Masters in Education in UK: Top Colleges, Admission, Fees, Scholarships, Jobs

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    Masters in Education in UK is a one-year full-time degree offered with various specializations based the institution you choose. The program is available under the names of as a Master of Education, Master of Science, Master of Arts at various top universities in UK. The average cost for studying a Master of Education in UK is £19,000 a year. For Indian students, this cost equals to around 17.88 Lakhs per annum. 

    As the expense involved in pursuing M.Ed in UK is extremely high, you can look for scholarships available in UK. Students can get scholarships and can reduce tuition fees by £3,000 (~2 lakhs) while studying in UK. After completion of the masters in education from UK, the median salaries offered may hike up to £124,000 per annum (~1.1 Cr/year INR). Some of the notable designations that can be acquired by a student after a Masters in Education in UK are training and development specialist, school and career counselor, instructional coordinator, postsecondary education administrator, etc.

    Why Study Masters in Education in UK

    As per the report of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, 1 out of 7 students needs to complete their M.Ed in Education by the year 2022 to gather enough experience for the entry-level positions. In order to get recruited to the higher paid designation, the universities in UK offer training to gain knowledge in Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). 

    • The students can start to work as a school teacher during their M.Ed course, before completing QTS. It helps to gain knowledge in practical teaching. 
    • After completing Masters, the passed out students can earn 29% more than the Bachelor’s students in the UK. 
    • The UK Universities offer 42 different types of coursework in M.Ed Degree to the students. 
    • The students can get jobs in college, school, universities, etc. once they complete their masters in education. 
    • According to reports by the Department of Education, there are 506,400 full-time teachers in UK, 216,500 work in primary schools, 208,300 in secondary schools, 61,500 in independent schools, and 16,700 in special schools.

    Top Universities offering Masters in Education in UK

    Studying in UK is like entering a modern-day fairytale. The country offers you with outstanding facilities, world-class universities, and mesmerizing surroundings. All put together, allows international students to make the best of both worlds. 

    As mentioned previously, UK is home to some of the top-notch universities. As per the QS Ranking of 2020, some of the top-ranking universities of the UK offering masters in education are listed below. Alongside these is given the course details inclusive of tuition fees, program duration, and degree type offered.  

    Universities QS Ranking Course Fee in GBP (Annually) Degree offered Curriculum Highlights Duration
    University College London (UCL) #1 £20110 Master of Arts (MA) Policy and practice, Communicating knowledge, International perspectives on Education reform, philosophy of education 1 year
    University of Oxford #4 £23505 Master of Science (M.Sc) Applied linguistic, child development and education, comparative and international education, Research design and methodology 1 year
    University of Cambridge #5 £25740 Master of Education (M.Ed); Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) Leadership for learning, school effectiveness, and school improvement, educational evaluation, perspectives on learning and leadership 10 months
    The University of Edinburgh #21 £22850 M.Sc Child and Adolescent Psychology, Comparative education and international development, Philosophy of Education, Early childhood practice 1 year
    King’s College London #22 £17900 M.A Communicating knowledge, Leadership for learning, school effectiveness, Philosophy of Education 1 year
    University of Manchester #34 £19000 M.Ed Deaf Education, Educational Leadership, intercultural communication, international education 12 Months
    University of Birmingham #36 £18450 M.A, M.Ed Comparative and International perspectives, Inclusion and disability, leadership, and social justice 1 year
    University of Nottingham #43 £20950 M.A Community and literacy and education on Autism Spectrum 1 year
    University of Bristol #49 £12000 M.Sc Policy and international development, leadership and policy, learning, technology and society, teaching and learning, Neuroscience and education, inclusive education 1 year
    University of Glasgow #49 £18370 M.Sc and M.Ed Education and public policy, education policy in action, equity, social justice and change 1 year

    Admission Process for Masters in Education in UK 

    The admission procedure for both the native and the domestic students is different. In order to take admission into the Masters in Education in UK, the applicants should submit the result of the relevant English proficiency test, supporting documents, have a relevant bachelor's degree with fulfilling scores. International students should submit the marks of 10+2+4 educational marks before they apply for the full-time Masters in Education course in the UK. 

