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Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK: Complete Course Guide

Bhavya Rawal Bhavya Rawal
Study Abroad Expert

Available as a one-year program, Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK is offered by over 50 universities. The course fee of availing Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK is up to around 20,430 GBP/year for the overseas students, whereas 9,732 GBP/year for the UK/EU students. While in gradaute training, mechanical engineers can earn up to 28,000 GBP

  • For studying at mechanical engineering colleges in UK, international students are required to have an equivalent bachelor’s degree with at least 65% score.
  • You can earn an average salary of 80,000 GBP/year after completing their Masters in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Getting a professional accredited degree from the UK can help you become Charted Engineer. 
    • Accreditation bodies can be Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), or others.

Why Study Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK?

  • Four universities in the UK rank globally among the top 50 universities offering mechanical engineering abroad
  • Post completion of a mechanical engineering degree over 70% of the students are employed within 6 months of graduation. Depicted below are the details of what do mechanical engineering graduates in UK do:
Path Chosen by mechanical engineering graduates in UK

  • Around 60% of the graduates employed were working within the engineering and building work. 
  • Chance of getting jobs and internships is relatively easier in the UK as the unemployment rate of the UK is around 3.8%. 
  • Visa acceptance rate is around 90.08%, which is good. This suggests that landing in UK is far easier than in the USA and other contemporary countries. 

Top Universities to Pursue Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK

Mentioned below are the top Universities in UK providing Masters in Mechanical Engineering and its specializations. The table also discusses the cost and application details for MSc in mechancial engineering in UK

UniversityQS world Ranking 2020 (Mechanical Engineering)Courses Available & DurationTuition Fees (Yearly in GBP)Application Deadline
Imperial College London#7MSc. in Advanced Mechanical Engineering (1 year)32,500October 2020
University of Manchester#27MSc. in Mechanical Engineering Design (1 year)24,000October,2020
University College London#51-100MSc. in Mechanical Engineering (1 year)28,530November, 2020
University Of Nottingham#51-100MSc. in Mechanical Engineering (1 year)24,390-
University of Leeds#101-150MSc. in Advanced Mechanical Engineering (1 year)24,000- Sept, 2020
University Of Glasgow#101-150MSc. in Mechanical Engineering (1 year)13,000Sept, 2020
University of Strathclyde Glasgow#101-150MSc. in Advanced Mechanical Engineering (1 year)20,700Sept, 2020
University of Liverpool#101-200MSc. in Advanced Mechanical Engineering (1 year)21,500July, 2020
University of Leicester#250-300MSc. in Advanced Mechanical Engineering (1 year)20,700Sept, 2020
Lancaster University#351-400MSc. in Mechanical Engineering (1 year)22,550-
University of Huddersfield#351-400MSc. in Mechanical Engineering (1 year)15,000Sept, 2020
The University of Exeter#401-450MSc. in Mechanical Engineering (1 year)22,700May,2020

The advantage of pursuing mechaical engineering from UK is the shorter program duration and less stringent admission policies as compared to other popular study destinations like USA or Canada. 

Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK: Course Highlights

Courses AvailableMSc. in Mechanical Engg; Advanced Mechanical Engg; Advanced ME with Aerospace; Mechanical Engg Design
EligibilityUG with 65% in Mechanical, Automotive or Energy System Engineering
Entrance ExamEnglish Language Requirement:
IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 80; PTE: 58
Course Duration1 Year
Course TypeFull TIme
Average Tuition FeesOverseas Students: 20,430 GBP
Top Recruiting CompaniesJaguar Land Rover, Babcock Marine, BAE systems INC., Dyson, Cobham PLC, Siemens
Average Starting Salary31,000-32,000 GBP

Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK: Admissions

To Study abroad, you need to have an equivalent Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute and proof of English language proficiency. For enrolling and admitting to the mechanical engineering program in UK one needs to fulfill the following mentioned eligibility criteria.
International students must note that when applying for this program they may need to have a clearance under ATAS (Academic Tech Approval Scheme). To apply for an ATAS certificate online, you will need your programme details and the relevant Common Aggregation Hierarchy (CAH) code and descriptor. Which can be found on the university website.

