

Cost of Study for Masters in Architecture in UK

The cost of studying for masters in architecture in UK from some of the top ranked universities ranges between 15,000 GBP to 39,000 GBP per annum. The total cost of studying abroad includes tuition fee, cost of living and personal expenses. 

Pre-arrival Cost

A general estimate of pre-arrival cost is provided below:

Type of ExpenseCost (in GBP)
UCAS Application Fee20
UK Student Visa Application Fee348
Health Insurance260
IELTS Registration Fees150

Tuition Fees of Masters in Architecture in UK

University College London has the highest annual tuition fee of approximately 25,000 GBP for masters in architecture in UK.

Tuition Fees of Masters in Architecture in UK

Cost of Living in UK

The total living costs in UK includes accommodation, household expenses, food, telephone bills, books and supplies and other personal expenses. A standard amount of these expenses has been provided in the table below:

ParticularsWeekly expenses (in GBP)
Accommodation125 – 160
Food expenses10
Telephone bills45
Household items10
Books and supplies10
Other expenses45
Total yearly expenditure12,740 = 14,560

Scholarships for Masters in Architecture in UK

Following are the scholarships available for international students in UK pursuing masters in architecture: 

UniversityScholarshipAmount (in GBP)
University College LondonAlumni Scholarship10,000
University of CambridgeApprenticeship Fees21,000
University of SheffieldInternational Postgraduate Scholarship2000 - 2500
Cardiff UniversityVice Chancellor’s International Scholarship2000
Oxford Brookes UniversityOxford Brookes University Scholarship2000
University of NottinghamMasters scholarship50% to 100% of tuition fee
University of BathDean's Award for Academic ExcellenceEUR5000
Loughborough UniversityCommonwealth Master’s Scholarships100% tuition fees
Newcastle UniversityVice-Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarships-Postgraduate50% and 100% of tuition fees
University of EdinburghChevening ScholarshipTuition Fees

Scope of Masters in Architecture in UK

Architects are engaged in creating detailed plans with the help of computers and sketches, studying architectural problems and devising solutions for it. They also design ethically and socially viable infrastructure. 

Graduates can expect to get a median salary ranging from 22,000 GBP to 45,000 GBP based on their job position and job role. Some of the popular companies recruiting architects in the UK are Foster and Partners, Zaha Hadid Architects, Balfour Beatty, Broadway Malyan and Adamson Associates Architects. 

The most beneficial career options with expected average salary are tabulated below:

Job ProspectAverage Annual Salary (in GBP)Job Role
Architect33000Coordinating engineering drawings and interior designing.
Project Architect36000Setting goals, budgeting and scheduling project work.
Architectural Design28000Preparing CAD drawings, layouts, color coding for specific projects.
Design Architect32000Assisting the team to design and help in its implementation.
Project Manager40000Allocate resources to various projects and monitor its progress.
Interior Designer27000Plan interiors for residential as well as commercial purposes.
Design Manager44000Assist in deciding graphics and structures based on client needs and help in brand management.
Senior Project Architect41000Help in the task of designing, production and construction work of projects.
3D Artist25000Work on collaborations to complete project works.
Architectural Intern22000Creating 2D designs and building models.

Students with a passion to curate and design by combining artistic skills and technical knowledge definitely have a viable and growing career in a program like Masters in Architecture. Moreover, a structurally well-developed country like the UK holds numerous opportunities for such graduates in terms of career and scope. 

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