    Documents Required for Masters in Education in UK Admission

    Before you take admission to the UK universities, you should submit the following documents to the university authority. 

    • Completed application form of the respective UK university, in which you are going to take admission.
    • Statement of Purpose in order to provide the reason for choosing that particular University. 
    • Letter of your previous work experience (Not mandate, if you have any)
    • Letter of reference (LORs)
    • Attach your IELTS or TOEFL score
    • If you have relevant certificates of extracurricular activities, you should attach it. 
    • Submit the copy of your passport. 

    Eligibility for M.Education in UK

    There are certain specific minimum score requirements that student must fulfill in order to be eligible for pursuing masters in education in UK. The mere fulfillment of the eligibility criteria will not ensure you admission with these top universities.

    •  Upper second class in bachelor’s eaning having around 60% percentile or more 7 on the CGPA scale 
    • Some universities may ask for a lower second class bachelor's degree which is 50% or more and CGPA of 6.75. 
    • English language proficiency scores accepted through top universities are:
    University Minimum IELTS Score Required Minimum TOEFL Score Required
    University College London (UCL) 6.0 iBT: 80
    University of Oxford 7.0 100
    University of Cambridge 7.0 110
    The University of Edinburgh 7.0 (6.5 in reading and listening, 6.0 in the other sections). iBT: 100
    King’s College London 6.5 (Minimum 6.0 in each section) Paper-based test: 583 Internet-based test: 72
    The University of Manchester 7.5 iBT: 110
    University of Birmingham 6.0 iBT: 80 (Listening, reading and writing 19, speaking 21).
    University of Nottingham 6.0 ---
    University of Bristol 6.5 92
    University of Glasgow 7.0 100

    UK Students Visa Requirements for International Students

    In order to apply for a UK temporary study visa, you should provide the standard documents along with the proof of intention to study there. 

    • You should submit the formal letter of acceptance to reserve the seat for the study course in the UK. 
    • The important details like course subject, cost and length related to the course should also be attached.
    • Provide the required documents of your earlier education (Academic transcripts of grades, and the degree awarding certificates).
    • You need to show the result of English language test as proof of your proficiency skill. 
    • Need to mention the detailed information of your accommodation and travel itinerary.
    • You should submit the letter of consent from your guardian or from your parents. 

    Cost of Study for Masters in Education in UK

    The total cost of studying the Masters in Education in the UK is not only dependent upon the program fees and the accommodation cost or survival cost, but also the students need to spend a certain amount of money before flying to the country. 

    Pre-Departure Expenses

    The pre-arrival cost is dependent upon the cost of the English Language test, one-way flight fare, and on UK student visa fee. 

    Types of expenditures Fees (in GBP)
    IELTS fee £162 to £180 (Based on the location)
    TOEFL fee £152.2
    Transcription cost of previous academic certificates £67.2
    One way flight fare £75012.84 (One stop flight)
    Visa application fee £1008

    Tuition Fees for Masters in Education in UK

    The tuition fees for top universities offering masters in education in UK ranges between 11 lakhs to 21 lakhs per annum. There are around 815 education masters degrees offered by UK universities and around 37 M.Ed programs. You get to choose from a variety of universities and can explore cheaper universities for pursuing the course. You can also look for financial aid options like scholarships, loans, work-study options and more to ease out the expenses involved.  

    Cost of Living in the UK

    The cost of living of the UK is comparatively higher than the other countries. The average weekly budget of a student in the UK is approximately £240.89.

    Type of expenses Cost in GBP (Monthly)
    Room rent £650
    Cost of food £250
    Public transport £135
    Entertainment cost £1000

    Scholarships for Masters in Education in UK

    The inflation rate of the UK has been increased by 1.8% in the UK. Consequently, the tuition fees and the cost of living of the country has also been increased. In order to bear the huge cost structure of the universities, there are some scholarships for international students in UK, which are provided by the government of the countries or by the University authorities. 