Eligibility for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK

  • Equivalent Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 65% from any recognized institutes.
  • You need to have good English proficiency with average scores of:
  • Few institutes might also require GCSE(The General Certificate of Secondary Education) English Language with a minimum of grade-C.
  • Good knowledge of mathematics is required, especially topics including algebra, complex mathematics, geometry, trigonometry.
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume.
  • Letter of Recommendation. Most universities ask you for a minimum of 2 LORs. Academic LORs are always preferred over professionals. 

University Wise Cut-off marks for English Proficiency

Though the least requirement for studying UK is mentioned above, given below are university-specific scores for various ELP tests required for pusuing masters in mechanical engineering in UK. These include PTE, IELTS, and IELTS

UniversityTOEFL ScoresIELTS ScoresPTE Scores
Imperial College London1006.5Accepted
University of Manchester906.558
University College London1097.551
University Of Nottingham876.555
University of Leeds886.559
University Of Glasgow906.559
University of Strathclyde Glasgow806.5_
University of Liverpool886.555-60
University of Leicester80658
Lancaster University936.558
University Of HuddersfieldAccepted6Accepted
The University of Exeter906.5_

UK Student Visa

All the global students from outside the UK or EU are required to apply for a student’s visa for studying in UK. For the overseas students who plan to contemplate a full-time certificate course in the UK must apply for Tier 4 visas which are generally of two types: General Student Visa and Child Student Visa. Tier 4 general student visa is given to international students who are more than 16 years of age and select to study a course in the UK. Qualification is determined to utilize a standard framework. Student visa prerequisites in the UK are:

  • Course Confirmation.
  • Funding.
  • VISA Application
  • Immigration Health Service Charge

Documents Required:

  • Recent Passport Size photos.
  • Passport Details.
  • Letter of Recommendation.
  • Criminal Record Certificate.
  • Financial Proof of having a sufficient amount( around 1,140 GBP/month) to sustain your stay in the UK.
  • The unconditional written permission of the sponsor to the VISA application.

Cost of Studying Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK

Underneath referenced is a point by point assessment of the student’s costs while studying in UK. This incorporates pre-arrival costs as well as post-arrival costs, being familiar with these costs will help an international student to plan ahead with a budget and apply for scholarships or other fundings on time. 

Pre- Arrival Costs

Pre-arrival costs also known to a student as pre-departure cost, includes expenses like exam fee, application fees, visa fee, etc. These are one-time expenses that an international student suffers way before they have landed in their study destination, UK

TOEFL Fees200
IELTS Fees200
PTE Fees150
Visa Application322

Tuition Fees for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK

Tuition fees for availing a masters degree in Mechanical engineering in the UK costs around an average of 20,430 GBP/Year for the overseas students. For an Indian student this values to around 18 Lakhs. The tuition fee varies from university to university with a maximum amount of 32,500GBP/Year for the overseas students in Imperial College London and a minimum amount of 13000 GBP/Year in the University of Glasgow for the overseas students.
(Conversion Rate as of May 2020)

Cost of Living in UK

This section highlights the detailed structure of living, meals and personal expenses of an individual on a monthly basis while his/her stay in the UK. The cost of living will depend on the accommodations opted in UK, lifestyle choices, city one is living in, etc. 

ParticularsAverage monthly Cost (GBP)
Mobile Phone30
Stationary Items40
Transportation45(monthly card)

So, the average yearly cost of living in the UK stands up to around 11,880 GBP/year, which takes the average cost of studying and living in the UK to around 32,310 GBP/Year for the overseas students.

Scholarships for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK

Studying abroad can burn a hole in your pockets. To make the costs more feasible international students are offered scholarships while studying in UK. Mentioned below are few of the scholarships for international students: 

Scholarship NameUniversity NameEligibilityAmount offered(in GBP)
Quality Company Formation ScholarshipImperial College LondonOne time for PG meritorious students1000
Mechanical Engineering Department MSc. ScholarshipImperial College LondonMeritorious PG students.
Applicable only on the tuition fee.
The University of Manchester India ScholarshipUniversity of ManchesterMeritorious Indian masters applicants10,000
ANID FEE PartnershipUniversity College LondonMeritorious International student.
Contribution is made on the tuition fee only.
25% of the tuition fee is covered.
Alumni ScholarshipUniversity College LondonMeritorious international student with financial needs10,000
International Leadership ScholarshipUniversity Of GlasgowMeritorious masters applicant10,000
Education Future International ScholarshipUniversity of HuddersfieldMeritorious applicants2500-11500
Dean’s Indian Scholarships in UKUniversity Of StrathclydeIndian students3000-4000

Find out more scholarship options for international students in UK. 