    Scholarship Amount of stipend Name of source provides scholarship
    Chevening Scholarship £18000 Government of the UK
    Commonwealth Masters Scholarships £1330 (Per month) Government of the UK
    Gates Cambridge Scholarships £500 to £2000 Cambridge University
    Clarendon Scholarships £15009 Oxford University
    Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship  –  University of Edinburgh

    Loan Application Process for Studying in the UK

    As per the above discussion, it is already mentioned that before you apply for the visa application, you should show and submit proof of funds. It helps to identify whether you can bear the cost of study and the other cost of survival in the UK. Only the above 16 age group can apply for a study loan. 

    You should show and provide a photocopy of ‘Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies’ (CAS), which is issued by the educational institutes of the UK. 

    Some of the loan providing banks and the financial institutions of India are:

    Name of the banking institution Amount of loan (in GBP £) Issuing rate of interest
    State Bank of India (SBI) 22000- 165000 10.80% to 12.50%
    HDFC Credila 1100- 40000 13% to 16%
    Bank of Baroda (BOB) 11000- 88000 8.65% to 11.65%
    Punjab National Bank 22000- 110000 10.35% to 12.25%
    Canara Bank 11000- 22000 10.20% to 11.70%

    Scope after Masters in Education in UK 

    Masters in Education in the UK offers multidimensional opportunities in the career of passed out students. Teaching is not the only scope to the fellows, but also they can work as educational specialists in museums and curriculum sales. The students can show their excellence in developing education policy or can join as a private school consultation. They can also join as a SEO content writer for the business websites. 

    The passed out students typically earn 124000 GBP annually, where the lowest average and the maximum average of their salaries are 60200 and 205000 GBP respectively.

    Some of the suitable jobs in UK for the masters in education passed out students are:

    Job Designation Pay Scale in GBP (Annually)
    Academic Advisor £ 127000
    Academic Coach £ 125000
    Academic manager £ 140000
    Academic Specialist £ 109000
    Academic staff £ 96600
    Instructional designer £ 35000
    Business development manager £ 36685
    Chief executive officer £ 89294

    As per the statistical report of Salary Explorer, the experts can get a leap in their payscale by 32% after 2 to 5 years. In addition, if the students can complete their masters, then they can earn 29% more than a bachelor student. Those, who will be engaged with the teaching profession, can get an opportunity to get an increment of 9% every 14 months. 

    Completing masters in Education is worthy to the students since it leads to earn higher remuneration than the B.Ed students. The masters passing out students can start their career path either as an educational consultant, or as a child care director. They can also work as a media and technology specialist. A numerous number of opportunities can be inevitably opened up to the passed out students. 


    Ques. What is the scope of doing Masters in Education in the UK?

    Ans. There is a huge scope of doing Masters in Education from the UK since the passed out fellows can be recruited in varieties of occupations. The return from the occupation is higher than the total spending. You can earn anywhere between 35,000 GBP to 80,000 GBP annually at the start of your career. 

    Ques. How long do the students need to complete their Masters in Education in UK?

    Ans. It approximately takes 1 year to complete M.Ed in UK. Students can also apply for internships during their one-year of coursework. 

    Ques. What are the entrance exams for international students to take admission in the Master of Education in UK?

    Ans. The international students need to submit the score of English proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL before getting into the coursework in the UK universities. 

    Ques. Do the students get scholarships to bear the huge course fees and for survival in the UK?

    Ans. The meritorious students can ask for scholarship programs. There are both the government and University sponsored scholarships for the eligible students.

    Ques. How much does masters in education in UK cost?

    Ans. The cost of pursuing masters in education in UK ranges between 12,000 GBP to 25,000 GBP which equals to around 11 lakhs to 21 lakhs per annum INR.

    Ques. Which universities in UK offer Masters in Education?

    Ans. University College London, King’s College London, University of Birmingham, University of Edinburgh, University of Cambridge, University of Bristol, University of Glasgow, etc are some of the top universities M.Ed. in UK.