Earn While Learning in UK!

Did not get a scholarship? Don’t worry!!! The UK gives you a work permit for part-time jobs while you are availing any course from the UK universities. It allows you to work around 20 hours a week depending on the course structure you are admitted to.

Some of the popular Part-time Jobs in the UK: Restaurant staff, Online Customer Services, Tutoring, Freelance Creative Writer, and Assistant jobs in Research Labs. You can also apply with university facilities like cafeteria, library etc. 

You can earn up to an average amount of 115 GBP/week working in a part-time job which can help you with your personal expenses to a certain extent.

Internships: If you are good at your academics and have good marks in your semesters you can simply opt for internships at some of the best automotive, aerospace or power plant industries which might again pay you well and help you sustain in the UK.

Jobs for Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK

Students have plenty of opportunities after completing their Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK. Some of the top recruiters are Jaguar Land Rover, Babcock Marine, BAE system INC., Dyson, Cobham PLC, Siemens etc. Average salary of engineers in UK is around 106,000 GBP. Some of the highest paying states of United Kingdom offering annual cushy median salaries to engineers areas represented in the image below along with the salary package:

Average Salaries for Engineers V/s State

Mentioned below are few of the popular designations and their average pay scales offered to the mechancial engineering graduates are: 

DesignationAverage Salary(in GBP/Year)
Automotive Assembler65,000
Diesel Engine Specialist67,200
Automotive Project Engineer89,500
Aerospace Technician110,000
Aerospace Engineer129,000
Mechanical Design Engineer121,000
Mechanical Engineer114,000
Mechanical Inspector113,000

The average pay of a person working in the automotive industry is around 82,900 GBP/year with a maximum pay of 132k GBP/year and a minimum pay of 51,500 GBP/year. Whereas, the average pay of a person working in the Aerospace Industry is around 117,000 GBP/year, with a maximum pay of 161,000 GBP/year and a minimum pay of 79,200 GBP/year. The average starting salary of mechanical students as a graduate engineer trainee is around 25,000-35,000 GBP/year. Some of the top recruiters for mechanical engineering graduates in UK are Hays, MatchTech, Aspen, etc. 

Research Opportunities

After completing masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK students can also opt for the research degrees which are mainly categorized into two parts:

  1. Masters of Philosophy(M.Phil)
  2. Doctorate of Philosophy(Ph.D)

Some of the prime universities offering research opportunities are University of Cambridge, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool etc.

Considering Masters in Mechanical Engineering in UK is a brilliant vocation choice for any international student. Other than the framework and nature of Education, the UK is probably one of the most secure nations on the planet. The accommodation and nourishment are of the highest caliber, aside from different social plans for universal students. Apart from these, the main features of the UK universities are their workshops and ability to provide placements. 


Ques. Is the UK good for availing Masters in Mechanical Engineering?

Ans. Yes, the UK houses some of the world’s top universities offering Masters in Mechanical Engineering with good placement opportunities. With high ROI, UK offers cushy median salaries of up to 106,00 GBP to engineers. 

Ques. What is the Eligibility Criteria for admitting in UK universities to avail masters degree in Mechanical Engineering?

Ans. You need to have an equivalent bachelor's degree in engineering or science honours with a minimum score of 65% with good English proficiency. IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores can be presented as a proof of language proficiency. 

Ques. What is the cost of pursuing Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK?

Ans. The average cost of pursuing Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK is around 20,430 GBP/Year for the overseas students whereas 9,732 GBP/year for the UK/EU students.

Ques. What is the average salary pay of mechanical engineers in the UK?

Ans. The average salary pay of mechanical engineers is around 90K GBP/Year, with a starting salary of 25k-35k for a graduate trainee.

Ques. What are the top Universities offering masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK?

Ans. Imperial College London, University of Manchester, University College London are some of the globally ranked universities in UK offering masters in mechanical engineering.

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